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You didn't ask for it but you're getting it anyway! 


Austin Idol vs Jack Brisco (SECW – 7/7/79)

Our very first look at Idol and he already looks like an excellent wrestler. This is basic stuff mostly worked out of a headlock but Idol is bringing all of the character & flair to the match with his stalling schtick & subtle heel work. Some things like strutting around, grabbing the tights on a roll up, pulling the hair, accusing Brisco of pulling the hair when Brisco clearly isn’t, begging off when Brisco goes to punch himt. All little things but when taken together paints a picture of Idol as a clear heel. He has a real flamboyance to him. I’ve compared him to a Southern Fried Billy Graham but he also reminds me of a Southern Style NWO Hogan with his stooging heel schtick. Anyway, I’m sort of rambling because I’m REALLY excited about this project and about Idol. I’ve been so impressed with what I’ve watched prior to this and for whatever reason just never dug deep. But holy shit this is just the first match and it fucking rules. Austin Idol baby! 


Austin Idol & Roger Howell vs Tommy Rich & Kevin Sullivan (GCW on WTBS – 12/29/79)

Idol knees Rich in the back from the apron off an Irish whip & then comes in for a brief but awesome punch exchange with Rich but then he gets right out when Rich makes a comeback. Quick tease.


Austin Idol vs Eddie Dyce (Big Time Wrestling – Unknown Date)

Basic TV match. Idol is a heel and he looks good having an easy time with a jobber.


Austin idol vs Tommy Rogers (Unknown Date)
Short match just a few minutes but a great opening. Rogers hits a dropkick while Idol has his back to Rogers and bumps headfirst into the turnbuckle for a great nearfall. Rogers goes for a headlock but Idol kills him with an atomic drop and has an easy time putting him away. Usual great punches. A nice suplex and a beautiful 2nd rope kneedrop highlight this 3 minute match.


Austin Idol & Roger Howell vs Tommy Rich & Kevin Sullivan (GCW on WTBS – 1/12/80)

Replay of 12/29/79 match


Austin Idol vs Mr Wrestling II (GCW – 1980)

Super short TV match with all sorts of bullshit. Looks like they’d probably have an awesome match together if we got to see it.


Austin Idol vs Kevin Sullivan (GCW – 1/80)

About a minute of an angle. Fucking Georgia



Austin Idol vs Glen Owen (GCW on WTBS – 1/12/80)

Fun little TV match. Idol bumps, stooges & cheats his way through this jobber match. He gives Owen more than you’d expect.


Austin Idol vs Steve Travis (GCW on WTBS – 1/12/80)

Another fun TV match. Idol gives Travis almost the whole match and bumps & stooges his way through. Really wild that he puts this no name over so much before putting him away with the figure 4. Cool stuff.


Austin Idol & Masked Superstar vs Kevin Sullivan & Mr Wrestling II (GCW on WTBS – 1/26/80)

Sort of a brawling studio match. Short. But real fun. Idol is the star of this as he just rules as a bumping stooging heel with a great right hand.


Austin Idol vs Kevin Sullivan (GCW on WTBS – 2/2/80)

Awesome 2 minute studio brawl to get you hyped for the big match the following night at the Omni. All high energy violent punches. Idol is in serious all business ass kicker mode instead of bumping & stooging. He beats the shit out of Sullivan and goes for a foreign object as soon as Sullivan shows signs of a comeback. Good stuff for a 2 minute match.


Austin Idol vs Kevin Sullivan (Boston Street Fight – GCW Omni – 2/3/80)

Brief clips. Looks amazing. GOddamnit.


Austin Idol vs Tommy Rich (GCW on WTBS – 2/23/80)

Short but fun TV match. Idol looks fucking awesome. Great offense & bumps & stooges well. Really enjoyed this. These two have amazing chemistry so no surprise this rules.


Austin Idol vs Mark Lewin (GCW on WTBS – 5/80)

Amazing 1 minute match. ARGH!


Austin Idol vs Mark Lewin (GCW on WTBS – 6/28/80)

Replay of the last match! ARGH!


Austin Idol & Dutch Mantell vs Jerry Jarrett & Tojo Yamamoto (CWA – 8/11/80)

Last few minutes. Crowd is NUTS


Austin Idol & Harley Race vs Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras (AJPW – 9/5/80)

