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[1984-08-26-AJPW] Tiger Mask II vs La Fiera

Superstar Sleeze

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Tiger Mask II vs La Fiera - AJPW 8/26/84

For what ever reason, I have never been interested in watching 80s Misawa, this is literally my first ever 80s Misawa match. For all intents & purposes, in my mind, his career started on 5/26/90. I am looking to start back up my All Japan watching in 1986, but I just wanted to double check I didnt miss anything from the first six years and this was the only major match I didnt see. So I came back to cross it off. La Fiera translates to Wild One or Wild Beast. He was not what I was expecting. He is an unmasked, leather-clad, chain-donning, punk luchador very hip for 1984.

Sub-ten minute match, tons of fun. If you like today's style, you will love this. I think in a lot of ways this is even better because the highspots are super high, but they let them breathe. This is just a bomb throwing spotfest to the nth degree. La Fiera in the traditional luchador style takes two massive bumps one off a monkey flip and the over over the top rope to the floor. Massive hang time on both. To follow up, the second Misawa did a Swanton Bomb over the top rope wiping La Fiera out on the floor! HOLY SHIT! The crowd was chanting Misawa early and then switched to Tiger Mask. Was there ever a day this dude was not over? Misawa was pretty good at mimicking Sayama's karate I have to say. Some really, really nifty takedowns that I highly recommend watching. He does the Misawa flip over the ropes only to flip back, which I always figured was something he did as Tiger Mask. La Fiera gets a great run of offense. HUGE SPLASH from the Top Rope to Floor! Tombstone! Frogsplash! Great climax! La Fiera crashes and burns on a somersault splash from the top rope. I MEAN HE PLANTED HIMSELF! Great sell. Running Senton from Tiger Mask for two. AWESOME TIGER SUPLEX FOR THE WIN! I cant go much higher than **** since there was not much in the way of connective tissue, but every highspot was entertaining, worth the ten minutes or so, lots of fun! 

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