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[1986-02-23-JCP-Charlotte NC] Dusty Rhodes vs Arn Anderson (Steel Cage)

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National Heavyweight Champion Dusty Rhodes vs Arn Anderson - JCP 2/23/86 Steel Cage Death Match

Again this is filmed for Japanese TV and thus I was super confused what the rules were. Dusty takes the first fall at the end of the shine which totally caught me off guard. Then the match continued and I was like Oh it must 2 out of 3 falls. Then Dusty won 2-1 but the match kept going, I was like what the fuck. Then I was like maybe it is Death Match Rules but the ref has not been counting then Dusty Walloped him with Cowboy boot and got up before ten and the match was called. So I am pretty sure this is contested under Death Match rules. 

I thought the beginning of this ruled hard. Arn is just the perfect big bumping stooge heel for the ultra-charismatic Dusty Rhodes to work. Dusty kicks ass then Arn punches the cage by accident and then looks for a way out. Good stuff. We get the whole work the leg for revenge. Then he just hurls Arn into the cage a bunch, he juices. Bionic Elbow 1-2-3! You will be hard pressed to find a better shine. Good craic. Dusty presses the advantage. Arn gets a hold of some knuckledusters probably from the bloody Flair who is ringside. Arn ties it 1-1. Arn works the leg in grand fashion! Flair is celebrating, gets on the house mic to talk trash twice including letting Baby Doll know she will not be riding Space Mountain. Great selling and work here. I LOVED Dusty's fire up. DOUBLE BIRD! BIONIC ELBOW! OH HELL YEAH! Arn cuts it back off. The finish peters out. Arn goes for the Figure-4 inside cradle for three. Dusty Cowboy Boot and Arn is knocked out. I thought this was killer up until the finish where there was no energy. Horsement try to break his leg again but are run off. ***1/2

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