OMFG what is this matchup? I didn’t expect to see Mil & Dos in this project. Early highlight is Mil holding Harley in a hold and Austin climbing to the top rope like he’s gonna come off and Dos starts shaking the top rope. Idol does the WHOA WHOA waving his arms losing his balance sell. Great stuff to add some character and flair to the early dry Mil & Harley mat work. Idol tags in against Mil and immediately goes for a big haymaker that Mil ducks & returns fire with a chop that Idol sells in a big over the top way. Idol vs Mil is fun because Idol is willing to go straight to schtick and make himself look foolish. He turns a simple drop toe-hold by Mil into a great comedic TIMBER spot. Extended test of leads to an Idol headbutt. Like I dunno what to do here. DO I just put him in the top 20 now? Dos comes in for a headlock sequence leading to a big Idol atomic drop. Idol tags out but gets another great punch in before he leaves. Dos vs Harley comes in and its pretty fun. Idol interferes from the side. Idol comes in and throws Dos in a great big bodyslam. Couple of punches & a knee to the head and Harley comes back in. Idol gives Dos a hope sequences before taking back over with a great knee breaker & figure 4 to take the first fall. Idol gives Dos the advantage back in the 2nd fall and the luchadores do some leg work on Idol. Idol does some big over the top selling from a Mil flying chop & whip into Dos’ boot. Big bump off a double drop kick and then a rope running sequence leading to another big Mil chop. Mil & Idol blow the roll up that leads to the finish but WTF this match has been too much fun up until now to really care. Mil works some fun wacky submisssions on idol before tagging out to Dos. Idol eats an atomic drop and spills out of the ring. Race comes in but Dos cuts him off. Harley is able to tie him up though and give Idol enough time to recover and come in. Big heel collision spot with Idol & Race looks amazing. Race comes in for the run to the finish and its great. Both luchadores hitting dives. Everyone brawling around. WTF was this match. This was a total blast. I had zero expectations this was gonna be good but Austin Idol really puts together an awesome heel performance and I had a blast watching this.


Austin Idol vs Mil Mascaras (AJPW – 9/9/80)

Slow start with cautious lockups. Idol pushes Mil back and flexes showcasing his power. The lock up again and Mil shoves off Idol and Idol acts shocked and claims Mil pulled the hair. Excellent. Mil goes for a drop toe hold and we get Idol desperately reaching for the ropes to try and avoid getting taken down. Nice stooging stuff. They then……go into a chain wrestling sequence? And its fucking fun! WHAT? Idol looks perfectly comfortable trading holds and counters. Cheating for slight advantages & stooging when he gets shown up. Idol does another cool atomic drop/backbreaker sort of move. But Mil just shrugs it off hahaha. Fuck Mil. Idol starts to escalate things a little. He throws some punches, a great bodyslam and an even better running knee drop into a chinlock. Mil lets Idol control him for a minute before reversing out of it. Great spot has Mil tied up in the ropes and Idol just throws a shoulder into Mils stomach over and over again until the both spill out of the ring. Idol follows it up with a backbreaker and a posting. Back in the ring and Idol sets up Mil’s comeback and sells in a big way. They end up back outside the ring again with Idol stumbling around the ring and posting Idol over and over. Interference ends the match but the post match is hot. WTF how was this good????


Austin Idol vs Charlie Fulton (GCW on WTBS – 9/27/80)

Another fun GCW TV match. Idol bumps & stooges for another jobber before putting him away. Idol uses a 2nd rope elbow drop before putting Fulton away with the figure 4. So he’s basically Ric Flair and Bret Hart and Superstar Graham and NWO Hogan mixed up in a blender and chicken fried seasoned with Memphis flavorings. So basically the best ever.


Austin Idol & Kevin Sullivan vs Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts (GCW Omni – 11/14/80)

Few minutes of clips. Looks awesome. ARGH!


Austin Idol & Dutch Mantell vs Jerry Jarrett & Tojo Yamamoto (CWA – 3/2/81)

Short but fun match. Idol looks good dominating Jarrett and strutting around and then stooging for Tojo. The sound is messed up on this video but the crowd looks crazy.


Austin Idol & Dutch Mantell vs Tommy Rich & Bill Dundee (CWA – 3/12/81)

Idol was just born for Memphis and this is a great example of why. He’s such a great character and willing stooge. I mean he’s just flailing about in there to get over Tommy & Bill’s attacks. He has no problem looking silly. He’s also smart. And can get grimy as well & throws a heck of a punch. This is a terrific match. Dutch is a real workhorse and Idol brings an ton of character to this and mixes in his great looking offense & stooging. This is the sort of wrestling than I could watch for 60 minutes.


Austin Idol vs Gypsy Joe (GCW on WTBS – 5/31/81)

Idol has an easy time with Gypsy Joe. Stooges a little. About 3 minutes. Typical GCW TV match.


Austin Idol vs Scott McGhee (JCP – 9/26/81)

Quick tv match. Austin looks good as usual. A little power display, some stooging.


Austin Idol vs Ric Thor (GCW on WTBS – 10/31/81)

Another short TV match.  Idol is great in these though and theres more character than Tommy Rich’s quick GCW matches. Idol will take any opportunity to pull hair. He’s got a nice variety of offense that he’ll switch up. Sometimes it’s a big body slam, sometimes a back breaker sometimes a sweet atomic drop, the 2nd rope elbow. This is just Idol destroying a jobber for 2 minutes but its fun. Idol works harder than he needs to.


Austin Idol vs Tommy Rich (GCW – 11/4/81)

Awesome match. Idol is stalling big time at the start riling the crowd up and stooging and bailing out of the ring quick when Tommy gets a few shots in or even comes close. Its not for everyone but I enjoy this kind of heel stalling schtick on display. Idol is great selling punches and kicks. Just great body control & timing. Its comedic and also gets over the intensify of Tommy’s blows. Great spot where Idol goes down from punches but is futzing with his pants. The crowd knows its not some weird Misawa quirk but Idol up to no good. Sure enough he turns the tables with a foreign object. Good basic stuff getting the crowd involved. Idol is great on top. Great punches good power moves. Cheats at every opportunity. The work to the finish is really good and all in all this is a really awesome old school match.


