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History of Pro Wrestling #02 (1932-1938)

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History of Pro Wrestling #2 (04:00:22)
Matches from 1932-1938

  • FRITZ KLEY vs AL PIEROTTI (03/21/1932; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:31)

  • FRITZ KLEY vs SANDOR SZABO (04/04/1932; Los Angeles, CA; 00:02:04)

  • JIM LONDOS vs ABE COLEMAN (05/25/1932; Los Angeles, CA; 00:01:16)

  • WALTER BROWNING vs ALEX LUNDYN (05/28/1932; Sydney, Australia; 00:01:55)

  • DICK DAVISCOURT vs ABE COLEMAN | RAY STEELE vs VIC CHRISTY (06/08/1932; Los Angeles, CA; 00:16:54)
    Steele wins the Pacific Championship.

  • ED STRANGLER LEWIS vs DICK SHIKAT (06/09/1932; Long Island, NY; 00:20:19)
    Shikat was furious about being asked to lose this title match, having already made the champion’s deposit to promoters, which led to his infamous 1936 shoot on Danno O’Mahoney.

  • HARRY MAMOS vs SAM CLAPHAM (06/25/1932; Sydney, Australia; 00:01:35)

  • FRITZ KLEY vs SAMMY STEIN (07/12/1932; Bronx, NY; 00:01:38)

  • JIM LONDOS vs KARL SARPOLIS (07/12/1932; San Francisco, CA; 00:04:56)
    The match takes place at the famous Dreamland auditorium and skating rink.

    Wrestling always had its quotient of the absurd.

  • JIM LONDOS vs RAY STEELE (07/18/1932; Los Angeles, CA; 00:08:09)

  • JIM LONDOS vs JOE SAVOLDI (08/31/1932; Los Angeles, CA; 00:01:21)
    Not the famous 1933 screwjob on Londos from Chicago. (Yes, that type of thing happened an awful lot in this era.)

  • JACK PYE vs BEN SHERMAN (09/05/1932; London, England; 00:01:15)
    I’ll talk a lot about these old clips being surprisingly good, but this is surprisingly bad looking work.

  • ANDERS LARSSON vs FRITZ SUNGDUIST (10/12/1932; France; 00:03:03)

  • JIM LONDOS vs JOE STETCHER | ERNIE DUSEK vs GINO GARIBALDI (10/28/1932; Philadelphia, PA; 00:01:39)
    Stetcher had defeated London in 1926, which played heavily into the build and made Londos defeating Stetcher a big deal. There is a thread about this match on Wrestling Classics.

  • JIM LONDOS vs GEORGE ZAHARIAS (12/14/1932; Los Angeles, CA; 00:01:22)

  • ABE COLEMAN vs LOU PLUMMER (12/28/1932; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:38)

  • GEORGE ZAHARIAS vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER (12/1932; Los Angeles, CA; 00:01:15)

  • JIM LONDOS vs RAY STEELE (1932; Italy; 00:01:59)

  • BULL MONTANA vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER (1932; Sydney, Australia; 00:00:49)
    Bull Montana had an interesting second career as a recurring movie extra. There is a thread about him on Wrestling Classics.

  • JIM LONDOS vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER-FLOATING RING (1932; Miami Beach, FL; 00:00:54)

  • JIM LONDOS vs ABE COLEMAN (01/11/1933; Los Angeles, CA; 00:00:57)

  • JIM LONDOS vs RAY STEELE (02/08/1933; Los Angeles, CA; 00:02:02)

  • JIM LONDOS vs OKI SHIKINA (02/22/1933; Los Angeles, CA; 00:01:19)
    Shikina was the first Japanese major star in pro wrestling and later trained the legendary Rikidozan.

  • ED STRANGLER LEWIS vs JOE SAVOLDI (05/22/1933; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:41)

  • WHISKERS BLAKE vs JOE VARGA (06/1933; New Zealand; 00:01:53)

  • JERRY MONAHAN vs SOL SLAGEL (06/06/1933; Bronx, NY; 00:01:46)
    Both wrestlers were presented as “contortionists” for the match.

  • ED STRANGLER LEWIS vs JIM BROWNING (06/07/1933; Los Angeles, CA; 00:01:31)

  • SAMMY STEIN vs JIM BROWNING (06/28/1933; Los Angeles, CA; 00:01:37)

  • TOM LURICH vs WHISKERS BLAKE (09/11/1933; Sydney, Australia; 00:01:27)
    This match drew 12,000 fans to Sydney Stadium.

  • DICK SHIKAT vs JIM MCMILLEN (09/26/1933; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:43)

  • JIM BROWNING vs JOE SAVOLDI (10/02/1933; MSG; New York, NY; 00:00:51)

  • JIM LONDOS vs KOLA KWARIANI (10/22/1933; Athens, Greece; 00:04:39)
    This match reportedly drew 110,000 spectators! Wrestling Classics has a thread that includes photos of the event.

  • MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN vs JOE SAVOLDI (11/20/1933; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:29)

  • JIM LONDOS vs JIM MCMILLEN (11/22/1933; Chicago, IL; 00:00:46)

  • MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN vs ERNIE DUSEK (12/18/1933; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:27)

  • JIM LONDOS vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER (1933; 00:00:23)

  • TOM LURICH vs JOE DAWSON (02/17/1934; Sydney, Australia; 00:01:28)

  • BILLY EDWARDS vs GLEN WADE | BILL THORNTON vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER (03/19/1934; Sydney, Australia; 00:06:22)

  • GEORGE ROMANOFF vs JACK ADAMS (04/01/1934; Lake Worth, FL; 00:00:40)

  • WHITNEY HEWITT vs PAUL HARPER (04/16/1934; USA; 00:09:21)

  • JIM LONDOS vs JIM BROWNING (06/25/1934; Long Island, NY; 00:04:19)
    Time Magazine wrote an article about this match at the time.

  • TOM LURICH vs HARBAN SINGH (06/30/1934; Sydney, Australia; 00:01:39)
    This match takes place at Leichhardt Stadium in Australia. This thread at Wrestling Classics has more information about the match, including some quotes from Australian newspapers at the time.

  • JIM LONDOS vs GEORGE ZARYNOFF (08/13/1934; San Francisco, CA; 00:00:45)

  • MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN vs GEORGE ZAHARIAS (08/15/1934; Los Angeles, CA; 00:00:40)
    There are occasionally eBay auctions of press photos of this match.

  • GUS SONNENBERG vs WONG BOCK CHEUNG (08/25/1934; Sydney, Australia; 00:06:02)
    Sonnenberg debuts in Australia in a match at Sydney Stadium.

  • MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN vs HOWARD CANTONWINE (09/12/1934; Los Angeles, CA; 00:01:56)

  • CARVER DOONE vs IZZY VAN DUTZ (09/17/1934; London, England; 00:01:01)
    This site has an interesting bio of Carver Doone.

  • JIM LONDOS vs ED STRANGLER LEWIS (09/20/1934; Tribune Corporation; Chicago, IL; 00:00:45)
    This match drew more than 35,000 fans to Wrigley Field. It took place on a tribute show that also featured boxing.

  • HENRI DEGLANE vs KOLA KWARIANI (09/24/1934; Paris, France; 00:02:13)

  • JOE SAVOLDI vs MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN (09/26/1934; Los Angeles, CA; 00:00:58)

  • JIM LONDOS vs EVERETT MARSHALL (11/19/1934; MSG; New York, NY; 00:02:00)
    A link to the New York Times article about this match.

  • CHARLES RIGOULOT vs ELMAR SONNTAG (12/12/1934; Paris, France; 00:01:49)


  • GEORGE ROMANOFF vs JACK ADAMS (1934; 00:01:28)

  • JIM LONDOS vs MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN (01/09/1935; Los Angeles, CA; 00:01:11)

  • BONNIE MUIR vs CHARLIE SANTEN (03/04/1935; Paris, France; 00:00:55)

  • HENRI DEGLANE vs LEN HALL (03/04/1935; Paris, France; 00:01:13)

  • HANS SCHNABEL vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER (04/15/1935; MSG; New York, NY; 00:02:11)

  • MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN vs GEORGE ZAHARIAS (06/10/1935; MSG; New York, NY; 00:00:32)

  • JIM LONDOS vs DANNO O'MAHONEY (06/27/1935; AWA Boston, MA; 00:00:27)
    Danno is being groomed for a major push and wins the NYSAC World Heavyweight Title in front of 28,000 fans at Femway Park.

  • DANNO O'MAHONEY vs CHIEF LITTLE WOLF (07/08/1935; MSG; New York, NY; 00:03:16)
    O’Mahoney wins his first title defense.

  • VINCENT LOPEZ vs MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN (07/24/1935; Los Angeles, CA; 00:09:59)
    Lopez, billed as “Champion of Mexico”, was trained by Ed “Strangler” Lewis.

  • DANNO O'MAHONEY vs JOE SAVOLDI (08/06/1935; Washington, DC; 00:01:26)

  • TOM LURICH vs TIGER DUALA (08/17/1935; Sydney, Australia; 00:01:34)

  • MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER (09/21/1935; Los Angeles, CA; 00:00:56)

  • ERNIE DUSEK vs GEORGE ZAHARIAS (10/14/1935; Los Angeles, CA; 00:00:39)

  • MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN vs FLOYD MARSHALL (10/21/1935; Chicago, IL; 00:01:12)

  • SERGEI KALMIKOFF vs FLOYD MARSHALL (10/30/1935; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:25)

  • DANNO O'MAHONEY vs ED DON GEORGE (12/16/1935; MSG; New York, NY; 00:00:57)

  • TED COX vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER (12/26/1935; USA; 00:01:08)

  • MAE STEIN vs MARY O'NEILL (1935; Miami, FL; 00:02:02)
    I believe this is the oldest women’s match that exists on film.

