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History of Pro Wrestling #23 (July-August 1957)

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History of Pro Wrestling #23 (04:07:38)
Matches from July-August 1957

  • PIERRE BERNAERT vs MICHEL CHAISNE (07/11/1957; French Catch; 00:23:06)

  • ROGER DELAPORTE & GUY ROBIN vs CHARLES FISCHER & ARTHUR FISCHER (07/19/1957; French Catch; 00:40:31)
    Segunda Caida reviews of this and the previous match.

    ohtani’s jacket comments at Pro Wrestling Only: “This was a main event from the Cirque d'Hiver. The Fishers were British wrestlers, which continued the trend of Delaporte and partner wrestling foreigners. If you're having a hard time telling the Fisher brothers apart, don't worry. The commentator didn't have a clue either. For the record, Charlie Fisher was the animated one with the longer hair. He was pretty much the Terry Funk to his brother's version of Dory. The Fishers came from a family of seven brothers. Legend has it that they all wrestled but the Wrestling Heritage site expresses a fair amount of skepticism about that claim. Whatever career the older boys enjoyed didn't survive past the war. Arthur and Charlie were the youngest of the brothers and well known to Heritage fans. The Fisher brothers all started in boxing and you could see that in their approach to pro-wrestling. Charlie was the most renowned of the Fishers and was familiar to Parisian fans. This was a fun bout and an effortless watch, but if you think this was good, it wasn't even top end Delaporte. Just for kicks, I tried Matt's subtitles trick for this bout. I had to give up halfway through since the commentary read like philosophy. The highlight of the bout for me was Charlie Fisher's performance as the aggrieved baby face. I really need to learn what the French terms for heel and baby face were.”


  • AL ARAUJO VS JIMENEZ (07/26/1957; French Catch; 00:40:54)

  • ROGER DELAPORTE vs KING KONG TAVERNE (07/26/1957; French Catch; 00:30:43)
    Segunda Caida reviews of the previous two matches.

  • CHERI BIBI vs ANDRE CHEAUVEAU (08/02/1957; French Catch; 00:12:13)

  • MICHEL CHAISNE vs JO LABAT (08/02/1957; French Catch; 00:26:15)

  • JACQUES COUDERC vs AMI SOLA (08/08/1957; French Catch; 00:20:46)
    ohtani’s jacket comments at Pro Wrestling Only: Fabulous match. Couderc was amazing. I've watched a few Ami Sola matches now, and I swear I couldn't recognize him before this bout. I won't forget his face again. Couderc was just brilliant. It felt like you were watching some kind of eccentric catch genius. I haven't felt this way about a worker since the first time I saw Mocho Cota. In many ways, this bout reminded me of Mocho Cota vs. Americo Rocca with Sola making a pretty good Rocca. I loved how they blended all of the elements of catch together. I especially loved the comedy spot where Sola performed his move on the ref by mistake. That was one of the best comedy spots I've seen in catch. Naturally, we don't see Couderc again, but this is a match that I'll go back to again and again when shitty catch gets me down.”

  • MOISE BESCH vs JOE BENARDO (08/08/1957; French Catch; 00:08:34)
    Segunda Caida reviews of the previous four matches.

  • RIKIDOZAN vs BOBO BRAZIL (08/14/1957; JWA International Competitions of the Fall; 00:11:03)

  • RIKIDOZAN & TOYONOBORI vs BOBO BRAZIL & LORD ATHOL LAYTON (08/15/1957; JWA International Competitions of the Fall; 00:17:36)

  • PAT O'CONNOR vs LEGS LANGEVIN (08/16/1957; NWA Chicago; 00:15:57)

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