Austin Idol & Terry Gordy vs David Sammartino & Keith Larsen (GCW – 11/21/81)

Easy time with jobbers. Idol & Gordy do the backbreaker 2nd rope knee drop combo for the finish and it looks fucking incredible.


Austin Idol vs Vinnie Valentino (GCW on WTBS – 12/12/81)

Damn fun. Idol just fucking destroys Valentino for 4 minutes. Backbreakers, knees to the back, punches just easily dominates this jobber. Then Idol gives him a nearfall on a rollup out of nowhere. It takes Idol off guard and opens the door for Valentino to get a few punches in. Idol puts them over enormously before finally cutting Valentino off and putting him away. Fun stuff.


Austin Idol vs Mike Davis (JCP – 1/13/82)

Idol has an easy time putting away a jobber.


Austin Idol vs Tommy Rich (GCW – 1/13/82)

Same match as 11/4/81. ARGH!


Austin Idol vs Terry Taylor & Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (CWA – 2/20/83

Just a couple of minutes of the finish with Taylor and then the Lawler match isn’t really a match it’s a post match beatdown by Idol. Fun stuff with Idol really selling to put over Taylor and then getting vicious to take out Lawler.


Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (CWA – 2/28/83)

Last minute. Was probably awesome.


Austin Idol vs Ric Flair (SECW – 3/83)

Last few minutes. I was looking forward to seeing these two in a full match. Looks really good.


Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (CWA – 3/7/83)

Replay of the 2/28 match. Last minute. Was probably awesome.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Ken Patera & Man Mountain Link (CWA – 6/27/83)

2 ½ minutes of clips. Would love to see the Idol & Lawler team in a complete match. Clips look fun. An Idol vs Patera match would be amazing.


Austin Idol & The Fabulous Ones vs The Moondogs & Bobby Eaton (Cage Match – CWA – 7/4/83)

Argh. Last few minutes and mostly the post match angle. All the Fabs vs Moondogs matches are amazing and Austin Idol rules so I’m sure this kicked ass.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Bruiser Brothers (CWA – 7/11/83)

This immediately starts with some awesome schtick that ends with Idol kicking one of the bruiser brothers in the butt. Crowd loves it and Idol starts playing to them immediately. Holy shit it gets better from there before Idol tags out to Lawler and struts to the outside. Idol then continues to work the crowd from the apron. I don’t know what to do with this. I was not expecting Austin Idol to become my favorite wrestler. This is just about everything I could hope for. This is really just like a simple old school tag. Some babyface shine to start, Lawler in peril and then the big comeback. But Idol is just relentlessly awesome as an individual performance. He spends almost every moment on screen doing something. When he’s not in the match he’s working the crowd. This is our first look at him as a babyface and he just immediately rules. Finish is tandem flying elbows from the 2nd rope from Idol & Lawler. WHAT IS HAPPENING?


 Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs The Assassins (CWA – 7/25/83)

I’ve always enjoyed the Assassins and really just generic masked heels from the 80s overall. It’s a gimmick that works for me. Anyway, this is 2 minutes of clips I would love to see because it was probably terrific.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs The Assassins (CWA – 8/15/83)

4 minutes of clips of what appears to be a No DQ match. Looks amazing.  Idol almost invents the people’s elbow.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant vs The Assassins & Ken Patera (CWA – 8/22/83)

Idol & Valiant together are almost too charismatic. At least one person in the crowd peed their pants watching this. One clip but otherwise its an awesome quick 6 man brawl. Crowd is going nut. There are some good comedy spots and some really violent spots with chairs and microphone cords. Really fun match. Enjoyed this one. Glad we finally got an almost complete one.


Austin Idol vs Stan Hansen (CWA – 9/12/83)

2 minutes of Clips. Hansen destroys Idol prematch and bloodies him. FUCK this would’ve been awesome to see.


Austin Idol vs Stan Hansen (CWA – 9/19/83)

3 minutes of clips this time including the great postmatch. Idol gets some revenge for the last match but Hansen cheats pretty quick.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Stan Hansen & Jesse Ventura (CWA – 9/25/83)

Lawler in peril to start though there’s a great moment where Hansen shoves Lawler over to Jesse in the corner and goes berserk after Idol taking him out. Lawler in peril is varying degrees of quality based on whether or not Jesse Ventura is out there. Lawler and Hansen are fun together though. Idol’s hot tag is good. We come back from a commercial break and its Idol in peril. Bearhug from Jesse. Bearhug from Stan. Not really ideal but Idol is good selling it. Good hope spots. Idol’s selling is great. Lawler’ hot tag rules. Just a fun old school tag match. Post match is awesome as usual in CWA matches.


Austin Idol vs Mr Olympia (SECW – 10/83)

Less than a minute. Argh!


