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[2021-03-08-WWE-RAW] Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus (No DQ)

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After their MOTYC last week, they follow up with a No DQ match and you can't help but get excited for this only to be letdown as they can't follow up. Last week we got a stiff heavyweight match with some potatoes being thrown and this week we got an underwhelming no DQ weapon heavy WWE style brawl. Instead of relying on stiff strikes like last week, they relied on using a kendo stick. Drew took a big table bump, which was neat, but nowhere near as brutal as the big table bump Sheamus took last week where he landed viciously on the edge of the table. There was a great looking punch to the head from McIntyre which you could clearly hear connect a big knee from Sheamus, but not much else I dug here. The finish was lame as it featured a stair assisted double KO. This is obviously building to a PPV match which I hope is a standard 2/3 falls match and not a lame gimmick match similar to this one.

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