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  1. MichaelZ

    Nick Bockwinkel

    I completely agree about the footage against Ladd and I think everyone should make a point to see it. Bock has always impressed me, but this showed a different side than 80s AWA. Some of his actions almost reminded me of Heenan and served to make Ladd look like a world beater.
  2. MichaelZ

    Questions for the GWE Podcast

    Posting with the understanding that answers may differ depending on the individual case.... 1) I was wondering how many matches does it take for you to start thinking about where you are ranking someone? I've been thinking about this and how to assess wrestlers I am seeing for the first time vs wrestlers I have watched for a long time. 2) How many matches will you watch before you decide to remove a wrestler from consideration for your list?
  3. MichaelZ

    Goldberg vs May Flowers

    I don’t know how he is in the ring but May Flowers is a great name.
  4. MichaelZ

    WWE TV 06/14 - 06/20 Harry Kane is a hack fraud

    I thought SD was a good show from top to bottom. Bianca and Bayley in the cell seems odd but I get it under the circumstances. And if Roman doesn’t want to work on Father’s Day and got this match changed, that is awesome.
  5. Mine is arriving on Father’s Day and I can’t wait to read it. I’m also excited to listen to the podcast. Congratulations and I wish you continued success.
  6. MichaelZ

    Chigusa Nagayo vs Ricky Morton

    Two of the best babyfaces and tag workers ever, each with singles classics to boot. Who are you taking?
  7. MichaelZ

    William Regal vs Arn Anderson

    These two are right next to each other in my ranks and it really just depends on the day. I think if you pulled some matches out of a hat for me to watch I’d pick Regal, who I find just a tad more entertaining in TV matches. Also, Regal was probably my favorite wrestler to watch in 1993-4, something I couldn’t say about Arn for any period. But Arn is in more of my all time favorite matches: Wargames 87, w Ole vs the RnR Express, w Larry vs Dustin and Steamboat. I know we aren’t including mic work for GWE purposes, but I prefer Arn a tad there. This feels too close to call but curious to hear from others.
  8. This match was really well put together with a lot of disparate elements: brawling, technique, and detestable acts. Garvin and Flair went after each other with gusto and it made for a compelling 30 minutes.
  9. I gave this match a try and I share the negative view. It felt like they were going through the motions and nothing was making sense. I do think Baba was the better of the two. But I would not recommend watching.
  10. MichaelZ

    [1978-11-30-NJPW] Tatsumi Fujinami vs Ryuma Go

    The matwork is strong here, but when things get heated this match takes off. Go seemed like he really wanted to win when he went after Fujinami’s leg and applied the figure 4. The tumble outside on the abdominal stretch felt like a big spot and then they went to war first brawling on the outside and then with high impact moves with a great sense of urgency. I am really digging late-70s Fujinami and am curious to see where this pairing goes from here.
  11. MichaelZ

    WWE TV 05/31 - 06/06 Chelsea won

    I try to stay positive and everything Roman is involved in is great but Smackdown is otherwise rough and WWE can’t get out of their own way. Crews and Owens may have been having a decent enough match but the camerawork was so brutal it was hard to tell. The linguistic quirks may be getting worse. One of the Mysterios got “out of harms way” 3 times in about 45 seconds. Maybe we get Roman and Rey at Hell in the Cell?
  12. MichaelZ

    Pantera Surena

    The matches I’ve seen where she is La Galactica against Jaguar are amazing. Jaguar is an all-time great but Surena is hanging with her and doing impressive work, it’s a great feud. I’d be interested in the Lola match for sure and would like to see if there is a case here.
  13. MichaelZ

    Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

    Valentine has been rising in my estimation. The matches and feuds with Wahoo, Piper, Tito, and Garvin are all great and well-regarded for good reason. I haven't watched the Backlund matches but I am sure that is a stong feud as well. Some supplemental pieces I've seen make his case more well-rounded and corrected some assumptions and misconceptions of mine. - He and Fujinami made a more natural pairing than I had expected. It made me think that Valentine could make it work against a wider variety opponents than I would have thought otherwise. Valentine vs anyone feels like a dream match - He changed his style just a bit and was effective as a babyface before he left mid-atlantic, and the praise for his work against Slater is in line with my feelings. - I thought of the Garvin feud as a last hurrah of sorts, but the next year his cage match against Carlos Colon showed he still had more to give. I am excited to watch more Hammer going forward and expect him to do well.
  14. MichaelZ

    [1979-12-04-NJPW] Tatsumi Fujinami vs Greg Valentine

    I was excited when I saw this matchup happened and it lived up to expectations. Fujinami is really versatile, combining matwork, highspots, and some fired up brawling. Valentine brings limbwork and stiffness. I thought there could be a clash in styles but they seemed suited to each other and this seems like it could have been a great rivalry.
  15. MichaelZ

    Larry Zbyszko

    I always had a soft spot for Larry. All time great vocal seller and trash talker and a master at heating up feuds and getting the crowd worked up. His team with Arn is one of my favorite short-term teams.