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AEW Dynamite - February 17, 2021


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4 minutes ago, Log said:


He hasn’t “called out” anyone yet. It’s a totally new thing. 

What if.... and this is wild and unprecedented so bear with me, but what if.... he starts talking and suddenly Taz interrupts him?!?!

I am totally over Matt Hardy. If I never see him in the ring again, it won't be too soon. I get the argument that he is working with young talents and getting them in the spotlight, but to me, he's just taking the spotlight away from them. And he was never big enough for wrestlers to feel like stars just by sharing screentime with him

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I watch on Fite on my Indian account even here in NY (VPN FTW) so I don't know if this is happening during commercials, but Serena is hitting Riho with some NASTY uppercuts and Riho is selling them like a champ. These two are so great at pro wrestling

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