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With more footage, it seems like Heenan would be a no-brainer top 5 all time candidate. He is incredible.

Bobby Heenan vs Billy Red Cloud (Chain Match – AWA – 6/24/72)

4 minutes of clips. There’s an amazing spot where Red Cloud ties Bobby up in the chain and just spins him and Bobby goes 100mph and takes a big bump. Some funny comedy and then also guys trying to choke each other out with a chain. Wish this was full. Looks awesome.


Bobby Heenan & Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Lanza vs Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher & Little Bruiser (WWA – 11/24/72)

I was unaware that Dick the Bruiser had a mini. Little Bruiser starts and Bobby gets down on his knees to mock him. Little Bruiser plants him with a dropkick and its off to the races with Bobby running around like a maniac to get away. Bobby’s athleticism is on display. Don’t let anyone ever tell you Bobby wasn’t an incredible athlete. Mulligan in so Bobby goes out. They set up a bunch of spots where Lilttle Bruiser can come in and punch Mulligan. Crowd loves it. Bobby is in ultra stooge mode here. He throws a great punch at Crusher so little bruiser comesin and bites him in the butt. Crowd fucking loves this shit. Bobby takes a huge upside down bump in the corner that allows more punches from Little Bruiser. Great schtick when Bobby comes in against Dick the Bruiser. Bobby is getting tossed around and winds up outside. Bobby back inside and he’s just covered in blood. Oh shit. Bobby gets posted and the Blackjacks get taken out and Bobby’s just gonna get killed. Little Bruisre climbs to the top rope and Bobby is held in place so Little Bruiser can throw some punches to the face. Heenan manages to escape and tag a Blackjack but he’s in dire straits. Bruiser & Crusher toss Little Bruisre from the top rope onto each Blackjack and set up Heenan for a top rope splash so Little Bruiser gets the big win. Fucking awesome stuff. Heenan looks out of this world great. Lilttle Bruiser gets attacked post match and crowd does not love it. Amazing pro-wrestling match wow.


Bobby Heenan vs Cowboy Bob Ellis (AWA – 9/8/73)

Bobby comes out on crutches. Offers to come back in 5 or 6 months for a match. Hahaha. Then all of the sudden Heenan tries to hit Ellis with the crutch. But he misses! UH OH! Ellis takes out both Blackjacks. Heenan dives out of the ring to escape. No match but a hell of an angle.


Bobby Heenan & Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Lanza vs Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher & Little Bruiser (WWA – 8/17/74)

Same as the match from 11/24/72. Unclear what the real date is.


Bobby Heenan vs Cowboy Bob Ellis (WWA – 5/4/74)

Hey what do you know! Heenan did the return match! Haha! Starts with Heenan getting his ass kicked but Heenan goes after the eyes. Its short lived though. Ellis crotches Heenan on the ringpost. HUGE upside down bump in the corner from Heenan. Heenan goes back to the eyes and follows it up this time with some good punches. Heenan is an excellent puncher. But again its short lived. Ellis makes a comeback going after Heenan’s eyes and Heenan just flails about and begs off. Match continues with more stooging, and huge bumps from Heenan. This was a little too my turn your turn at times but still a total fucking blast. Heenan is such a compelling & dynamic performer.


Bobby Heenan vs Pepper Gomez (Mexican Strap Match – AWA – 5/5/74)

Last few minutes. Typical strap match finish guys dragging each other to the corners.


Bobby Heenan & The Sheik vs Dick the Bruiser & Bobo Brazil (AWA – 9/7/74)

This looks really cool. No sound and clipped a little bit but still about 10 minutes so we get a decent look. Heenan looks amazing. He bumps like a complete lunatic. Looks like an incredible athlete. I love the Heenan & Sheik team. Bet this was really fun.


Bobby Heenan & Nick Bockwinkel & Blackjack Lanza vs Verne Gagne & Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (AWA – 1/29/78)

Brief clips.


Bobby Heenan vs Kenny Jay (AWA – 11/79)

Just the post match of the only match Kenny Jay ever won. Crowd loves it Bobby is pissed.


