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[2021-08-21-WWE-Summerslam] John Cena vs Roman Reigns


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This was much, much better than their previous encounter, which I liked.

Roman as a shit talking heel and just loving playing to the crowd is some special shit. The first part of the match was just both of them doing their best to wake up and work the crowd without going crazy with the spots. 

The second part, which does have the big bombs, do a great fucking job in not overdoing with the nearfalls. That Super AA was the best one ever because you absolutely think they were going to finish the match then and there. 

Great stuff with two big main eventers.

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At best, this could've been REALLY something. But sometimes you get what you get, and what we got here, in my eyes, was an extremely boring main event. Reigns' big control segment was an absolute chore to get through; the man offered nothing of note during it, as most of it was filled with headlocks, kicks, stomps, you name it. Most generic heel-on-top stuff you could imagine, and even more boring than that actually. Moved at a snails pace which is something his control segs usually always do; it's not necessarily a problem, but when those said segs are boring right from the get go, the mEtHoDiCaL pace sure doesn't help. And of course there's a bunch of talking as well. By the time Cena wakes up & starts busting out the hits, it all just feels very hollow & empty. A very disappointing main event to say the least, because as I implied, this easily could've been something pretty special. *3/4

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