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American Classics #42C (1950s)


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American Classics #42C (01:48:36)
Matches from 1950s #3

  • LINDY LAWRENCE vs LYNN O’CONNOR (1950s; NWA Hollywood; 00:27:46)

  • LORD LESLIE CARLTON vs JUAN SEPEDA (1950s; NWA Hollywood; 00:25:28)

  • RITA MARTINEZ vs MARIA GERNARDI (1950s; NWA Hollywood; 00:11:01)

  • DON ARNOLD vs ALI PASHA (1950s; NWA Los Angeles; 00:22:16)

  • BILLY RED LYONS vs HANS SCHMIDT (1950s; NWA Upstate; 00:14:40)

  • CHIEF DON EAGLE vs MARCEL DEPAREE (1950s; NWA Upstate; 00:08:25)

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