Austin Idol vs Stan Hansen (Bull Rope Match – CWA – 10/3/83)

Hot start with Idol just destroying Hansen. Stan is great bumping around & eating all of Idol’s offense. Weird thing to highlight, but Hansen takes an amazing bump off a hip toss. If you’ve seen it you know its notable just for how smooth it is. Anyway eventually Hansen takes over by trying to blind Idol. Idol is great stumbling around the ring. Its kind of like a cross between Terry Funk’s spaghetti legs and Invader I/Sangre Chicana’s stumble selling. So its like made for me. Idol starts to make a slow Memphis style comeback and the crowd loves it. He’s just a bloody mess firing big right hands. Finish is sort of your usual bullrope match finish but its well done. This was better than I remembered.



Austin Idol vs Stan Hansen (Bunkhouse Match – CWA – 10/10/83)

This literally starts with Hansen blinding Idol by spitting in his eyes. So instant classic. Escalates from there and is just a nice back and forth brawl. Great stuff. Can’t go wrong with a Hansen brawl.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler & Roughhouse Fargo & Jimmy Valiant & The Fabulous Ones vs Jesse Ventura & Dennis Condrey & Norvell Austin & Buddy Landell & The Assassins (Elimination Match – CWA – 10/17/83)

6 minutes of clips. Looked as awesome as it sounds.


Austin Idol & Dutch Mantell vs Bruise Brothers (CWA – 10/24/83)

Short 5 minutes. Dutch is in most of the way.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell vs The Moondogs & Man Mountain Link (CWA – 10/31/83)

Fun 6 man tag. Idol does some good schtick. Lawler & Dutch are in most of the way and its good stuff. Lawler in peril is great no surprise. Fun match all around but not much from our guy for once.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell vs The Moondogs & Man Mountain Link (Falls Count Anywhere - CWA – 11/7/83)

Wild brawl. Fucking awesome. All 6 guys are just killing each other for about 7 minutes. Idol looks awesome. His great selling comes into play as well as his ability to punch with the best of them.


Austin Idol vs Terry Taylor (CWA – 1984)
Fun schtick early with Idol accusing Taylor of pulling the hair. Idol really good working schtick, stooging and putting Taylor over big time. Idol takes a huge bump off an atomic drop on the floor. Taylor controls with basic babyface stuff mostly out of an armbar. Idol cuts him off with a huge jumping knee. Great spot. Came outta nowhere, looks great and works as a nice transition. Idol takes over from there with basic stuff that looks good. Slamming Taylor’s head into the turnbuckle, throwing punches. Idol continues to sell the arm and shakes off his fist after hitting Taylor to show how hard he hit him. Great stuff. When Taylor bumps off a whip into the corner, Idol gloats and plays to the crowd. Idol is always doing something. Idol continues to dominate with GREAT punches. A nice suplex. A great running elbow drop. Idol’s elbows & knees are great. Idol talks with he ref a little and that gives Taylor the opening. As soon as Taylor makes his comeback Idol is flailing and stooging all over the place. Great stuff. BS to the finish but its fun.Short match about 8 minutes but a blast. SO much of what I love about Idol is on display here. Fun stuff!.




Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (No DQ – CWA – 1984)

Awesome match. Big over the top Memphis brawl. Fun schtick & stooging from Idol. Typical awesome performance from Lawler. Idol looks top notch. Just a fucking awesome one. Bullshit finish but its still great.



Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Ken Patera & Crusher Blackwell (CWA – 1/24/84)

Only 2 minutes of clips. Goddamnit. I bet this was amazing.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Road Warriors (CWA – 1/31/84)

Fun match. Short. Lawler works most of the way. Lawler is dominated and then makes a comeback all by himself before Idol comes in. Work to the finish is fun. Enjoyable quick match.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell vs Pink Panther & Masked Marauder & Lou Winston (CWA – 2/4/84)

Quick 2 minute match.


Austin Idol vs Lou Winston (CWA – 2/11/84)

Idol makes quick work of a jobber.


Austin Idol & Dutch Mantell & Bugsy McGraw vs Destroyer & Pink Panther & Lou Winston (CWA – 2/18/84)

Another quick jobber match. Idol throws some great punches and does his awesome running knee drop. He comes back in later when he & McGraw do the backbreaker/knee drop combo with Idol coming off the top rope. Idol shows off more good  offense with a backbreaker of his own. 


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Zambouie Express (CWA – 2/20/84)

3 minutes of clips. Argh. Idol shows a great body slam and sells how difficult it was to slam his big opponent. Great small thing that gets over his power and the size of the guy he’s slamming. Good shit. But anyway. 3 minutes of clips. Wish was had the full match. Argh!


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler & Tommy Rich vs Zambouie Express & King Konga (CWA – 2/28/84)

3 minutes of clips. Argh!


Austin Idol vs Jesse Owens (CWA – 3/17/84)

Idol makes quick work of a jobber. Pretty clean, lots of holds and takedowns before the win with the figure 4.  Then Rick Rude comes out for the post match. Cuts some of Idol’s hair! Oh shit!


Austin Idol vs Pat Hutchinson (CWA – 3/24/84)

Idol shows up with a hair cut. He’s mad so he fucking destroys this poor jobber. Cool to see Austin switch things up.


