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new ROH TV review podcast

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After 7+ years, my friend Kevin Burr and I have started podcasting again.  Way back when we used to review live shows we attended like DGUSA, ROH, Chikara, etc. as well as review the PPVs etc.  My interest in current wrestling has totally bottomed out due to losing interest in AEW several months back.  I decided that ROH may be the only promotion left that could possibly retain my interest and with them starting to tape TV again, we decided to start this show ahead of the new stuff airing.  This debut episode contains a rundown of our history as ROH fans and wrestling fans in general (as in why you should care what we have to say) and then going thru the roster and reacting to who's there.  I'm going in with a clean slate here, as there are LOTS of people on the roster that I've never seen wrestle or only a handful of times.  I'm going to attempt to review things as they are as opposed to comparing against other things or fantasy booking "what I would do instead".  Trying to give it a shot on its own merits independent of the wrestling landscape.  We'll see if they can spark my interest and how long this experiment will last.



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