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History of Pro Wrestling #26 (February-May 1958)

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History of Pro Wrestling #26 (04:18:30)
Matches from February-May 1958

  • JO LABAT vs AMI SOLA (02/11/1958; French Catch; 00:25:19)
    Segunda Caida review of the match.

  • ADRIEN BAILLARGEON vs DAN MILLER (02/14/1958; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:09:16)
    Dan and Ed Miller were tag team stars, most notably for Stampede Wrestling, and Dan later became a local promoter for Jim Crockett.

  • JACKY CORN vs INCA PERUANO (02/21/1958; French Catch; 00:20:45)
    Segunda Caida review of the match.

  • MICHEL CHAISNE vs JO LABAT (02/27/1958; French Catch; 00:34:29)
    Segunda Caida review of the match.

  • ED MILLER & DAN MILLER vs WHIPPER WATSON & BOBO BRAZIL (03/21/1958; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:24:51)

  • ANDRE DRAPP vs YVES AMOR (03/27/1958; French Catch; 00:36:52)
    Segunda Caida review of the match.

  • WILBUR SNYDER vs WALLY GREB (04/25/1958; NWA Upstate; 00:15:54)

  • KARL VON KRAMER vs SERGE GENTILLY (04/29/1958; French Catch; 00:36:42)


  • ROBERT DURANTON vs PIERRE BOSS (05/02/1958; French Catch; 00:29:21)
    Segunda Caida reviews of the above two matches.

  • BRONCO LUBICH vs JACK ALLEN (05/02/1958; NWA Chicago; 00:18:35)
    Yes, this is the same Lubich that was a referee in 1980s World Class.

  • JACKIE NICHOLS vs BILLY GOELZ (05/02/1958; NWA Chicago; 00:22:10)
    Another great outing from Billy Goelz. Nichols was a junior heavyweight who later promoted locally for both Angelo Poffo and Mario Savoldi. I love the commentary focusing on how there are really seven types of pro wrestling holds. Watch this!

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