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[1986-07-05-JCP-Great American Bash] Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA & Baby Doll vs Midnight Express & Jim Cornette (Steel Cage)

Superstar Sleeze

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America’s Team & Baby Doll vs Midnight Express & Jim Cornette - Great American Bash 1986 Steel Cage

This is a feud I gotta go back and watch all the promos for. They must be epic. 

This speaks to the Eaton/Condrey version of the MX being a main event act feuding with the no. 1 babyface Dusty credibly as opposed to Eaton/Lane which were treated more as a work rate midcard act. 

This had serious hidden gem vibes at the beginning channeling the awesome MX vs Watts/JYD match from Mid-South but the abrupt finish leaves the viewer wanting more. I think they could have done a lot more with Cornette and Baby Doll. Their final showdown was not as dramatic as it could have been. 

Cornette creates a diversion by acting like he wants to give Baby Doll a go but Eaton charges and Baby Doll arm drags him. Dusty hurls him into cage and we are off to an auspicious start. The MX rule at shining faces and this is no different. It has been awhile since I watched Eaton and my God is his right hand pretty. Lots of great punches by everyone. Dusty is so much fun to watch I could used more of him too. Magnum takes most of the match. MX gets a couple false starts. They do the Cornette tags in, U-Turn spot which is always great. Eaton finally gets one in on Magnum and the heat segment starts. Strong not too long. Magnum catches Eaton coming off the top of the cage with a right. They do the Katie Bar The Door Pier-Six brawl finish. Baby Doll brings Cornette in the hard way he eats the Elbow and Baby Doll socks him for the win. On the outside Big Bubba Roger lays waste to Big Dust while MX hold the cage locked to prevent help. 

I think they left a lot on the table. Cornette gets a couple unfair spots in on Mags and Dust would have made the finish huge. I think you need the four men to clear out and have that Cornette/Baby Doll stand off. Crowd would have went wild for that brawl. Then have Dust and Mags pinball Cornette and Baby Doll finish him off. What we got was just not very satisfying. The MX vs Mags work was top notch I wanted more Gaga from the other three. ***1/4

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