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[2021-06-13-WWE-NXT TakeOver: In Your House] Xia Li vs Mercedes Martinez


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Not a MOTYC or anything by any stretch but a very good undercard PPV match. I believe this is Xia's first TakeOver match and she looked good. Early it on it was all about Xia's kick heavy offense before it backfired and she ended up kicking the ring post and causing the momentum shift in which Mercedes did a fantastic job of taking over hitting some big throws like a butterfly capture suplex, a nasty looking Razor's Edge into a DDT, a big backdrop ringside and some vicious arm captured knees to the face. Xia also added some throws to her offense as she hit Mercedes with a wrist clutch exploder suplex which is something I had never seen her do before. The finish was neat with Xia hitting her wild spin kick to put down Mercedes. Good match to slow things down but it didn't overstay its welcome and didn't drag at any moment.

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