Austin Idol vs Rick Rude (CWA – 4/2/84)

Idol was obviously a big influence on Rude so I’m excited for this and goddamn its JIP with 4 ½ minutes of video. Ref bump like immediately and then Idol plants rude with a back suplex. Hart interferes and its basically just a 2 on 1 beatdown. Idol makes the big comeback and it rules. Turns out its just about 2 minutes. Godamnit!


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Pink Panther & Keith Roberson (CWA – 4/7/84)

Short jobber match. Idol & Lawler have an easy time here.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Street Walkers (CWA – 4/14/84)

The Street Walkers? Hahaha ok! We don’t get to see it as it turns out. Dang.


Austin Idol vs Rick Rude (Cage Match – CWA – 4/16/84)

One minute of clips. Killing me.


Austin Idol vs Randy Savage (CWA – 4/21/84)

Short but heated studio match. Savage is hyped up. Idol bumps for him and lets Savage just destroy him before reversing a big suplex and jost going off on Savage. Idol hits Savage with the 2nd rope elbow. Right as it looks like Idol is gonna take it we get a run in. Fun sprint.


Austin Idol vs Randy Savage (CWA – 4/23/84)

Savage just lays waste to Idol for 3 minutes.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Pink Panther & Black Panther (CWA – 4/28/84)

Pink Panther looks like if Blue Panther was disguised as Villano III but not very good. Short jobber match with our babyfaces looking good and having an easy time with the Panthers.


Austin Idol v Randy Savage (CWA – 4/30/84)

33 measly seconds. ARGHHH!


Austin Idol vs Randy Savage (CWA – 5/7/84)

Awesome match. These two are a perfect matchup for each other in a lot of ways. Interpromotional wrestling done right with lots of intensity and hatred. After an early Idol shine, Savage bloodies Idol and dominates much of the match. Great stuff because Idol is so great at selling & stooging and making people look great and Savage in this era is probably the most dynamic and exciting wrestlers in the US. Idol makes a great comeback and Savage is always willing to bump & stooge. Typical old school bs finish done well.  Absolutely loved this one. Great old school match.


Austin Idol vs Randy Savage (CWA – 5/14/84)

Savage sneak attacks Idol before the match even starts and just dominates him. Savage looks unbelievable taking Idol apart and Idol’s bumping and selling are top notch as usual. I really love his selling style. Great nearfall/hopespot off a school boy before Savage continues to just destroy Idol. Idol won’t give up though and keeps struggling to his feet. Extended transition is really good. Starts with a big boot when Savage puts his head down early for a back drop. Then a shoulder block leads to a double knockdown. Savage continues to land punches but Idol starts shrugging them off and taking them a little better each time before completing the comeback. Awesome transition there. Fucking HUGE punches on the comeback for Idol. He doesn’t have the punch versatility of Lawler, but Idol throws a right hand as well as anybody. Savage is awesome bumping around. Finish is awesome with Idol getting the clean submission win with the figure 4. Amazing 7 minute match.


Austin Idol vs Jim Neidhart (CWA – 6/11/84)

Fun start with some schtick. Jimmy Hart gets involved. Idol bumps well for Neidhart taking some slams and a backdrop in between Anvil’s chinlock & bear hug. Idol makes a big comeback and is about to win before interference. Fun for what it was. Short.


Austin Idol vs Masao Ito (CWA – 6/16/84)

Quick match with Idol bumping & stooging like crazy before getting in some offense. His great punches and running knee and slam. As he goes for the figure 4 we get outside interference and Idol gets laid out.



Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell vs Plowboy Frazier & Keith Roberson & Nightmare #1 (CWA – 6/23/84)

Typical TV studio match. Lots of babyface shine. Idol has a really nice press slam. He does some nice work. Lots of energy some good schtick. His interaction with Plowboy Frazier is really fun. Good stuff. About 10 minutes and nothing to write home about fun a fun match nonetheless.




Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs The Road Warriors (CWA – 6/25/84)

JIP a about 5 minutes. Video starts with Idol trying to shouldblock Animal & Idol stooging backwards. Animal tags out to Hawk and they repeat the spot to put over the Road Warriors enormous size & power. Idol doesn’t get overpowered like this in Memphis. Idol takes a slam and sells it really big and gingerly tags out to Lawler and kinda gives him a be careful look. Amazing body language here. Lawler takes two big bumps off shoulderblock attempts on Animal. Big mistake. This is really good stuff early on. The top babyfaces are really putting the Warriors over as the monsters they are. Really smart logical work. The build finally to a big shoulderblock from Lawler where he takes Hawk down then a dropkick sends Hawk outside. Crowd goes nuts. Great shit. Idol comes in and eats some Shoulderblocks. Hawk throws Idol outside and goes for a big haymaker but Idol ducks and hits an atomic drop. Awesome spot. Crwod goes nuts as idol poses. Hawk leaps back into the ring and that was terrifying. Animal in and misses a charge into he corner & Idol tags out. Good stuff. Lawler gets caught though with a back breaker and it leads to Lawler in peril. Its really good because Lawler is one of the best ever at his peak here and the Road Warriors are such an imposing team. Idol is good working the apron. Lawler makes his comeback and Idol comes in and both babyfaces are really laying into the Road Warriors. Great brawl around ringside ends the match as the crowd goes nuts. Post match brawl is fucking fantastic. Great stuff.