Bobby Heenan & Paul Christy & Tiny Hampton vs Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher & Spike Huber (AWA – 12/8/79)

Starts with a little comedy and Heenan doing his crazy over the top rope bail out of the ring. Heenan takes any opportunity to cheat both from the apron and coming into the ring whenever possible for double teams. Lots of fun schtick. Bobby does have the opportunity to throw some great looking punches. He picks his spots well but he can get vicious when he needs to. This winds up with Heenan getting busted open and triple teamed. Great selling from Heenan. Crowd loves it. Good match. Heenan is the star as usual.  


Bobby Heenan vs Lord Alfred Hayes (AWA – 1/13/80)

Amazing match. Lord Alfred does all sorts of weird mat work. Heenan is all schtick and bumps before going after the eyes to make his comeback. Heenan throws some great looking stomps. He’s got good despicable heel offense. He’s a great puncher. Great kicker. Those eye rakes look nasty. He chokes. It’s a good contrast with his over the top flashy bumping & selling. Fun post match with Heenan hitting the ref & Hayes with a chair. Terrific stuff.


Bobby Heenan & Nick Bockwinkel vs The Crusher & Greg Gagne (AWA – 6/12/80)

Bobby is just awesome here. More crazy athletic bumping. He throws a tremendous forearm. Bobby stooging for Crusher is just like textbook cowardly heel as good as it gets stuff. But Bobby displays a level of disrespect and viciousness towards Greg. Its an interesting match for that reason. You sort of get to see everything Bobby was capable of.He is an underrated vicious performer. And he’s as great of a comedy stooging wrestler as anyone else. Lots of fun. Heenan is definitely the highlight of a good match.


Bobby Heenan vs Greg Gagne (Weasel Suit Match – AWA – 8/17/80)

 JIP. Bobby has his arm in a cast & so it gives Greg a target but it also a useful tool Bobby can cheat with. Great psychology & use of the cast as a weapon. It allows Bobby to really dominate Greg without Greg losing his credibility. Bobby is typically amazing here bumping, selling & stooging and really showing off his violent side. There’s real desperation to his work. Fantastic crowd. Awesome stuff. Wish we had the full match. Post match is GOAT stuff.


Bobby Heenan vs Mad Dog Vachon (AWA – 12/11/80)

I mean you can just picture this match right? Bobby plays terrified chickenshit heel. Constantly bailing out of the ring. Mad Dog is the tough as nails old bastard ready to fight this punk. Vachon kicks Bobby’s ass a little and they figure out a way to get Bobby some offense too. Basic but smart wrestling. This is a good matchup for both of these guys strengths.


Bobby Heenan & Ken Patera & Bobby Duncam vs Hulk Hogan & Baron Von Raschke & Buck Sumhofe (AWA – 2/28/82)

JIP. Seems early in the match but  Bobby is already laid out selling on the apron. Solid work early. Patera especially looks good. They set up Heenan coming in to go after Buck. Heenan is vicious choking Buck and throwing an awesome right hand. Great crowd really invested in this. Just solid basic smart work. Heenan is so smart working differently with each performer. He feels safe and at home going after Buck and then he’s a total cowardly chickenshit getting laid out with a punch or just begging off against Hogan and Baron. Fun traditional tag that breaks down into a really fun brawl. Good stuff.


Bobby Heenan vs Buck Zumhofe (AWA – 3/4/82)

