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[1986-12-03-AJPW] Riki Choshu vs Rick Martel

Superstar Sleeze

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PWF World Heavyweight Champion Riki Choshu vs Ricky Martel - AJPW 12/03/86

If there is one wrestler I cant resist, it is Ricky Martel, baby! I enjoyed this match. I like a good narrative and the fact this didnt really have one puts a ceiling on how much I enjoyed it. However, besides a narrative, this had everything else I really enjoy in pro wrestling. Lots of struggle, trading holds, and huge charisma. You cant have a bad time watching Rick Martel work. He is so quick and moving with such vigor. Watch his side headlock into a toehold. Or watch his O'Connor Roll. He is such a joy to watch. Choshu is a total rockstar. Just a really hot opening to the match without any highspots. Martel shoulder gets rammed into the post. Choshu nails a suplex and thinks Scorpion Deathlock but cant get Martel over. Martel goes tenaciously after the leg. Great struggle over the Figure-4. Martel does the 'ol AWA standby of dropping his weight down on the knee after the figure-4 is relinquished. Martel starts driving the knee and misses the second knee into the mat. Choshu gets two deep Scorpion Deathlocks and Martel sells well. Martel goes into his finish run...reverse crossbody...gutwrench suplex...bodyslam...backbreaker. He goes up top and crashes and burns on the Top Rope Splash! Dangerous BackDrop Driver...Windup...MACK TRUCK LARIAT for the tidy 1,2,3. Not a whole lot of substance and Martel blows off what little legwork there was. Not a whole lot meat on the bone, but what we did get was fun. ***1/2

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