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[2006-04-13-TNA-Impact] Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe

Superstar Sleeze

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TNA X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe - TNA IMPACT 4/13/06

We start in medias res as the Impact program starts with Daniels tapping a gusher. As Daniels is writhing around like a bloody fish, they show some of Daniels shine and how he was able to use speed to keep Joe off balance until Joe was able to catch him on the outside and smash him into the ringpost and then hit an Ole Kick according to Tenay & West.

Daniels is out of it in the ring. This is the episode where Sting had his first match on TV so they are really trying to goose a big rating. Daniels throws a body shot and Joe BITES THE CUT! He really went at it. Daniels is throwing desperate kicks and Joe continues to punch the cut. He digs his fingers into the cut. Samoa Joe is the Man! Daniels looks like a horror movie victim fighting for survival. Joe has so many aspects to him and is so versatile (heroic, stoic asskicker, cocky jock prick, workrate stud, violent monster). I love how Daniels looks totally out of it, but is still STRUGGLING. He is still alive. This creates a lot of opportunities for Joe to cut off and Joe is lightning quick. Joe pummels with Tenryu Punch/Chop combo in the corner. Joe has beaten him to a bloody pulp. FACEWASH! This is an epic beating. Everything is laser focused to the head and there's a gradualism to the selling. Just when Daniels looks most done after the first Facewash, he evades the second. BIG KNEE TO JOE'S HEAD! Got to go head-hunting! Lets Go Daniels! He goes in for another and URNAGE~! The Creature from The Black Lagoon rises again! Tremendous cutoff! Ad break. 

Joe Powerbomb/Submission combination. Watch how Joe tortures him in the submissions, grinding joints into Daniels' body. This has been all Joe without feeling like a squash because how they well they have done the layout. Enizguiris to the head ROCK JOE! Notice how Joe does not bump, he does a lot of weeble wobble selling. There's a gradualism. Daniels is getting closer, but Joe is building that tension. Daniels has to go up top rope and hurl his body off the top to knock the Big Man off his feet! Top Rope Frankensteiner! HUGE BUMP BY JOE! Joe goes back to cutoffs to let you know he is still there, BUT eats knees on the Senton. Joe Powerslam! Joe palm strikes to the Cut BUT Daniels WONT BE DENIED! This is a brawl BABY! They are throwing hands! Daniels STO! BEST MOONSAULT EVER! AWESOME NEARFALL! THEY BUILT TO A GREAT CRESCENDO! They tussle on the top rope. ISLAND DRIVER FROM THE TOP ROPE!  

Excellent match! Violent, competitive and tons of struggle. I love how they build up so much tension in the match. They never settled for a grinding, heat segment where they do a breakdown. Daniels never dies. He is always fighting back. Joe is just too much. I love how Daniels really has to earn that comeback. Joe is roaring back with an Urnage or a Powerslam. Then we get to the point where the Babyface is just so damn fired up and that he WILL NOT BE DENIED! The reason means so much because Daniels had tried so many times and had been thwarted. So it meant something when he did finally NO SELL the palm strikes to the cut and he just said FUCK IT I AM GOING TO KICK ASS! The Best Moonsault Ever was a great nearfall! Look at that efficiency! One COLOSSAL nearfall for the babyface. Daniels needs to go for something bigger like a superplex and they tussle on the top. Joe UNLEASHES A SUPER ISLAND DRIVER! 1-2-3! Perfect ending! Hands down best match in Impact History and one of the best in TNA History! ****1/2

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