Bobby is not afraid of Buck to start so we get a different kind of stooging from Bobby. He’s frustrated that he can’t get his hands on Buck. It’s a completely different approach than we normally see from Bobby but he’s just as comfortable working this style. They work some really amazing holy shit counters with Bobby setting up Buck beautifully. Don’t worry about Bobby’s early confidence. He gets his ass kicked and we get all the great bumping & selling you expect from Heenan. Match turns on an eye rake which is really smart for a lot of reasons. It’s a simple move that Heenan can use, its heelish and its devastating. Heenan’s eye rakes are BRUTAL. He is shows off his good heel offense. Really sharp looking punches, kicks and strikes to the throat. Whenever Heenan is on offense it looks good. IT doesn’t last long though and that’s fine because hes’ the GOAT bumper and an amazing seller. Heenan pulls out some great offense in this one. He does a 2nd rope butt splash and a beautiful atomic dop. Buck takes an incredible bump off a missed splash into the ropes. One of Heenan’s strengths is crafting believable transitions and that is one of the best you’ll ever see. Finishing stretch is great with Bobby in total desperation mode. Post match is fantastic with Bobby being forced to put on the weasel suit and chasing Buck around while wearing it. Classic. A great Buck Zumhofe match. What the fuck.


Bobby Heenan & Nick Bockwinkel vs Hulk Hogan (AWA – 5/2/82)

2 on 1 match starts with Heenan & Bock double teaming Hogan. They each grab and arm and take turns kicking him until Hogan slams them together, tears his shirt off and starts raining down punches on the dastardly heels as the crowd completely loses their minds. Incredible start. Heenan & Bock regain their composure in their corner. Amazing stuff. They follow it up with more great schtick that involves Bock & Heenan unexpectedly slamming into each other. Its basic stuff but it makes Hulk looks AWESOME, the crowd eats it up and so do I. Just classic stuff. Bobby does a great job keeping himself involved when he’s not actually in the match. Attempting to sneak behind Hulk along the apron. Its great stuff keeping the crowd engaged while Hulk has Bock in a chinlock. Really great transition to Heenan getting some real shots in on Hulk before getting caught and getting his ass kicked. They do a good job of getting to a Hogan in peril section. Heenan does some good stuff from the apron. Choking Hogan with a towel behind the ref’s back. Driving Hogan’s neck into the top rope. Hogan does sort of an extended comeback with multiple hope spots before the real Hulk Up and that’s pretty cool to se him still developing the routine and still working more traditional comebacks. His interactions with Bobby down the stretch are fucking fantastic and the crowd loves it. Satisfying finish.  This shit is pure magic. Classic wrestling match.


Bobby Heenan & Jacques Goulet vs Brad Rheingans & Buck Zumhofe (AWA – 7/18/82)

JIP This is like an experiment to see if Heenan can have an interesting much while saddled with 3 boring performers and the answer is holy shit yes. Heenan is incredible every second of this match whether he’s in the match or not. Just an amazing one man show. He’s bumping like a fool doing comedy spots, picking his spots on offense to get some nasty shots in. Incredible stuff. Getting the crowd involved during a fucking Brad Reheigans in peril with Goulet working an extended Iron Claw as non Von Erich outside of Texas is an achievement. Buck’s hot tag is Heenan making chicken soup out of chicken shit. Good match solely on the strength of Heenan’s  performance.


 Bobby Heenan & Nick Bockwinkel & Ken Patera & Bobby Duncum vs Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant (AWA – 11/7/82)

The  AWA doesn’t get their due for having some of the hottest crowds in wrestling history. Bobby is amazing here as usual and there are some fantastic interactions obviously, but this is probably the only match I’ve seen Heenan in where he’s not the undisputed star of the match. When you’re going up against a Hogan & Andre team its hard for anyone else to stand out. Andre is incredible here. Hogan is not far behind. Every single heel is working their ass off. I can’t believe I haven’t watched this like 100 times in my life. As good as pro-wrestling gets.


Bobby Heenan vs Rick Martel (AWA – 12/25/82)

JIP with Rick working over Heenan’s leg. Heenan rakes the eyes though and Martel sells it like absolute death. Martel sells like hes actually blind and Heenan keeps going after the eyes. Martel makes a brief comeback going after Heenan’s leg but Henan is relentless going after the eyes. Great knees & stomps to the back from Heenan & great selling from Martel. Martel has really gained a reputation among fans like us as an all time seller and he absolutely deserves it. BEAUIFUL cross body from Martel starts his comeback. But its not to be as he misses another attempt and spills out to the floor. Heenan continues to beat on Martel not letting him get back in the ring. Martel eventually does turn the tides and his comeback is great. Bobby takes his great bumps . Great shit.



