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[1986-07-26-JCP-Great American Bash] Magnum TA vs Nikita Koloff

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NWA US Champion Magnum TA vs Nikita Koloff - JCP Great American Bash Match #4 Best of 7 Series

I thought this was the most acclaimed match of the Best of 7 series, but perhaps it is just the most widely available as this happened on the last show of the Great American Bash Tour 1986. Chad/Soup says Match #6 is the way to go and it looks like the grand finale is also available. This being pro wrestling of course the Russian Heel is up 3-Zip going into Match #4. 

I thought this was very ok. I cant say I am huge on either of these guys. I like Koloff's look and generally enjoy Soviet/Russians in wrestling, but usually he leaves me wanting more. Since this match is mostly heat segment and not shine. This is the case as Koloff is not really that compelling over a worker on top. He uses a lot of chinlocks, some ringpost shots, throw him out of the ring stuff. Magnum blades pretty hard for this as he is definitely a part of the Color Blind Pro Wrestler Union that believes red is green, baby. Magnum is very solid. He is not next level  for me. Could he have gotten there? Definitely possible. He had the fundamentals and foundations but sadly we never to know. Too much reliance on blood to get this match over. Magnum kind of just took his licks. Sold fine but I would have liked him to be more active with peppering in some hope spots and showing some life. The transition to heat was pretty weak just some shoulders in the corner during a ref count and then Koloff just kinda clubbers. I would have liked a more emphatic transition. Magnum shows a little fire down the stretch but they go to a King of the Mountain spot. Magnum Sunset Flips in, Koloff sells the shock really well, Tommy Young kicks his hand off to and 1-2-3! Mags wins, Nikita kicked out at 3. Fine match, but not too much to it. Didnt see the big deal. Doesnt make me want to seek out the other two, but I probably will, but they have been de-prioritized. 

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