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History of Pro Wrestling #19 (April 1956-January 1957)

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History of Pro Wrestling #19 (04:03:45)
Matches from April 1956-January 1957

  • VERNE GAGNE vs WILBUR SNYDER (05/04/1956; NWA Chicago; 00:33:48)

  • ANGELO POFFO & THE SHEIK vs REGGIE LISOWSKI & STAN LISOWSKI (06/01/1956; NWA Chicago; 00:03:56)

  • BILL MELBY vs BILLY GOELZ (06/01/1956; NWA Chicago; 00:21:56)

  • BOB ORTON SR. vs DICK THE BRUISER (06/01/1956; NWA Chicago; 00:16:20)

  • HANS SCHMIDT vs WILBUR SNYDER (06/01/1956; NWA Chicago; 00:40:47)

  • DOC GALLAGHER & MIKE GALLAGHER vs GUY BRUNETTI & JOE BRUNETTI (07/19/1956; Maple Leaf Wrestling; 00:15:00)
    The Brunettis played football together at the University of Utah and later promoted wrestling in Salt Lake City. Joe Brunetti’s obituary in his hometown Utah newspaper can be found here.

  • ANGELO POFFO vs MIGHTY ATLAS (09/14/1956; NWA Chicago; 00:18:47)

    Hard to get more star power in the ring than this.

  • WILBUR SNYDER vs ANGELO POFFO (12/28/1956; NWA Chicago; 00:16:29)

  • JACKY CORN vs LUIS EL GAYO (01/11/1957; French Catch; 00:25:02)
    ohtani’s jacket comments at Pro Wrestling Only: “I think this is the first footage we have of Corn. He was a prominent name in the 50s and 60s catch broadcasts. I'm pretty sure he was a middleweight (at least at this stage of his career.) This was faster paced than the heavyweight match with a lot of tosses and the odd wrist lock or head scissors. The Spaniard wrestler, El Gayo, was a lot of fun, especially when he started getting heat for himself. Corn was good but it's always hard to identify with the baby faces in this type of footage. It was clearly a showcase for him but he didn't exactly set the world on fire. The match was a lot of fun when it broke down and the forearm smash contest was well worked. I really liked the escalation in the final minutes.”

  • LINO DI SANTO vs JACK VAN DOOREN (01/11/1957; French Catch; 00:13:01)
    Segunda Caida reviews of both of the French matches can be found here.

    I had trouble finding comments on reviews on almost all of the American matches, so if you watch them and have thoughts on them, please share and I’ll edit them in.

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