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[1987-04-03-JCP-Greensboro] Rock & Roll Express vs Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger

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Rock N Roll Express vs Horsemen (Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger) - JCP 4/3/87

I am not sure of the date we want to use. I believe this was shown on SuperBouts on the Superstation 5/30/87, but I dont know how to find the cards for that. Cagematch makes me believe this is when the match takes place. Please move and/or re-date to the appropriate place. 

Decided to skip ahead and check out 1987 because of all the Crockett years, it is the year I know the least about and the one I have seen the least footage. The Flair promo giving Precious the mink coat only for her to take the coat and return to kissing Gorgeous Jimmy is the best angle ever! Ric Flair was in his element! Just some of his best material ever! At this time, Ole has departed and Luger is in. Luger instantaneously presents such an interesting dynamic. Teaming with Flair, Blanchard or Double A is immediately interesting. Ragin' & Ravishin' are still World Tag Team Champs, I really should look into if they had any title defenses against the Road Warriors or anyone else because it is a forgotten run. Rock N Rolls would be awarded the belts after Rick Rude left for WWF. Stream of Consciousness style:

JJ looks concerned for some reason. Rock N Roll Express are still over like rover baby. The Total Package is such a great moniker. Luger is a giant compared to everyone else. Rock n Roll chant to start as Gibson cheerleads from the apron. Blanchard short knee on the lockup but Morton counters with a dropkick, bump and powder. Morton gives chase immediately and punches Blanchard repeatedly. Firefight breaks out and Morton wins, Morton ten count in the punches. Dropkick! Luger coming off the apron feeds and bumps for Morton dropkick. Horsemen are in a disarray and they powder to break their rhythm. Tully & Gibson now. Tully short knee again, but Gibson grabs the sleeper as Tully calls for Luger. Double Sleeper! Nice crowd pleasing spot. Tully reaching out for a tag oh so close, ref didnt see it, and Rock N Rolls change as the ref blocks Luger. It is always fun when the faces throw this back in the heels face. It is ok because the Rock N Rolls have so much history with the Horsemen. You dont need to re-establish that in every match. We continue with the heel in peril, a second time the ref misses the tag to Luger. This is good role reversal. JJ is on commentary complaining about some home cookin' from the ref to appease the fans. Finally tags Luger only for Luger to eat an armdrag! Hilarious! It was a COLD tag! That's great! Luger is a great verbal seller. Luger kneelfit in the ropes. Gibson crossbody for two and armdrag. Rock N Rolls continue to mess with the Horsemen by switching without tagging behind the ref's back. :)

Luger bullies in the corner but Luger charges and misses, eats buckles and another armdrag. So simple but so fun. Gibson comes in with a slingshot kneedrop on the arm. I will admit the arm bars could be tighter and more snug, but the whole messing with the Horsemen hook keeps this fun. Tully loses his cool and this leads to more Rock N Roll double teaming behind the ref's back. This is inverted Southern Style. Morton working the hammerlock. Luger is trying to make the tag desperately and finally makes it. Tully comes in and tries to clubber his way to victory, but Morton is rock n rolling with those rights! JJ pulls down the top rope as Morton tumbles over the top rope and crashed to the floor. Finally we are moving to the heat segment. Tully drives him hard into he apron. Tully clearly tags in front of the ref. Luger steps on Morton's throat. Luger reverse elbow. Luger shoots Morton in to make the Bearhug look cool. Luger looks amazing. Morton escapes the bearhug but Luger hurries over to tag Tully to keep the advantage as we go to break. Morton reverses a suplex on Tully as we come back from break. 

Double tag. Gibson dropkicks Luger! Punches Tully! Punch to the breadbasket by Luger, bodyslam on Luger, fist drop, 2 count. Morton schoolboy on Luger. Oklahoma Side Roll. JJ thinks there is only 2 minutes left. Morton's back gives out. Morton catches the knee. You know what they means. Double Figure-4! Crowd loves it! JJ rakes the eye of Morton to save Tully. Tully suplexes Morton, but takes a bad bump on it too. Small package by Morton, kick out. 30 seconds. Backslide by Morton, 2. Morton Top Rope Crossbody as the time limit expires. Double Dropkick on Tully to send the fans home happy!

Not as good as the Anderson time limit draws. The gaga with cheating babyfaces flustering the Horsemen kept the double heel in peril entertaining.  I wish we got to see more of Luger's offense. I actually like the fact that Rock N Rolls had more time to try to desperately win the match. I wish the Andersons matches had that. Yeah, not as much meat on the bone. ***1/2






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