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[1987-06-27-NWA-Superbouts] Tully Blanchard vs Ricky Morton

Superstar Sleeze

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NWA World TV Champion Tully Blanchard vs Ricky Morton - Superbouts 6/27/87

I got sucked down an Ole Anderson shoot interview rabbit hole along with trying to find any discussion around the fascinating, mysterious Jim Barnett. Oh my boy, I simply must get back to reviewing matches to meet deadline of this project. 

The website I found with the Superbouts match listing says this was aired on 6/27/87 which before the proper build to Tully/Arn vs Rock N Rolls. This is more just general Horsemen vs Babyface savagery. Superbouts was Crockett's answer to Primetime Wrestling.

This is a consequence of the great Tully TV title defense against Gibson. Firefight erupts in the corner that Morton wins of course. Atomic Drop! Atomic Drop is such a great babyface move, we need to bring that back. I think Dark Journey was gone by August 1st. You barely noticed her. I thought they were going to transition to JJ with Luger and have Tully with DJ. Keeping JJ with Tully renders her redundant. Morton bodyslam as Tully goes for the eyes. Morton fights through the pain and bodyslams him, but misses the elbow. Tully nails the second rope elbow. I like it. Morton was desperate and the bodyslam was the last gasp. I wish it was more impactful than an eyerake but this could lead to a good heat segment, much quicker than expected. We come back from break and Morton is on the outside in distress. Morton starts rally with punches to the head from the floor, rubs his face in the mat. Tully great heel selling to JJ. Rope rake. Tully selling well. Tully regrouping on the outside and has DJ's shoe and nails Morton in the breadbasket. NOW that's the type of transition I am looking for! Tully pummels Morton. Morton uppercut, sidekick, Morton DDT! Rock N Roll! Morton rubs Tully's face in the mat. Morton nails him in the face. Tully yanks him by the tights through the ropes. Morton comes back with a top rope crossbody...dropkick! JJ feeds the dropkick! Morton back drops him over the top rope triggering the DQ. Morton clobbers Tully to stand tall.

Very typical Crockett style match. Good but does not stand out of the pack. ***  

They are ran this angle on 8/1/87 edition of 6:05pm Saturday Night: They are building to Arn & Tully vs RNRs as Tully & Dusty has wrapped up and it has come time for Tully to take a backseat to Luger. Morton cuts a promo with Tony and when we come back from commercial with Tully/JJ getting ready for a promo but Morton antagonizes him by slapping him. Morton kicks Tully's ass in the ring. Lots of good punches and feeding by Tully. Tully tries to escape but Gibson throws him back in. Morton is giving him a shellacking. Gibson prevents JJ from getting into the ring. Teddy Long has come to the ring. Morton crossboy but Tony says we are short on time and see you next week. What a tease!

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