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RAGE Presents: SUDDEN IMPACT 2000!


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9/5 RAGE Sudden Impact! Live on PPV! @ Houston, TX - Compaq Center 


JR: Welcome everyone to RAGE SUDDEN IMPACT! I am Jim Ross alongside the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Dust… we’re here in Houston, Texas and you know anything can happen in Houston!

Dream: We here and we ready baby! You talking about Sudden Impact… the best of the best gonna put it all on the line and tonight we got titles on the line and perhaps careers to be started and finished!

JR: Dust you hit it right on the head… tonight we will see 3 title matches and crowd three champions… everyone is looking forward to the big one with the Undertaker and Triple H but Ultimate Survival is scheduled to be quite the extravaganza and now the tag team turmoil match… it is anyone’s game tonight!

Dream: That’s the best thing about it Jimbo… all three of those matches means anyone could walk out with the gold. We could see this man or that man or this team or that team… baby it is going to be an event unlike any other!

JR: I can’t wait to see what happens… it is time to get it going and in the ring is Bruce Buffer!


BB: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to SUDDEN IMPACT presented by RAGE! WE ARE LIVE! Our first contest is a TAG TEAM TURMOIL MATCH in which eight teams will compete in a gauntlet style match. All eight teams were drawn at random. Each match has a 10-minute time limit. If neither team is able to win in that given time, they will both be eliminated and two new teams would begin. When one team is eliminated, a new team joins. After all eight teams have competed, the last remaining team will be crowned the first RAGE Tag Team Champions! Now… introducing the team that drew number one… they hail from Japan… ladies and gentlemen… Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa! The team that drew number two… They hail from Los Angeles, California and Orlando, Florida… Chris Chetti and Nova!




Misawa.& Kobashi vs Chetti & Nova

-JR and Dusty put over how Kobashi and Misawa could be a team that goes the distance but they have a lot to go through. This one is a pretty elementary contest. Nova and Chetti get in some early spots but once Kobashi starts hitting the forearms and then Misawa with the kicks, the strong style is just too much for these guys. The finish is a burning hammer on Chetti @ the 6-minute mark for the 3-count!

BB: The next team… Roadkill & Danny Doring


Misawa & Kobashi vs Roadkill & Danny Doring

-Another fun little match with Roadkill being a crowd favorite for whatever reason. He no sells some of the strong style but it doesn’t last too long before Misawa comes with a flying forearm that sends him out of the ring to the floor. Kobashi comes in and he once again looks awesome. He sets up Doring for Misawa to finish him with Emerald Fusion for the 3-count at the 8-minute mark!

BB: The next team… Chono & Tenzan!


Misawa & Kobashi vs Chono & Tenzan w/ Sonny Onoo & Leia Meow

- This is one that people have been waiting for…JR and Dusty put it through the roof as a real showcase. These two teams throw some serious bombs in there. Tenzan and Chono use their advantage and do some double team moves along with Leia & Sonny outside the ring trying to get involved. We see a female fan really letting Leia have it when she tries to interfere. Misawa and Kobashi hold their own as this one gets close to the time limit. They continue to throw and then go out of the ring to the floor. Charles Robinson is warning everyone but nothing doing… Kobasi and Tenzan then clothesline one another over the guardrail. Robinson has no choice but to count to 10 and we’ve got a double count out! All four men have been eliminated from title contention!


BB: The next team…. Hugh Morris and Kanyon


Morris and Kanyon walk out like they should be the champions and work the crowd before we hear…

BB: And their opponents… Scotty 2 Hotty & Jerry Lynn!


Scotty 2 Hotty & Jerry Lynn vs Hugh Morris & Kanyon

-A fine little slowdown from the previous encounter. Some comedy with Scotty and Jerry working out well together and Morris and Kanyon doing their best to get some heat. In the end it is Kanyon who gets nailed with a spinning heel kick by Jerry Lynn leading to a worm fro Scotty! He gets to his feet and Lynn off the top with a moonsault and covers him for the 3-count!


BB: The next team… Edge & Christian!


Scotty 2 Hotty & Jerry Lynn vs Edge & Christian

-The tide definitely turns with Edge and Christian coming out and taking control. They look fierce and focused before going quickly to a finish. We see a low kick on Scotty from Christian leading to an Edgecution from Edge for the 3-count!


BB: The final team… the Dudley Boyz!


Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz

-Some thought it would come to this and these two teams spend 9-minutes going toe to toe with some serious shots and tag team specialty. The Dudleys play the foil as nasty heels doing whatever they can to win while Edge and Christian do what they have to do to stay in there. JR and Dusty put this through the roof as these are the two top teams in wrestling and they’re right here in RAGE. The finish is quick… we see Edge kicked out of the ring and then the Dudleys hit Christian with 3-D but Edge is the legal man and he comes back in and hits D-Von, the other legal man, with a spear! Christian has just enough to grab Bubba’s leg while Edge pins D-Von for the 3-count at the 9:45 mark!




We then see Edge and Christian celebrate the title victory. The fans finally turn the tide and give them some love and they play right into it. They work the fans and hold the titles high. It looks like they have the favor of the crowd. We then cut to Stacy who is standing by with the Undertaker!


Stacy: I am here with the man who will step into the ring tonight with Triple H for the RAGE Heavyweight Championship… the Undertaker! Undertaker… we all heard that Triple H said he would have a huge surprise for you tonight in the main event… we know there has been collusion with Eric Bischoff… what is going through your mind for this match?


Undertaker: That’s the thing Stacy… all the bullshit… it isn’t affecting me… Triple H… I know your game boy… I know you’ll do whatever it takes to win a match before it begins but brother that don’t work on me. I am the master of the mind games and I am not afraid of any kind of surprise you’ve got for me. In fact… I welcome it.


Stacy: Do you have anyone willing to back you up tonight?


Undertaker: That’s the constant about my career Stacy… I don’t have any friends who want to step beside me… I have put everyone in my path to rest in one way or another. But to handle Triple H… I don’t need any help… tonight I go it alone and I will stand alone the champion of RAGE!


Stacy: There you have it fans… it is time to head to the ring…



We head back out to the ring and inside is Eric Bischoff… he’s got his boys Rodney and Pete Gas next to him…he has Bruce Buffer announce Ric Flair who comes to the ring… he has got a huge fanfare but Flair doesn’t look happy. He’s got a bandage on his head...Security is there to escort Flair into the ring with Bischoff…


EB: Now Ric… I thought I made it clear last week when Rodney and Pete Gas put you down… when Rhyno put you out… that you don’t belong in RAGE. But tonight… you accepted the invitation… you’re here… and now it is time for my major announcement. Tonight on the first ever RAGE pay per view… SUDDEN IMPACT… I will be introducing what will be a staple in RAGE wrestling… It is called the RAGE RULES MATCH! What that means is no count outs, no disqualifications, and no holds barred! The only caveat is that the pin or submission must be in the ring… and there MUST BE A WINNER in a RAGE RULES MATCH! So Ric… tonight… you get to be in the inaugural match… let me introduce your opponent… he stands 6’5” and weighs in tonight at 574 pounds… the Menace of Mayhem… VISCERA!



Ric Flair vs Viscera

-Dusty and JR put over the RAGE RULES concept. Flair doesn’t look happy as Big Viscera is shown walking down the aisle but before he gets in the ring we see Rodney and Pete Gas jump Flair from behind. They start beating him down before Viscera gets in the ring and continues the onslaught! Flair is pounded all over the ring and then thrown outside! Viscera throws him into the ring post and Flair is busted wide open. He is gushing as Viscera then hits a belly to belly on him the floor and Flair is all but out of it. Eric Bischoff is outside of the ring just laughing it up when he tells Viscera to put him in the ring and he does. Viscera hits the ropes for a huge SPLASH! Viscera wants to hit the ropes again but out of nowhere… THAT’S ARN ANDERSON! ANDERSON WITH A CHAIR AND HE NAILS VISCERA! OH MY! Rodney comes over and he gets cracked in the skull… here comes Pete Gas and Anderson ducks… he comes back and SPINEBUSTER OUTSIDE THE RING! Anderson tosses the chair to Flair… a bloody mess… he gets up… Viscera turns around and CRACK! That is a sickening THUD… Viscera comes crashing down like a tree… Flair covers him for the 3-count and the fans GO NUTS! Biscoff is fuming outside the ring! JR and Dusty are putting this through the roof! 