  • KING KONG NICK GEORGE vs TONY SIANO (01/07/1936; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:09)

  • SERGEI KALMIKOFF vs IVAN MANAGOFF (01/13/1936; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:20)
    This match was billed as “Russians in the U.S.” to the MSG crowd.

  • DANNO O'MAHONEY vs DICK SHIKAT (03/02/1936; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:16)
    Historic match! Upset with promoters for a variety of reasons, Shikat goes into business for himself, shooting on rising star Mahoney to take his title! Newspaper coverage the following day exposed the shoot and wrestling’s inner workings, which led to the gradual decline of the 1930s wrestling boom. The distrust among promoters ended the national harmony that was in place at the time and led to the territory system that was the primary wrestling model from the postwar period through the early 80s. Dave Meltzer wrote an excellent biography of O’Mahoney, a young and good looking Irish wrestler, in the April 13, 2020 issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter where he told the story of this match.

  • ERNIE DUSEK vs ED MESKE | DEAN DETTON vs RUSTY WESTCOATT (03/02/1936; MSG; New York, NY; 00:02:04)

  • VINCENT LOPEZ vs WEE WILLIE DAVIS (03/18/1936; Seattle, WA; 00:08:36)

  • TINY ROEBUCK vs RAUL MATAN (04/08/1936; Los Angeles, CA; 00:00:27)

  • MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN vs HOWARD CANTONWINE (05/13/1936; Los Angeles, CA; 00:00:33)

  • DOUGLAS CLARK VS TOM LURICH (05/30/1936; Sydney, Australia; 00:01:36)
    Lurich wins the British Empire Heavyweight Championship at Sydney Stadium.

  • TOM LURICH vs MIKE MCGILL (10/10/1936; Sydney, Australia; 00:01:15)

  • DEAN DETTON vs DAVE LEVIN (11/18/1936; MSG; New York, NY; 00:00:41)


  • TOM LURICH vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER (11/23/1936; Sydney, Australia; 00:00:38)

  • SAILOR JACK ADAMS vs BARNEY COSNECK (12/1936; Lake Worth, FL; 00:02:14)

  • 5-MAN BATTLE ROYAL (1936; Lake Worth, FL; 00:01:21)

  • BLINDFOLD BATTLE ROYAL (1936; Lake Worth, FL; 00:01:18)
    Yep. Everyone is blindfolded.

  • BATTLE ROYAL (01/13/1937; Lake Worth, FL; 00:01:51)

  • MARTIN LEVY vs FITZPATRICK COHEN (02/04/1937; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:08)
    Levy was billed at 625 lbs and has to be one of the largest wrestlers in history.

  • HENRI DEGLANE vs ED DON GEORGE (03/08/1937; Paris, France; 00:01:35)

  • WEE WILLIE DAVIS vs LAVERNE BAXTER (04/15/1937; Washington, DC; 00:01:20)

  • CLARA MORTENSEN vs RITA BAKER (04/26/1937; Washington, DC; 00:01:16)

  • BRONCO NAGURSKI vs VINCENT LOPEZ (08/11/1937; Los Angeles, CA; 00:11:16)

  • NICK LUTZE vs PIO PICO-BOXER vs WRESTLER (08/11/1937; Los Angeles, CA; 00:02:52)

  • CHIEF LITTLE WOLF vs SAMMY STEIN (08/31/1937; Sydney, Australia; 00:01:47)

  • CLARA MORTENSEN vs DOLORES GONZALES (09/1937; San Antonio, TX; 00:01:34)

  • CARL VON ZUPPE vs PIETRO MARCONI (09/15/1937; MSG; New York, NY; 00:01:36)

  • SANDOR SZABO vs PRINCE BHU PINDER-MUD WRESTLING (10/05/1937; San Francisco, CA; 00:00:54)
    Interesting setup here, as this was billed as “Hindu Rules”, which prohibited holds beneath the waist. Reporters and the referee wore rubber to protect themselves from the mud. (Source)

  • JIM LONDOS vs GEORGE PENCHEFF (10/26/1937; London, England; 00:01:09)
    Just a few weeks before this, these two had a match in Baltimore where a grandstand collapsed and four people were hospitalized. (Source)

  • HENRI DEGLANE vs AL PEREIRA (11/01/1937; Paris, France; 00:01:35)
    Pereira was billed as the Portuguese and European champion.

  • JACK SHERRY vs KOLA KWARIANI (12/02/1937; Manchester, England; 00:01:57)
    This match actually took place a few days earlier, but was released in theaters on December 2.

  • BATTLE ROYAL (01/18/1938; Richmond, VA; 00:01:19)

  • JIM LONDOS vs JIM MCMILLEN (03/08/1938; 00:01:09)
    Link to the New York Times article on this match.

  • BATTLE ROYAL (03/10/1938; Los Angeles, CA; 00:00:42)

  • BATTLE ROYAL (03/21/1938; Lake Worth, FL; 00:00:45)

  • UNKNOWN WRESTLER vs UNKNOWN WRESTLER (04/13/1938; Hippodrome Theater; New York, NY; 00:01:12)

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