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  1. MichaelZ

    Shinya Hashimoto

    I have no idea where he will land but Hashimoto is clicking with me right now. He has an aura that helps his matches feel huge, al least the last couple I have seen. The Choshu 96 and Fujinami matches are a blast and the stretch runs are top notch, mostly because Hashinoto was so badass in the early going. It sets the table for you to be invested. Great stuff and looking to tackle more of that list above soon.
  2. MichaelZ

    Dusty Rhodes

    I can’t say I am prioritizing Dusty for and feel like I have seen enough to say I don’t think I will rank him. When I am watching a run of TV Dusty jumps off the screen, runs memorable angles, and is basically the greatest promo of all time. I had never seen this arm wrestling storyline he did with Nikita in 1984 until this year and Dusty was amazing. But those strengths are not really at play in this project. Charisma should count for something and some of his matches have their moments, but I have seen too many stinkers. That Windham match referred to above is one of the worst I have ever seen. If we had a fuller picture I might feel different but we have what we have.
  3. MichaelZ

    Matches vs Events

    I am mostly watching wrestling with greatest match ever/greatest wrestler ever projects in mind right now and that has me focusing on matches. I’ll try to watch a handful of matches that feature a wrestler I am interested in at a time, but often I just like jumping around. I do like watching runs of old tv shows as well, but I am watching with a less critical eye. I rarely throw on a Starrcade or whatever and watch it front to back at this point.
  4. MichaelZ

    Stock Rising/Stock Falling

    Rising: Tatsumi Fujinami A well-rounded high end candidate. I guess I expected his matches to be dry but I am always engaged and excited to see what's next. His matches in the late 70s feature great matwork, escalating tension and moments that get a pop out of me. Seemed like he could figure out how to tell a compelling story no matter the opponent. Carried himself like a stud in the 1980s and stood out in multiman matches packed with talent. I know his 1990s work has been the subject of debate, but from what I have seen it is not at the level of his previous work but didn't feel objectionable. Other risers: Steve Grey, Mayumi Ozaki, Buddy Rogers, Greg Valentine Falling: Harley Race I went into this thinking that Race would be someone I would get behind, but watching a few of his matches made me take a break from this whole endeavor. Somehow feels both too flashy and too boring. I was into his matches with Wahoo and Funk, but I am into basically every Wahoo and Funk match. The only thing I ever really liked was his pointing and laughing while Orton and Slater collected the bounty. I will revisit, but not making Race a priority right now. Other fallers: Ted DiBiase, CM Punk, Johnny Saint, AJ Styles
  5. Really great performance by Rogers, this had no business being as good as it was but he kept things interesting from start to finish. A true feather in his cap.
  6. There’s not much to this match but it was still entertaining to watch Andre dominate for 20 minutes. The sheik got nothing in. Fun nonetheless.
  7. I wanted to like this more than I did. Big fan of Ozaki, just saw one match with Tokiko and was impressed, and dig wild gimmick matches. Some of the brawling was good but the opening kind of meandered and I didn’t find the finishing stretch compelling.
  8. MichaelZ

    [1984-05-21-WWF-MSG, NY] Sgt. Slaughter vs Iron Sheik

    This match was the highlight of the Sarge watch party. I hadn’t heard much hype for this but it was a really great match and worthy lead in to the classic bootcamp match. Sarge’s selling once he is busted open is next level stuff. Sheik was pretty great in this as well and had me wondering if he has been overlooked. Great postmatch as well. Anyway, just wanted to bring a spotlight to this match if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth your time.
  9. MichaelZ

    Sleezin' Through The 80s

    I always enjoy reading your write ups Sleeze! These have been great but looking forward to more of your contributions on Greatest Match Ever. I’ve been in kind of a GME viewing slump and want to pick up the pace on that front myself.
  10. MichaelZ

    Bobby Eaton

    I have been watching a lot of Bobby and it has felt really rewarding. I think there was a sense that he was a little high in the last go around but I am seeing the basis of a well rounded case beyond the peak midnight express work. The couple of matches I watched where he teamed with Koko were exciting. Great offense, great storytelling. He may not have that signature singles match but some matches like the ones vs Flair and Dustin are really good. As a babyface in tv matches vs Arn and Abdullah he has a way of getting the crowd invested as the match goes on. The post prime stuff with people like Regal or Keirn doesn’t lead to special matches but he plays his role really well on both teams. He seems like a guy who never took it easy, always gave something for the crowd to latch onto or provided a memorable moment. He has a shot at my top 20 and I don’t see him falling too far past that.
  11. MichaelZ

    AEW Rampage - 20th August 2021

    I have barely watched AEW but tuned in last night and the pop for Punk’s entrance, the look on his face As he took it all in, and the dive into the crowd was so awesome and cathartic. I felt good for the guy, he seemed so happy and felt like he had finally gotten to the place physically and mentally where he wanted to be. There is a lot for any of us to overcome before we get there, so seeing that was gratifying.
  12. MichaelZ

    Harley Race

    Yep, this match is great. I am a Wahoo fan so this was up my alley. Wahoo seems like a good opponent for Race. This match felt big and Race’s style in this match helped that along
  13. MichaelZ

    Harley Race

    When I was dipping my toe in, I don’t know if I picked the wrong matches but there was a stinker vs Baba, a match against Hogan where Hogan was the better wrestler...I don’t remember what else I saw but there were a couple of other matches that didn’t leave an impression. I’m sure I’ll see more Race as I explore others and I’m still kind of curious but there are too many other people to prioritize right now.
  14. MichaelZ

    Sgt. Slaughter

    Awesome work Elliott, so great. I am a sarge supporter and am excited to dig a little deeper. All the high end stuff that I have watched is top notch. I would vote for Tully who I love and would like to see how his case rounds out, or Fuerza who is on my list to explore And sounds really interesting.
  15. MichaelZ

    R.I.P. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton

    Very sad news. Midnight Express squashes on TBS with Beautiful Bobby leaping out of the sky were such a big part of my childhood. Some all-time great offense and of course an all-time great tag team wrestler. On top of the classics with the RnRs and the Fantastics, I love the matches the Midnights had vs Watts/JYD, Valiant/Garvin, Morton/Rich, and the list goes on. The feud vs Windham and Garvin is kind of forgotten but I remember it being intense with good action and memorable angles. That might be worth a revisit. I second the love for that babyface singles run in 1991, just some cool memories. And when he moved down the card he was still entertaining and gave you something memorable. I appreciate the comments here and the info on his early career. RIP Beautiful Bobby