Bobby Heenan & Ken Patera & Jesse Ventura vs Hulk Hogan & Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (AWA – 3/13/83)

This is one of my favorite matches ever. Great schtick and action. Amazing crowd. Distinct characters with different styles and approaches all blending together to craft a fantastic match. Just beautiful pro-wrestling. Simple but well executed. Heenan is a little bit  of a stooge and a little bit of a vicious heel. He takes some amazing bumps and is his usual incredible self. I’m going to be the high vote on Heenan by a long shot I think.


Bobby Heenan & Nick Bockwinkel vs Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Lanza (AWA – 3/15/84)

The Blackjacks fire each other up by chopping each other in the chest. Wow. Then the match starts and they like settle into collar & elbow tie ups. Ok that’s pretty funny. Bock works most of the way as you’d imagine but Heenan is great working the apron getting the crowd involved and they build some great spots around Heenan on the apron especially a huge punch that has him running all over the place. Heenan gets some great bumps in even without ever tagging in. And he’s constantly getting involved and working the crowd. Great performance from the apron. Great finish with Heenan finally ending up in the ring but getting caught and put away basically immediately.


Bobby Heenan vs Blackjack Mulligan (AWA – 3/22/84)

2 minutes of clips.


Bobby Heenan & Billy Robinson vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Genichiro Tenryu (AJPW – 6/5/84)

JIP lots of Jumbo and Billy mat work. Heenan comes in, throws some forearms and immediately takes a huge bump in the corner. Tenryu plants him with a big atomic drop and then Robinson tags back in. Robinson does some mat wok around Ternyu and brings Bobby back in. Bobby getting offense in and Tenryu selling it is pretty funny all things considered. Bobby takes another huge bump in the corner and then a  Thesz press for the finish. Fine stuff. Bobby looks good while he’s in but its only for brief flurries.


Bobby Heenan & Nick Bockwinkel & Masa Saito vs Fabulous Ones & Blackjack Lanza (AWA – 9/9/84)

Super start to this match. Crowd is crazy hot for the opening babyface shine and Heenan is at the top of his game avoiding tagging into the match. When they get their first shots in on Heenan the crowd goes absolutely nuts and he turns it up to 11 in response. Just stumbling around taking huge shots from everyone. Eventually its Lanza in peril which isn’t exactly ideal, but in this setting against that heel team & in front of that crowd, its better than you’d expect. Hot tag leads to a really good Keirn shine before he’s eventually cut off when Heenan comes off the top behind the ref’s back. But its really just to get Heenan in the ring for the quick finish. Really fun match. Classic postmatch with the weasel suit.


Bobby Heenan vs Salvatore Bellomo (WWF – 11/26/84)

Good basic schtick early. Bobby throws closed fist punches with his back to the ref and then stooges off when Bellomo tries to comeback. Bobby swears he uses the open palm. Then Bellomo hits Bobby with an open palm and Bobby sells it huge. Big bump in the corner. Bobby has the MSG crowd hooked immediately. Fun basic start .Crowd goes absolutely insane for Bellomo’s punche, headscissors & drop kick as Heenan bumps around like an absolute maniac. Finally Bobby has had enough and he rakes the eyes and takes over with his great looking punches & kicks before settling into a chinlock. Smart work. Bobby isn’t a great wrestler (in kayfabe terms) but he knows how to take shortcuts and they’re effective. They set up the comeback beautifully. Heenan isn’t quite in position for a shoulderblock so he takes a big bump that gives Bellomo a chance to recover and make a comeback. This isn’t some all time classic, but its really smart & effective work. Heenan looks excellent here carrying Bellomo and keeping this interesting.


