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[1986-04-06-AJPW] Genichiro Tenryu vs Ole Anderson

Superstar Sleeze

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Genichiro Tenryu vs Ole Anderson - AJPW 4/6/86

When Ole Anderson was wailing on Tenryu's arm with a steel chair on the outside, I was thinking to myself how the fuck did this finish #147. Then the match ended like 5 minutes later and that's what was criminal. It was so short and there was not enough meat on the bone but what we did get was great. Ole was his usual, surly, ornery bastard self. Tenryu was NOT quite TENRYU~! yet but they had a damn good exchange early. Not much a feeling out process. Ole bodyslams him, double wristlock switches to hammerlock and throws Tenryu HARD into the buckles and I mean HARD! Tenryu takes a nasty bump on side of his neck. Ole was relentless on this arm as expected. Lots of throwing it into hard objects, the aforementioned swinging of the chair and some hard punches right in the front row. I wish I knew what the Japanese girl said to Tenryu as he was getting beaten up because her girlfriend kinda gave her a playful slap on the arm after that as if to say "I cant believe you just said that!". Ole continues the beatdown but before you know it is Eniziguri, Reverse Top Rope Elbow and Powerbomb for the win. Man alive, I think these two had a great match in them. Ole is a shit person, but I love watching the bastard wrestle. Tenryu gave a good selling performance, but this was the Ole Show. Ole in Japan is pretty rare. I figure he wanted a quick payday without having to come back from Crockett early. It doesnt get much quicker than this. What we got was pretty damn good. ***1/4  

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