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History of Pro Wrestling #32 (May-July 1959)

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History of Pro Wrestling #32 (04:11:41)
Matches from May-July 1959

  • ROGER DELAPORTE vs ROGER GUETTIER (05/30/1959; French Catch; 00:36:57)

  • ISHA ISRAEL vs JEAN RABUT (06/04/1959; French Catch; 00:34:43)
    Segunda Caida reviews of the above two matches.

  • RIKIDOZAN vs MR. ATOMIC (06/15/1959; JWA 1st Annual World League; 00:03:03)
    Mr. Atomic wrestled in various American territories in the 1960s and early 70s under a variety of names.

  • RIKIDOZAN vs JESSE ORTEGA (06/15/1959; JWA 1st Annual World League; 00:05:21)
    Rikidozan wins the first World League, possibly wrestling’s first-ever tournament presented as a global event, and the precursor to both the Championship Carnival in All Japan and the G-1 Climax in New Japan.

  • NICK BOCKWINKEL vs MATT MURPHY (06/17/1959; NAWA TV Taping; 00:04:37)
    The footage debut of the legendary Nick Bockwinkel, who is only 24 years old and this point and about five years into a stellar career.

  • NICK BOCKWINKEL vs GREAT JOHN L (06/18/1959; NAWA Bakersfield, CA; 00:08:56)

  • JAMES MCTIFFIN vs ROGER GUETTIER (06/19/1959; French Catch; 00:26:35)

  • MARCEL PARMENTIER vs BOB PLANTAIN (06/19/1959; French Catch; 00:02:58)

  • CLAUDE MONTOURCY vs ROBERT GASTEL (06/26/1959; French Catch; 00:13:56)

  • VASILIOS MANTOPOULOS vs ROBERTO RICETTI (06/26/1959; French Catch; 00:32:08)

    Segunda Caida reviews of the above four matches.

  • JACKY CORN vs GEORGES GUERET (07/09/1959; French Catch; 00:34:58)

  • ROGER DELAPORTE & PAUL VILLARS vs ARABET SAID & LEON MINISSINI (07/16/1959; French Catch; 00:34:53)

  • SERGE FRANCILLE vs PIERRE BERNAERT (07/16/1959; French Catch; 00:15:15)
    Segunda Caida reviews of the above four matches.

  • RICKI STARR vs HANS HERMANN (07/17/1959; NWA Chicago; 00:17:21)
    Kind of an odd match with Starr copying Gorgeous George mannerisms and the two doing a far more theatrical and over-the-top style than we usually saw in wrestling during this time period.

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