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  1. elliott

    Shinya Hashimoto

    Love to see that Michael! Hashimoto has a shot at being my highest ranked traditional (non-shoot) puro male. Its him or Tenryu. These days I'm leaning more towards Hashimoto
  2. elliott

    Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Omega

    Didn't Omega's run as a big US star just begin within the last couple of years?
  3. elliott


    Any thoughts on Psicosis? Whats his last 20 years been like?
  4. elliott

    Bam Bam Bigelow

    Did you ever get around to watching much Jerry Blackwell?
  5. elliott

    Bam Bam Bigelow

    OOoh! Another counterpoint: King Kong Bundy Rules!!! Bundy is someone I have really come to enjoy and I want to watch a lot more of in the coming years. I don't think he's a candidate for this project and I think he's maybe the worst of this crew of big super heavyweights. BUt he's in two of my all time favorite matches: The $10,000 Challenge vs Lawler that I ranked as the 25th Greatest Match Ever last year w/ Rick Rude vs Lawler & Savage 9/10/84 that I have as the 48th Greatest match ever. None of the rest of those guys have a match in my top 50, let alone 2. Including Vader. Thats enough to make me want to dig a little deeper.
  6. elliott

    Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Omega

    I have no dog in this fight, but why would it matter if Kenny's had a match in the US as good as Shawn's best? Has Shawn had a match in Japan as good as Omega's?
  7. elliott

    Kevin Von Erich

    I've thought probably an inordinate amount about Kevin Von Erich since the start of this project for many of the reasons Sleeze states. I'm going to plan on rewatching and thinking some more. If this was a 100 favorites, Kevin would make it for sure. There are some Kevin singles matches I think highly of but I also think he's a really awesome tag wrestler. Just amazing hot tag where he'd run in and just stiff the bejeezus out of people. I reallly appreciate that uncooperative feel he's able to project. Big fan. Someone to revisit. I could see a world where Fritz, Kerry & Kevin all make my list.
  8. elliott

    Bam Bam Bigelow

    Counter point. This was actually fucking awesome.
  9. elliott

    Bison Kimura

    There's a great match against Megumi Kudo from 1/16/97 that you can find easily in the usual places.
  10. elliott

    Dustin Rhodes

    How was Dustin's TNA run? What about Japan stuff? Dustin is one of the most up and down people ever. Someone needs to put together a mega post career retrospective and highlight the highs and lows and sort of just chart out where he is, what he's doing and whether it's good Dustin or bad Dustin
  11. elliott

    Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Omega

    I really like Hell in a Cell 97 too. And the Foley match.
  12. elliott


    I think he's one of the obvious big influence guys and if you're weighing influence heavily, Sabu should be a lock. For better or worse. I'm not weighing influence at all, but Sabu makes my list on merit. The point about wanting to see him against anybody is a huge point in his favor and one I agree with. I haven't sat and thought about it specifically, but Sabu might be in my top 10 US workers of the 90s.
  13. elliott

    Dynamite Kid

    You're good! Its good to work through the processes becasue there's a million things to consider and you went from an old curmudgeon like a lot of us last time to a huge fan of new stuff so its interesting to see your thoughts. I got another one for you about a really different wrestler but one that is also in some ways kind of similar... https://forums.prowrestlingonly.com/topic/29664-sabu/?do=findComment&comment=5965439
  14. elliott


    @El-P branching off from the DYnamite Kid thread in terms of wrestlers influence, what are you thinking about Sabu this time around? I know you were (are still?) a fan last time around based of your ECW rewatch. I think his output is actually pretty damn good and he has a pretty big influence argument.
  15. elliott

    Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Omega

    El-P turning heel on the "self conscious epic" is like Hulk Hogan telling these fans to stick it....