Bobby Heenan vs SD Jones (WWF – 12/10/84)

Stalling & schtick for Bobby to start and he attempts a sneak attack but it just gives Jones a hot opening. Bobby bumps & stooges around for Jones before taking over with the dreaded Heenan eye-rake. One of the most devastating moves of the era. Heenan’s offense looks sharp as usual. Its mostly just like punches, kicks and stomps but they always look great. Bobby works a chinlock again as  base for Jones to work his comeback off of. Simple comeback from Jones. He blows a leapfrog which is something else and they go right to the finish. Fine stuff until the blown spot at the end. Bobby looks good.


Bobby Heenan & Paul Orndorff vs Bruno Sammartino & David Sammartino (WWF – 2/16/85)

No surprise this is a lot of fun. Crowd is just insane at the start when Heenan & Orndorff are stooging for the Sammartino’s. They control for much of the match before a David in peril section. Typical great stooging from Bobby and his offense is basic but sharp as usual. Heenan has definitely started to slow down in terms of his athleticism. He can do all his usual spots but he’s not quite at 10,000 mph. He’s still excellentand knows all the tricks, how to build a match and work a crowd. Fun stuff. David stinks. 


Bobby Heenan & Paul Orndorff vs Bruno Sammartino & David Sammartino (Lumberjack Match – WWF – 3/17/85)

Another solid match that ebbs and flows in quality based on how much David is doing. When Bruno is in the ring either on offense or selling, he’s awesome. David’s terrible. But Heenan & Orndorff are good enough to make his segments watchable. It’s better when David’s selling. He’s such a weak offensive wrestler. Finish is kinda blah. Jesus put anyone else in the David spot and these matches are really good.


Bobby Heenan & Adrian Adonis & Big John Studd vs Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda & George Steele (WWF – 6/21/85)

Well. These are 6 men of varying degrees of talent. Man, I retract my prior statement about Heenan losing a step because when they set up Heenan tagging in to face Animal, Heenan hits that accelerator like its 1975 and he’s fucking flying outta there. Um there’s a FANTASTC Windham vs Big John Studd sequence that will blow your goddamn mind. This is lots of fun. All schtick with a crazy hot crowd. Wow. Wasn’t ready for this fun Big John Studd performance. We miss a big Heenan bump in the corner because of shitty camera work and as if he knew we missed it, Heenan follows it up with an even wilder bump over the top rope to the floor. Crowd is straight fire for this match. What the hell. Rotundo comes in and attempts to work a chain wresting sequence with Big John Studd. Idiot. Studd cuts him off and we get Rotunda in peril. Adonis looks good working him over. Gorilla calls a DDT a “piledriver.” Gene asks him “now what do you call that.” Gorilla takes a beat and says “well, it’s a reverse under the arm piledriver. And its catches you right on the forehead. If not your nose. Or your upper lip.” Crowd then starts chanting “USA USA” for match with 6 dudes from America. That’s Reagan’s America for ya. All 6 guys end up in the ring with Heenan getting his face bit by Steele. Steele goes crazy and gets his team DQ’d. Shockingly fun match. What the hell.


Bobby Heenan vs David Sammartino (WWF – 6/29/85)

