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[2016-10-02-TNA-Bound For Glory] Bobby Lashley vs Ethan Carter III

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I didnt know Cody/Brandi went to TNA. They debuted prior to this match where Gail Kim beat Maria for the Women's Title. Then Cody/Brandi showed up Maria & her husband. 

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley vs Ethan Carter III - TNA Bound for Glory 2016 No Holds Barred

Coming into this match, I was wondering if ECIII could carry Lashley, but this was actually one of the better Lashley performances I have seen in my life. He finally felt like The Destroyer he claims to be. He brought the intensity and he was just suffocating ECIII with a full court press. I LOVED THE SPEAR during the introductions. It really set the tone that Lashley was a Beast. He looks impressive and has impressive credentials but that does not always translate into his work, but it did on this night. As for ECIII, I thought he was fantastic as a character actor in that Bully Ray match, but we didnt get that here from him. I know he is a babyface here and that's a different dynamic, but I would have liked to seen more character work out of him. His selling was good, but I would have liked to seen him get more riled up on offense and really let that crowd in. I thought he chose bad moments/moves to get back on off. Simple Clothesline or Dropkick should NOT be enough to send The Destroyer Lashley reeling. I would have liked Lashley to have asserted himself in those situations, not now, not yet, kid. I think capitalizing on a Lashley mistake would have been more meaningful. I did like the suicide dive on the outside and loved the Spinebuster on the ramp as a cutoff by Lashley. 

The layout of this match was Lashley is the dominant heel champion and ECIII is the valiant babyface trying to climb Everest. The Spear before the bell was Genius. It immediately puts ECIII in a hole and makes the background story of the match the actual story of the match. For the most part, Lashley did dominate. The growth in Lashley as an offensive wrestler from 2014 to 2016 is readily apparent. He is more sure of himself. He is using his power to control the match and looks more explosive, much better. The Spear in the middle match was a great mid-match climax. Lashley looks to escalate after not winning by getting his belt but it is swing & miss. ECIII starts hitting his big highspots like the TKO, an ugly TKO on the stairs and even stealing Lashley's own Spear. He hits a Frogsplash and when Lashley kicks out. It looks bleak. Spear by Lashley but a cocky cover costs him. He goes to the Chair and this time connects with the foreign object. Still cant win and ECIII hits his Finish for 2! ECIII goes for his Finish off the top but Lashley shoves him off and DRILLS HIM WITH A SPEAR! Strong finish and if ECIII is headed out the door, which he may have been, a logical finish. 

It is a match that is not going to set your world on fire but there are not too many glaring psychological mistakes, it actually ramps up quite nicely. I think ECIII bringing more charisma and energy is what put a lid on this match from exploding off the canvas. Still a rock solid match. ***

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