Austin Idol vs The Superstar (SECW – 7/21/84)

Atrocious video quality makes this one impossible.


Austin Idol vs Boris Zhukov (SECW – 8/25/84)

Last 30 seconds or so and then run ins galore while Idol gets tied up in the ropes.


Austin Idol vs Billy Spears (SECW – 9/84)

Last minute or so.


Austin Idol vs Jimmy Backlund (SECW – 9/15/84)

Idol puts away a jobber with ease.


Austin Idol vs Jimmy Golden (SECW – 12/22/84)

Lasts about a minute before run ins galore. Argh!


Austin Idol vs Jimmy Golden (Cage Match – SECW – 1/7/85)

Final few seconds before post match shenanigans. Looked fun. Argh!


Austin Idol vs Buddy Colt (CWA – 4/23/85)

Quick but fun match. Can’t help but wish it was longer because the work was good. Basic stuff but fun schtick. Idol is a master of body language and crowd control. He’s good here as usual. He did a jumping knee strike which is one of my favorite moves. If he adds a foot stomp its over and I’m putting him at #1.


Austin Idol vs Jos LeDuc (CWA – 4/23/85)

Great schtick early. Double shoulder block and they both stumble. Idol hits the ropes and hands on and struts because he faked out LeDuc. So LeDuc repeats the spot but Idol nails him with a right hand and LeDuc goes over the top rope. Great shit. Idol gets too close and Jos absolutely crushes him with a right hand. Idol sells it like death. Idol eventually makes it to his feet and LeDuc CRUSHES him with another right and another sends Idol over the top. Great job getting over LeDuc’s power. Idol barely gets back in the ring & LeDuc continues to dominate him. The ref gets tossed and Idol makes a big comeback. Powering out of a choke and nailing LeDuc with right hands. This was short about 6 ½ minutes, super duper basic but smart and fun while it lasted. Good stuff.


Austin Idol vs Jimmy Golden (SECW – 6/15/85)

Fun match early. Lots of schtick from Idol. Some really good rope running sequences.He eats a spectacular jumping knee from Golden for the big transition. Really well done.  Idol is really good selling underneath. Not just the big over the top stumbling around but really hurt and fucked up. Big superman comeback from Idol has the crowd going fucking bananas. Idol goes after the leg to set up the figure 4. Fun run to the finish with lots of roll up near falls. Super simple match but well structured and smartly worked.


Austin Idol vs Jimmy Golden (CCW – 6/15/85)

Same match as SECW match.


Austin Idol vs Adrian Street (CCW – 7/29/85)

Final few seconds. Argh!


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy (CWA – 8/5/85)

I have seen this before but it was years ago and years before Hayes & Idol had become two of my favorite wrestlers. So I was looking forward to this and it did not disappoint. Hot brawl to start settles into a more structured tag match but still really hard hitting and violent but with some great schtick mixed in. Pretty much exactly the match you want it to be. 3 of the best wrestlers of all time and Terry Gordy looks great here too.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy (Badstreet Match – CWA – 8/12/85)

Another awesome match. Intense brawl. Double face in peril section. Idol’s FIP section is spectacular as usual. Great hot tag as well. The brawl to the finish fucking rules. All around great shit.


Austin Idol & Killer Brooks & Al Madril vs Shawn Michaels & Paul Diamond & David Patterson (Texas All Star  - 12/28/85)

Idol is back to being a posturing stooging heel and is right back to being awesome at it. All Schtick early with Idol carrying the match early. Big transition when Idol crushes Michaels with a big knee and levels him with great punches. Heels just destroy Michaels who looks great bumping around to no surprise. Just a quick old school 6 man tag with simple psychology. Idol is the star as usual.


Austin Idol vs Tommy Montana (WCCW – 1/6/86)

Fun match. Idol doesn’t really take this jobber seriously so it leads to some good stooging from Idol. He always adds such great character and flavor. He eventually takes over and starts to take it to Montana but he keeps giving the kid openings and Montana keeps taking them. Idol is a willing stooge and begs off and you honestly think the kid might pull off the upset. But Idol cuts him off with a beautiful jumping knee (well shit I guess that’s a regular spot now) and then ends the kids life with a goddamn tombstone piledriver. Awesome stuff. Really cool match.


Austin Idol vs Tony Falk (CWA – 2/15/86)

Austin destroys a jobber without breaking a sweat.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee & Buddy Landell (CWA – 5/13/86)

Last couple of minutes over a minute of which was Lawler in a sleeper.


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler & Giant Hillbilly vs MOD Squad & JD Costello (CWA – 6/9/86)

About 3 minutes of clips. Looks like a fun match.


Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (CWA – 1/11/87)

Lawler throws a fireball at Rich earlier in the night and then Rich & Idol destroy Lawler’s balls later in the evening in one of the great angles ever to launch maybe the greatest mens feud of all time.


