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Drew McIntyre

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NotJayTabb said: "Feels like someone worthy of discussion. Has been good at the very least since The Chosen One days, working in a smart, calculating heel manner. Was decent at comedy in his 3MB nadir, then totally revived his career on the indies, working well in PWG and Evolve, looking good in UK indies like ICW and WCPW and being one of the best things in TNA during his run. Came back to WWE and has been one of the highlights of the Covid era, he felt like a real main event star. He's shown he can work well with wrestlers his size and those considerably smaller, and he's going to be given 5 more years of big matches to add to his candidacy."

Match Recs

Vs Andrade NXT Takeover Wargames 17

Vs Roman Reigns Survivor Series 20

Vs Sheamus Fastlane 21

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I feel bad for Mcintyre because his final big break and title reign was all in COVID-land, so he didn't get that crowd buzz that he should have gotten when he went over Lesnar and whatnot. For what it's worth, I feel like he's a solid upper-card guy that can do TV length matches, the more showmanship-orientated WWE style long bouts and then also go the workrate route. He's also really underrated when it comes to getting better showings from people than they would otherwise, taking Ziggler to a fantastic babyface performance in their feud together, as well as (somehow) getting a good match out of Carlito lol. He excels in beefy matches but also as a big man alongside smaller guys, having really fun showings against Ricochet and a whole host of smaller indie lads. He doesn't bump like a maniac for them but he also makes sure to feed them just enough to get crowds invested when they do finally get past him.

 That being said, I feel like there's some somewhat wide holes in his style: he can't really do slower matches and he's not particularly very good at pacing these kind of matches. His work benefits from having a hot start, interference, him dominating, something to kick it off, because him trying to do holds and stuff is very dull. He also struggles at times in trying to get fire out of guys that really can't be bothered: some of his Orton matches suffer from this immensely as his....well, "habits" really cause them to drag, and Mcintyre isn't dynamic enough to counterbalance that. He's good in a lot of areas, but I can say I've never watched a truly amazing match out of him: everything is either decent to quite good. Even the suggested matches above from my memory weren't ones I was super crazy about, just kinda there: you have fun with them, but you aren't exactly going off the walls either. He still feels like a workaround and not a true main event, "top of the company" guy like Roman is. 

For a top 100 based purely off consistency, he MIGHT get on, especially for him making the best out of being in the dire TNA at the time. Top 100 in general for now? I wouldn't say so. Give it a few more years and maybe a actual title run with crowds. 

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