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History of Pro Wrestling #29 (October-December 1958)

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History of Pro Wrestling #29 (04:05:34)
Matches from October-December 1958

  • PAUL DEBUSNE vs SERGIO REGGIORI (10/10/1958; French Catch; 00:08:59)

  • VERNE GAGNE vs LEE HENNIG (10/24/1958; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:08:30)
    I originally thought Lee Hennig was the same person as Larry “The Ax” Hennig, but he is in fact a different wrestler. Here is an interesting article about Lee Hennig. (h/t Dave Musgrave at Pretending To Fight for the correction and article)

  • GILBERT LEDUC vs ROCCO LAMBAN (10/30/1958; French Catch; 00:30:58)
    This match is Segunda Caida’s 1958 Match of the Year. (Review)


  • NIKOLAI ZIGULINOFF vs ROBERT GASTEL (10/30/1958; French Catch; 00:09:00)
    Segunda Caida review of the match. This post at Pro Wrestling Only has an awesome excerpt from the New Zealand Sports Digest in June 1963 about Nikolai Zigulinoff. I linked to it but it’s so perfect that I have to add it here anyway:

Later, a local Bulgarian provided a verbal bridge for me to converse with "The Hangman," who snipped open a brief case initialed "N.Z." (for Nikolai Zigulinoff), trotted out a 12-page book on himself, exquisitely written in French .(separate edition in English) and illustrated. by a French artist with line drawings.

It traced the story of Nikolai, from his birth in the sheep town of Ternova, in the Bulgarian highlands, to the starry-eyed day he got the message from Bulgarian wrestling hero and world traveller Dan Koloff that there's more offering in life than the Bulgarian hills and the flocks of sheep. But on the title page Nikolai called himself ˜The Bulgarian Shepherd," and by his noddings and gruntings he made it clear that in his heart this was preferable to "The Gorilla," "The Abominable Snowman," or any of the other public images.

The book cleared up a few points. The dressing-gown skin, for instance, wasn't any old skin at all. As a. young shepherd Nikolai had a ram that won all the prizes for fighting. That ram won all his bouts, right to the end; but after a final encounter against shocking odds the ram nuzzled up to its master and died on his bosom. His hide is the one covering Nikolai as he pads to the ring.

There was also some folk lore from the mountains. A thrilling tale of a great stone called the "Devil's Rock," which lured travelers to their deaths and was suspected of being responsible for a drought which assailed the land.

After a community prayer meeting the massive young Nikolai went to the rock, wrapped his arms round it, flexed his great legs for leverage, and sent the bad-luck omen tilting and then crashing down the hillside. The rain which followed is remembered to this day. Well, that's what it said...

Nikolai was proud of the book. But it left some gaps. Through the interpreter, he passed back the word that he was not married. Had he ever considered this means of subduing a raucous female fan? - and had he ever come close to marrying? For the first time in the interview, "The Hangman" laughed. The interpreter passed on the reply: "He leaves it to you - different towns, different women, you know how it is."

  • ANGELO POFFO vs BOBBY MANAGOFF (11/07/1958; NWA Chicago; 00:25:59)

  • DOC GALLAGHER & MIKE GALLAGHER vs TONY MARINO & PAT FLANAGAN (11/07/1958; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:12:20)

  • JUNE BYERS vs BETTY HAWKINS (11/14/1958; Atlantic Athletic Commission; 00:04:03)
    If you like bad puns, this is your commentary!

  • ILIO DIPAOLO vs MASKED MARVEL (12/12/1958; NWA Upstate; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; 00:06:55)

  • LINO DI SANTO vs LIANO PELLACANI (12/13/1958; French Catch; 00:32:12)


  • RENE GERBER vs JEAN RABUT (12/13/1958; French Catch; 00:15:17)
    Links to Segunda Caida reviews of the above two matches.

  • DANNY MCSHAIN vs PEPPER GOMEZ (12/19/1958; Houston Wrestling; 00:32:43)

  • ROBERT DURANTON vs JIMMY DULA (12/26/1958; French Catch; 00:40:21)
    Segunda Caida review of the match.


  • DR. JERRY GRAHAM & EDDIE GRAHAM vs ANTONINO ROCCA & MIGUEL PEREZ (1958; Capitol Wrestling; 00:04:45)


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