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[2015-04-11-Battle Arts 7] Yuki Ishikawa vs The British Brawler


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This is from the Santino Brothers Battle Arts gym, but worked under Battlarts rules -- no pins, just KOs and submissions. Solid old fan favorite vet vs. cocky young rookie story developed and for the most part a one man performance from Yuki Ishikawa with the British Brawler just coming along for the ride. Ishikawa brings the brutality he usually brings and for the most part the Brawler is timid and holds back which is noticeable as there's a bit where he drops Ishikawa and he hits some strikes on the ground which Ishikawa whiffs off and just stiff kicks him back as an indication to bring the heat as well. Ishikawa also brings his great and brutal looking body shots featuring some particularly nasty shots to the kidney on the ground. Brawler isn't particularly Daisuke Ikeda and I mentioned earlier, he was timid for the most part, but he does blast Ishikawa with 2 brutal lariats on the jaw near the finishing stretch. Also the Canadian fans love them some Ishikawa. Not an all-time classic by any chance, but def. worth watching if you're a fan of Ishikawa.

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