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History of Pro Wrestling #27 (May-July 1958)

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History of Pro Wrestling #27 (04:21:58)
Matches from May-July 1958

  • YULIE BRYNNER vs ROSE ROMAN (05/02/1958; NWA Chicago; 00:08:36)
    Yulie Brynner has a shaved head and is billed as the World’s Ugliest Woman, and the announcers cannot bring themselves to stop commenting on her looks for even a second, which gets old quickly and makes her heel act seem a little sympathetic, at least with 2022 eyes. The match has some really interesting chain wrestling, and Brynner’s act is a winner and interesting thing to see all the same. Brynner was often confused with Geneva Huckabee, another bald woman working at the same time who was billed as Lady Angel, but they are in fact two different wrestlers. A thread on Brynner has some interesting tidbits. It was a spoof of actor Yul Brynner, who made headlines at the time because he shaved his thinning hair bald.

  • LEGS LANGEVIN vs BOBBY MANAGOFF (05/02/1958; NWA Chicago; 00:21:43)

  • NED TAYLOR vs RAFAEL ALVAREZ (05/02/1958; NWA Chicago; 00:07:39)

  • PAT O'CONNOR & BOB KANOWSKI vs HANS SCHMIDT & ANGELO POFFO (05/02/1958; NWA Chicago; 00:19:47)

    Schmidt looks excellent here!

  • VERNE GAGNE vs EDOUARD CARPENTIER (05/02/1958; NWA Chicago; 00:40:48)

  • KILLER KOWALSKI vs EDOUARD CARPENTIER (05/03/1958; Atlantic Athletic Commission; Boston Garden; 00:17:05)

  • CRUSHER LISOWSKI & STAN LISOWSKI vs BOBO BRAZIL & YUKON ERIC (05/23/1958; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:24:48)

  • BOB ORTON SR. vs ADRIEN BAILLARGEON (06/13/1958; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:17:05)

    This is not the same Nikolai Volkoff who was a WWF star in the 1970s and 80s.

  • EDDIE GRAHAM & DR. JERRY GRAHAM vs LUIS MARTINEZ & BUDDY ROSEN (07/10/1958; Capitol Wrestling; 00:21:05)
    This match really makes me wish we had a lot more footage of the Grahams, one of wrestling’s first great heel tag teams, but I am glad we had this one. This really does feel like the early version of how tag matches are worked today, and the Grahams put on a masterful heel clinic. Worth going out of your way to see!

  • AL ARAUJO vs MARCEL PARMENTIER (07/25/1958; French Catch; 00:03:38)

  • ROGER DELAPORTE & PAUL VILLARS vs GORDON NELSON & BUD CODY (07/25/1958; French Catch; 00:44:36)
    Segunda Caida reviews of the above two matches.


  • JO LABAT vs AMI SOLA (07/31/1958; French Catch; 00:23:38)
    Some comments from ohtani’s jacket at Pro Wrestling Only: “This was an excellent wrestling match filled with holds, counter holds, and forceful strikes. I swear if this match came from any other archive, we'd be heralding it as one of the best matches of the era, but because it's part of this amazing period of French catch, it's just another match. It will be interesting to see where Sola ranks among the French wrestlers when we're done with this footage. He's carved a niche for himself in this 50s footage as The Midcard Guy. One of the problems we face as we head into the 60s footage is that we don't get the same week-to-week footage. In fact, for some years we barely get any footage at all. I'm not sure if that's an indication that catch went off the air for a time. There was some sort of controversy that happened in the early 60s, but I haven't been able to nail down what it was all about. At any rate, Sola quickly disappears from the footage we do have, and I guess he retires at some point because he's not on any cards after 1963.”

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