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Matt Borne vs Ted Dibiase


Matt Borne vs Ted Dibiase  

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  1. 1. Who you got

    • Matt Bourne
    • Ted Dibiase

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I said it. Dibiase is a great textbook, paint by the numbers and within the lines wrestler. A great athlete you could teach to do anything and then he could go out and replicate it. But I see him as about as inside the box as it gets. He's not a real critical deep thinker and you really need a thinking on their feet and outside of the box sort of performer to pull off something like Evil Doink. I think if you erase the Evil Doink run its much easier to say Dibiase is better and I wouldn't argue for Borne in those circumstances. Its what he was able to show as Doink that pushes him to another level. 

Dibiase gets all the fill in the blanks shit right on the test but his essays are missing something special even if they're technically correct. Borne leaves some of the blanks empty but then writes this profound paper from a unique POV that nobody else could really replicate and you ask him to read it aloud in front of the class and everyone goes "WHOA HE WROTE THAT?" 

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