This being a 21minute long video is not what I was hoping for. Crowd is going nuts chanting Weasel at first. Heenan takes his sweeeeeet time taking his jacket off, folding it, even getting in the ring. Lots of stalling to start. Heenan stepping out between the ropes avoiding contact. Offering a handshake. Heenan’s so great at body language. Promising not to pull the hair, punch or kick just wants a handshake. David refuses and you can see it immediately draws Heenan’s ire. They lock up and go into the ropes. Heenan breaks clean as if to prove a point. But with him we can never really trust him can we? They go into the ropes a 2nd time. Clean break. 3rd time and Heenan just fucking slaps him and bails out. Crowd is about to lose their shit. This is really good stuff and Heenan is just a master controlling the crowd. Heenan slowly gets back in. Into the ropes again and David gets a big slap and takes over. Heenan bumps like a maniac all over the place for David’s limited offense. Heenan takes his patented side/backflip bump where he lands on his shoulder and bails out. Heenan begs off and really tries to slow it down. Heenan is selling like crazy. Heenan turns his back in the corner and David walks over and kicks him in the butt. Sammartino starts in on some arm work and its fine. Really all he’s got is knee drops to the arm and an armbar. But at least the knee drops look ok. Heenan takes another big ump this one through the ropes and towards the ringpost. David continues to dominate and its fine. Some stomps and punches. Heenan actually threw a headbutt to get himself some space so he could go for a foreign object. He manages to stab David in the throat. Heenan plays hide the foreign object and I’m a big fan of that sort of schtick so I have no problem with it. Heenan is as good as anyone other than Lawler at hide the foreign object. The crowd is furious. It allows Heenan an offensive base and allows David to maintain what credibility he does have. My only complaint is David’s selling isn’t particularly exciting. He’s just kinda there. But its really nitpicking. This is probably David’s best match right? OH SHIT HEENAN WITH A DDT. WTF. Heenan continues to stab David in the neck and face. I dunno why the fuck Sammartino isn’t bleeding buckets of blood. Because Heenan keeps stabbing his face. You can hear the angriest fan ever screaming death to Heenan as David starts to make his comeback. David gets the foreign object and just starts stabbing Heenan repeatedly in the face. Heenan eventually bails out of the ring and just runs away because David was stabbing him repeatedly in the face. Um, this is kind of awesome. What in the holy fuck.


Bobby Heenan & King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd vs Andre the Giant & Hillbilly Jim & Lou Albano (WWF – 11/25/85)

Mostly a Bundy & Studd vs Andre & Hillbilly Jim match and mostly Andre in peril. Eventually they get Hillbilly Jim in peril and Heenan is able to come in for a few shots. Andre gets a tag and Heenan stooges out but Andre grabs him and drags him over to the corner to tag Lou in. Fun Heenan vs Captain Lou the crowd goes nuts for. Quick run to the finish. This was a pretty fun giant man spectacle. Heenan looks god wen he’s in and has some great interactions with Andre. Fun stuff.


Bobby Heenan & King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd vs Big Machine & Super Machine & Lou Albano (WWF – 8/28/86)

Fun match. Bundy especially looks sharp. Machines look good. Heenan is Heenan. He comes in with a Machine already down and selling to get some good shots in. He bails back out quickly. Fun enormous man slugfest eventually leads to Heenan & Albano facing off. Its basic stuff but fun and heated. Match falls apart and gets thrown out but this is a total blast. Terrific stuff. Heenan keeps getting thrown back into face Heenan. Terrific.


Bobby Heenan & King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd vs Hulk Machine & Big Machine & Super Machine (WWF – 9/16/86)

God just tons of fun. Heenan is hiding out on the outside most of the way until he comes in for a few shot on Big Machine before immediately bumping over the top to the floor. Fantastic. Studd takes 3 body slams and successfully comes off the top ropes. What the hell is happening. Crazy heat. Good work. These matches are lots of fun.


Bobby Heenan & King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd vs Hulk Machine & Big Machine & Super Machine (WWF – 9/22/86)

Typical fun match. Great spot where Heenan finally comes in to face a beaten up Big Machine and for some reason Heenan throws a headbutt and staggers himself opening the door for a tag to Hulk Machine. Hulk’s hot tag always rules so he’s really good. Fun match as usual. 


Bobby Heenan & King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd vs Piper Machine & Super Machine & Giant Machine (WWF – 10/4/86)

Very much not the usual match because instead of Bundy & Studd vs the usual Machines, we get Piper working most of the match and deciding for everyone that its gonna be fucking awesome. Piper is just a mad man here running around punching people in the face, sunset flipping John Studd, chasing Heenan and then selling like a champ. Just amazing. Eventually settles back down into usual Machines vs Studd & Bundy but its good and Piper & Heenan keep things interesting from the corners. Terrific stuff. Just a fucking awesome match.  Heenan looks good as usual here, but Piper just steals the show.