Austin Idol & Tommy Rich vs The Snowman & Soul Train Jones (CWA – 2/9/87)

Short but fantastic match. Crazy brawl that leads to Lawler making his big return and going after Idol. Fucking insane post match. Awesome.


Austin Idol & Tommy Rich vs Jerry Lawler & Nick Bockwinkel (CWA – 2/16/87)

One of the biggest teases of all time. Its jus like 40 seconds of clips of what looks like a completely insane brawl. Argh!


Austin Idol & Lord Humongous vs Jerry Lawler & Nick Bockwinkel (CWA – 2/23/87)

4 minutes of clips. Looks like a blast.


Austin Idol & Tommy Rich vs Jerry Lawler & Bam Bam Bigelow (CWA – 3/9/87)

4 minutes of clips. Looks fucking amazing and considering they have two all time classics, I have no doubt this was a 3rd.


Austin Idol & Tommy Rich vs Jerry Lawler & Bam Bam Bigelow (Double Jeopardy – CWA – 3/16/87)

I voted this the 60th best match ever. Feels too low. Will likely be in my top 50 next time I make a list. Classic match.


Austin Idol & Tommy Rich vs Jerry Lawler & Bam Bam Bigelow (Texas Death Match  - CWA – 3/23/87)

I voted this the 41st greatest match of all time and again too low. One of the all time great matches.


Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (CWA – 4/13/87)

Last couple of minutes of what is probably an awesome match.


Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (Chain Match – CWA – 4/20/87)

Chain match Memphis style. Genius. Best 2 minute match ever.


Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (Hair vs Hair Steel Cage Match – CWA – 4/27/87)

I voted this the 8th greatest match of all time. I voted this the best North American match of all time and the best men’s match of all time I feel no different about that whatsoever.


Austin Idol vs Bill Dundee (CWA – 5/25/87)

Last minute or so before Rich runs in and then Lawler. Probably an awesome match.


Austin Idol & Tommy Rich vs Billy Travis & Mark Starr (CWA – 6/8/87)

Idol continues his magical year. Terrific little tag match with Idol bumping & stooging like a madman.


Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (CWA – 6/8/87)

3 minutes. ARRGGGH!


Austin Idol & Tommy Rich vs Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee (Scffold Match – 6/15/87)

Almost 4 minutes ARGH!


Austin Idol & Brickhouse Brown vs Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee (CWA – 6/22/87)

Almost 4 minutes. Argh!


Austin Idol & Stan Hansen vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Tiger Mask (AJPW – 8/28/87)

Handheld match. Can’t say I expected to see Misawa during an Austin Idol deep dive. Hansen works most of the way. Fine match.


Austin Idol & Stan Hansen vs Takashi Ishikawa & Hiroshi Wajima (AJPW – 8/29/87)

Idol works a bit more today than in the previous match. Bumping & stooging. He’s not as over the top as he is in Memphis or Georgia but there’s still some flair to his work. Short brawling match. Fun no complaints.


Austin Idol vs Motley Crew #1 (USA Championship Wrestling – 1988)

Idol has an easy time putting away a jobber. Focuses on the leg the whole time and beats him with the figure 4.


Austin Idol & Tommy Rich vs Yoshiaki Yatsu & Takashi Ishikawa (AJPW – 3/26/88)

Fun midcard match. Idol looks good bumping & stooging. Again he’s not as over the top as he is in Memphis but still good. Enjoyable stuff.


Austin Idol & Tommy Rich vs Great Kabuki & Tiger Mask II (AJPW – 3/27/88)

Tentative feeling each other out start from everyone. Idol really unloads on Kabuki with punches. Kabuki in peril for a bit. Idol does a nice side Russian leg sweep. He doesn’t have a super high tech offense but Idol had a pretty nice well of offensive moves he could use. He gets a chinlocky on Kabuki but he’s got a knee shoved into his back to so it looks pretty brutal. But still kinda bleh. Rich comes in and its more heel dominance. Idol comes back for a little leg work & figure 4. Eventually Idol gives Kabuki an opening and we get a hot tag to Tiger Misawa. Nice atomic drop on Misawa from Idol. Rich comes in and tries for one but reverses and Misawa plants him with a great looking german suplex. Misawa reverses an Idol suplex with a nice rollup for the win. Ok little match. Nothing special or anything but not bad.


Austin Idol vs Pat Rose (CWF – 2/4/89)

Idol is back to being a babyface and looks good. Short & lots of fun schtick


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler vs The Hangman & Keith Robertson (CWA – 5/27/89)

Idol & Lawler take apart a couple of jobbers in 2 minutes.


Austin Idol vs Paul Orndorff (TWA – 3/31/90)

Idol is back to being a heel here. Lots of really great stalling & stooging early on. Idol looks as great as ever putting Paul over. Idol gets frustrated & challenges Paul to an arm-wrestling match. Idol lays down in the center of the ring & baits Orndorff to get down there with him. Finally, Paul agrees an lays own to arm-wrestle. Idol almost has him beat but Paul makes the big comeback and right as Paul is about to win, Idol gouges his eyes. Fucking beautiful bullshit. From there this turns into a brawl with Idol really giving it to Paul with big punches. Heyman is at ringside interfering. This is really fun. Chinlock from Idol is the base they start Paul’s comeback from. Paul is crazy intense going after Idol with a vengeance. Idol of course is great bumping & selling, but its cut off due to Heyman’s distraction. Heyman ends up costing Idol the match leading to Idol turning on him post match and kicking his ass before Lawler runs in and goes after Idol. This was an awesome bit of wrestling and a terrific post match.  


Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Eddie Gilbert & Doug Gilbert & Dirty White Boy (Hair vs Hair, Cage Match – USWA – 8/20/90)

Last few minutes. Looks awesome. Goddmanit.


Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (TWA – 9/9/90)

Idol is playing the badass babyface in this one and Lawler the cowardly heel. Cool to see them matched up in different roles than their all time classics. Lots of schtick & stooging & working the crowd early. Really fun stuff. Idol does the famous ball crushing spot on the post but its worked as a babyface spot. That’s some fun long-term storytelling. It doesn’t put Lawler in the hospital this time so Lawler composes himself and we get a little Hide-the-Chain. They do a fantastic job logically setting up Lawler using the chain without the ref seeing. Its really masterful stuff. I love the hide the foreign object game with Lawler. He’s the best ever at it. And Idol is one of his greatest rivals so they know exactly how to work together. They end up brawling up into the bleachers with Lawler taking a bump down the bleacher. Idol does his classic stumble selling back towards the ring. Back inside and Idol is just annihilates Lawler with a couple of right hands. Ref bump leads to Lawler going for the chain but he ends up missing his big shot and dropping it. Idol gets his hands on the chain right as the ref comes to and gets DQ’d. Classic turn of events. Post match is awesome with Lawler getting his ass kicked and them working their way back into the bleachers. Fantastic. Not for everybody but if you like schtick and Memphis style wrestling this is for you. Its perfect for me. Great stuff.


Austin Idol & Al Perez vs Chris Adams & Kevin Von Erich (TWA – 9/15/90)

Just like that less than a week after the last match Idol is back as a heel. He’s talking trash with the crowd riling them up. He’s bumping & stooging. Its really awesome to see him flip the switch like this in less than a week. Idol is just fantastic bumping & selling for Adams & Kevin. Its pretty funny because Perez is like one of the defining solid but forgettable wrestlers. He’s perfectly fine here but as soon as Idol gets involved the match jumps up a level. Fun match overall with an exciting brawling finish. If this was someone other than Perez its probably a great match with everyone else doing exactly the same everything else. Perez holds this back a little bit by getting extra chinlocky but it’s a worthwhile match for sure.


Austin Idol vs Gary Young (USWA Title Round 1 – USWA – 10/8/90)

Idol is back to being a babyface. Lots of stalling & schtick in this short match. Idol has a pretty easy time with Young. Fun while it lasts if you like this sort of all schtick & punches style.


Austin Idol vs John Tatum (USWA Title Round 2 – USWA – 10/8/90)

Tatum jumps Idol before the match and they brawl all over the arena with Tatum just kicking Idol’s ass. Back to the ring & the beating continues but Tatum gets too cocky. Idol turns the tables with a huge low blow and then gets some payback by taking Tatum all over the arena and beating him up. Old school BS finish with Tatum going for a pin with his feet on the ropes but the ref seeing and then Idol returning the favor without the ref seeing for the win. Not gonna blow you away but logical wrestling.


Austin Idol vs Eddie Gilbert (USWA Title Semifinals – USWA – 10/8/90)

Gilbert offers Idol 10K to back out of the match and then attacks Idol with a briefcase and follows that up by trying to choke Idol out. Eddie really just destroys Idol for a few minutes before Idol summons that Memphis babyface comeback adrenaline. Idol just goes after Gilbert’s leg and puts him away. Really wish this went longer. Would have loved a match between them in like 1987.


Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler (USWA Title Finals – USWA – 10/8/90)

Idol knows Lawler has been through hell so he promises a technical wrestling match “In honor of our friendship.” He even offers him a few minutes rest. Lawler offers his hand to shake and Idol takes it and then kicks hi in the gut and starts punching him in the face. AMAZING. Lawler is great putting over the exhaustion from the beating he took early and Idol is just awesome here taking it to Lawler & strutting around to really complete the heel turn. Just fantastic stuff. Lawler is great bumping & selling as always. He’s one of the greatest ever so he can do it all. Idol is just awesome as a piece of shit heel. Lots of good intensity & violence in addition to some great schtick. Lawler with a comeback for the ages and Idol is obviously right at home selling & stooging for Lawler. Ref bump leads to Eddie Gilbert & Terry Funk running out to help destroy Lawler. I know its “bullshit” but its hard for me to complain about Terry Funk & eddie Gilbert showing up. Jeff Jarrett runs out to defend Lawler and this has really broken down into a crazy scene. Gilbert & Funk work together to murder Jeff Jarrett as Idol keeps working over Lawler. Fantastic scene.


Austin Idol & Eddie Gilbert vs Jerry Lawler & Bam Bam Bigelow (USWA – 12/26/90)

About 5 minutes of clips. Looks awesome as usual.

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