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Cad said: "Bullish wrestler who could work tecnico or rudo, one of the most skilled guys of his era. He probably doesn't have the matches (I think there are two Texano one vs one matches on video), so you'd have to vote for him on skill or just how much you enjoy watching him. In the late '80s and early '90s he stands out pretty much every match he's in. The most famous part of his career (Misioneros de la Muerte) is barely represented on tape."

Match Recs
El Texano, El Dandy and Super Muñeco vs Atlantis, Angel Azteca and Blue Demon Jr. (March 24 1989)
El Texano, Apolo Dantes and Mascara Sagrada vs Villano I, Villano IV and Villano V (April 20 1990)
El Texano vs El Signo (January 12 1992)

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I recently got my hands on some ultra-rare WYF handhelds, and of all people El Texano shows up on some of them. Seeing him work Z-tier Japanese indy scum and getting good matches out of the likes of Shinigami and Hirofumi Miura really puts into perspective what a great wrestler a guy like El Texano is. He and Silver King looked like one of the best tag teams going and it made me want to go back and go through their 90s catalogue. He still looked great as late as 2005, too.

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