Bobby Heenan & The Islanders vs The British Bulldogs & Koko B Ware (WWF WrestleMania IV – 3/27/88)

Ok tag match. Bobby barely for most of the match. He comes in and gets his usual few shots in when they have an opponent down. He throws his amazing kicks & punches as usual. His dog bite prevention suite is hilarious. Finish with Matlida is what it is. Fine match. Some flubs by Davey Boy and overall blah environment.


Bobby Heenan vs Koko B Ware (WWF 5/11/88)

Missed this and watched the 5/22 match first. Fun match pretty much the exact same as the 5/22 match. Koko puts the bird on Heenan at the end. Funny stuff.


Bobby Heenan vs Koko B Ware (WWF – 5/22/88)

Short fun match. Lots of schtick & stalling early. Some cheating from Heenan and some huge bumps as well. Fun stuff.


Bobby Heenan & The Islanders vs Koko B Ware & The British Bulldogs (WWF – 5/27/88)

Weirdly Bobby starts this vs Koko. They do an exact sequence they did earlier in the week on the 5/22 show ending with a big Heenan bump. Heenan tags out and this settles into a really good  Islanders vs Bulldogs & Koko match. Bobby is great reacting on the corner. They even do a little picture in picture close up of him. Both teams look sharp here and this is a terrific match.


Bobby Heenan vs Ultimate Warrior (Weasel Suit Match – WWF – 6/25/88)

Warrior is up on the ropes playing to the crowd and Heenan tries to sneak up on him and attack him from behind. It goes poorly as you’d imagine and Heenan books it out of there.  Bobby runs and runs which sets up a great spot where Warrior has to hide & catches Heenan & tosses him back in the ring. Heenan goes for a foreign object immediately and stabs Warrior in the throat. OH! OK! We get Heenan the Butcher for a while as he stabs Warrior in the throat again and then the kidney’s and throat again. Jesus. Warrior eventually stops Heenan kicks his ass. Heenan takes his huge bumps. Warrior poses and shakes the ropes looks generally awesome and imposing. Warrior gets the sleeper and puts out Heenan for the weasel suit. HEY! This was pretty fun! Short about 6 minutes but Heenan takes some huge bumps and stabs Ultimate Warrior in the face. Post match rules as you’d imagine.


Bobby Heenan vs Ultimate Warrior (Weasel Suit Match – WWF – 7/15/88)

HEY! Different start! They don’t do the pearl harbor spot. This time Heenan is stooging outside and Warrior catches him between the ring post and slams Heenan into it. Great stuff. More stooging Heenan now he’s selling the shoulder big time. Now we get the Warrior hiding spot from the previous match. It’s a great spot so no complaints. Warrior kicks Heenan’s ass for a wile including shoving the Weasel suit into his face. Heenan jabs Warrior with the foreign object but continues to sell. Same transition with Warrior catching the foreign object. Couple of big Heenan bumps Warrior gets the sleeper, puts out Heenan & then the Weasel suit. Fun post match with Heenan in the suit as always.


Bobby Heenan vs Ultimate Warrior (Weasel Suit Match – WWF – 7/31/88)

Ring post spot to open. Heenan runs away. Warrior hiding spot. Heenan bumps around. Sleeper. Weasel suit post match.


Bobby Heenan & Andre the Giant & Haku & Arn Anderson vs Ultimate Warrior & Jim Neidhart & The Rockers (WWF Survivor Series – 11/23/89)

Super match of course. Heenan plays his typica role in a match like this. Mostly avoids coming in. Gets some good shots in when the heels are in a weakened state. Otherwise bumps & stooges. Great spot where he refuses to tag in and Arn yells at him. Warrior vs Heenan is fun an Heenan bumps around & stooges. Terrific fun. A match that wouldn’t’ be possible without Heenan.


Bobby Heenan vs Big Boss Man (Ball & Chain Match – WWF – 1/8/91)

Bossman beats up Heenan for like 2 minutes and then Mr Perfect runs in. Damn. Heenan vs Boss Man would’ve ben a great matchup. 

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