We cut to an elongated video hyping Ultimate Survival. The rules are as follows...all 5-men will be in the ring to start. It is pin fall and submission with no countout and no disqualification… the first man to make a pinfall will become the first ever RAGE North American champion. Once that happens… the match will then become a fatal four-way elimination match. The added caveat is that individuals can then be eliminated by pinfall, submission, and over the top elimination. The final man standing will be the number one contender and receive a shot at the RAGE North American Champion on Monday Night’s Mayhem! 

BB: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for ULTIMATE SURVIVAL! Introducing first… from Montreal, Quebec, Canada… the CRIPPLER… CHRIS BENOIT! Next… accompanied to the ring by Tori… he hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota… XPAC! Next… from El Paso, Texas… CHAVO GUERRERO JR! Next… he hails from Irvington, New Jersey… the man of 1,000 holds… Dean Malenko! Finally… from Detroit, Michigan… the MAN BEAST… RHYNO!



Chris Benoit vs Dean Malenko vs Chavo Guerrero vs Xpac w/ Tori vs Rhyno
-Whew… here we go… all five-men go right to work and the highlight is seeing Chris Benoit and Rhyno go blow for blow and that brings the crowd to its feet. Xpac and Chavo team up on Malenko in the corner and we get a little mix of all 5-men going at it. The big spot that gets the crowd going is when Xpac leaps out of the way of RHYNO who GORES the living hell out of Chavo Guerrero Jr! Xpac thinks he’s outsmarted him but Rhyno turns around and GORE on Xpac! He covers him for the 3-count and RHYNO has become the first ever RAGE NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION! 



Chris Benoit vs Dean Malenko vs Chavo Guerrero vs Xpac w/ Tori
-Stage two starts with Chavo Guerrero getting up to his feet and Chris Benoit coming with a trio of big German Suplexes and then a 3-count and we’re down to 3! Benoit, Malenko, and Xpac get into a good little series with all three men giving it a go. JR and Dusty put over how these are three of the best in the business. We see Benoit and Malenko then team up on Xpac and get him set up for a big trio of German Suplexes… Malenko then covers for the 3-count and it is Malenko and Benoit. They go one on one for a couple of minutes before Benoit looks to finish with the diving headbutt… he goes up top and then… Xpac jumps back up and nails Benoit with a kick and he goes flying over the ropes to the floor… the bell rings… Dean Malenko has just won the Survivor Round and he’s the number one contender for RHYNO on Monday Night! The crowd can’t believe it… Malenko checks on his friend who is hurt… we then cut to Stacy who is in the back with Triple H!




Stacy: I am joined right now by The Game… Triple H and his wife… Stephanie McMahon… Hunter tonight you and the Undertaker meet one on one for the RAGE  WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. It was a match picked by the fans… you drew first blood… will tonight be any different?

Triple H: Listen Stacy… last week… I said that I would put an end to the Undertaker… all it took was the missing piece. I am call the Cerebral Assassin for a reason. I am not scared of the Deadman. He’s put a lot of people down but he has never put me down and tonight I am going to show everyone why I am the GAME and I am THAT DAMN GOOD!

Stacy: Stephanie… your surprise appearance has shocked the world… what can you do to add to Triple H’s chances tonight?

Stephanie: Oh c’mon Stacy… you know it like everyone else knows… I am one of the most powerful women in the history of wrestling. My husband is going to go out and change the world tonight because he’s that damn good. The Undertaker is nothing more than a myth… a legend… well myths can be debunked and legends can be destroyed… that’s what will happen tonight.

Triple H: Here’s the thing Stacy… just like a game over poker…  the final card has yet to be played… Undertaker may be sitting there with two pair… but I have got three of a kind and tonight I am going to win this game!

Stacy: Fans there you have it… let’s go back out to the ring!

BB: Fans out next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit. This is a Texas Tornado tag team match!  Introducing first… from Bay City, Michigan… Big Poppa Pump… Scott Steiner! His partner… from Marietta, Georgia… Buff Bagwell! Their opponents… from the Red Light District… The Godfather! His partner… he hails from Silsby, Texas… he is the WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN… Mark Henry!


The Godfather & Mark Henry vs Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell
-All four men in the ring at the same time… the fans eat it up and we’re off and running. The crowd is solidly behind Henry and the Godfather. They are working well together while Steiner looks to be a monster in the ring. Buff is playing his role well and gets in some shots when need be. These guys go about 12-minutes with action all over the ringside area. The finish sees Steiner looking to lock in a huge double-arm suplex on Godfather and when he does we see Henry then come from behind and toss him over the ring to the floor. Buff hits the ropes and goes for a high cross body but Henry catches him and WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM and then a 3-count! Henry and the Godfather win this battle but the war may be far from over!

We cut to a special video to build up our main event… we see the promos and back and forths between Taker and Triple H. It all comes down to this for the RAGE World Championship! We cut back out to JR and Dusty who put it through the roof. They talk about how both man have so much to offer in the ring but only one will survive. Dusty goes on about the poker analogy and says this is the most dangerous game… and only one man will walk away but neither will bluff and neither will fold… here we go!


BB: Ladies and gentlemen… live here from the Compaq Center in Houston, Texas… IIIIIIIITTTTTTT’SSS TIIIIIIIIIMMMMEEEEEE! This is our main event of the evening! It is scheduled for one fall and it is for the RAGE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first… he is accompanied to the ring by his wife… Stephanie McMahon… he hails from Greenwich, Connecticut… he is the GAME… TRIPLE H! His opponent… he hails from Houston, Texas… he is the DEADMAN… THE UNDERTAKER!



The Undertaker vs Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon
-It comes down to this… the main event… the world title on the line… here we go. Both men feel each other out for the first 5-minutes before getting into a brawl that spills all over the ringside area and even into the crowd! The fans are rabid for the Undertaker and cheer him on something special. He is able to draw blood on Triple H when he tosses him into the guardrail and then snake eyes on it as well! Hunter is a mess as they get back to the ring but this is where Stephanie plays her role… she hands him the sledgehammer and he destroys Taker with it! Now Taker is busted open and we’ve got all sorts of madness going on. We see the Game go to work and he wears the Undertaker down pretty good before the Deadman makes his huge comeback. He is hammering away and a HUGE CHOKESLAM! The Deadman makes the sign… he is going to finish Triple H… he hoists him up… LAST RIDE! THEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT! 


-WHAT THE HELL?!?! That’s Jindrak, O’Haire, and Palumbo! They attack The Undertaker… they are beating him down something awful. They pick him up for a Triple Powerbomb! JR and Dusty are going nuts! They pick him up again for another TRIPLE POWERBOMB! Taker is laid out in the middle of the ring! Here comes Triple H… he covers the Undertaker...1….2….3!  Triple H is the FIRST RAGE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! He is being hoisted up by Jindrak, O’Haire, and Palumbo… Stephanie hands him the title… what in the hell have we just seen here with these four men? What will happen on Monday Night Mayhem?!?




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Damn, time for the big show already!  Idk if I am ready!

That was a great tag team turmoil gauntlet thing.  I will poke you a bit and say that was a cheap way to get the two Japanese teams out of the tournament lol, but it worked to bring us the great ending with E&C and the Dudleyz!  I was torn on who would win, either would be good, and I like the way you had it end.  It kept the Dudleyz strong and showed E&C are crafty.  This was a good display of your tag division, which is a little top heavy, but a fun group of teams.

Man ... those Rage Rules Match rules sounds oddly familiar ... like someone else's Crash Division.  All good, different names, same idea, and we both put our own spin on it!  

I didn't see Viscera coming as Flair's opponent.  The way you built up Viscera makes him the perfect guy in this position. I now see the method to your madness.  But holy shit, that AA appearance had to blow the roof off the arena with the pop it got.  I know it got me excited as all hell.  The loyal brother coming back to Flair's side.  I loved it.

The way you built the guys up, all 5 had a legit chance at Ultimate Survival but I figured Rhino or Benoit were going to win, and I picked Benoit.  But I like the Rhino choice better anyway.  And then damn, Dean Malenko wins the runner up slot!  Great bluff positioning Benoit so strongly and putting the other guys over.  You caught me off guard and I think Malenko has a shot to topple Rhino.

I am SO happy Mark Henry caught Bagwell and destroyed his dumbass with the WSS.  I was so afraid Steiner and Bagwell were going to win that.

The main event was great, and I think you put the right guy over here.  Undertaker is great chasing a smarmy asshole Triple H as champion.  This is going to be a fun ride!

This was an awesome show, up to your usual standards that I have come to expect over our years of writing together.  You never fail to bring it for the big shows.  Every match was interesting and meant something, either as a blowoff or continuation of a feud I want to see continued.  Can't ask for much more than that.


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