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Wasn't the "Onita baits Invader I to Japan" angle a setup for a potential Yakuza hit?



I've always found it such a uniquely Japanese thing that promotions always seem to like having Yakuza dudes attend their shows, but any actual involvement in a company is scandal of epic proportions.

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Off the top of my head:


- Dynamite Kid (I think) witnessing a Yakuza member slap the hell out of Inoki, amazed how Inoki just stood there and took it.

- Someone explains to Buddy Landell why the Yakuza member with them is missing fingers: one is cut off each time you mess up. Since he had a few missing, Buddy exclaimed "Wow, you must be a pretty big fuck-up, then."

- Bret Hart is out drinking with Rusher Kimura. A Yakuza member ordered them shots that cost $400 each and had a strange white stem floating in the glass. Bret knew he had to drink it so as not to show disrespect, and downs it. Rusher then slaps him on the back and yells "Turtle penis! Good for fuckie fuckie!" Bret had to wear sweatpants for a week.

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Ha, someone should encourage Meltzer to put Nick Zappetti in the Hall of Fame. He did as much as anyone to bankroll Japanese pro-wrestling in the 50s.


In Bad News Allen's shoot interview he says Abdullah the Butcher and Tiger Jeet Singh were big favourites with the yakuza, but all the heels were treated well. He also says Bob Orton, Jr. kicked a yakuza boss in the balls once and had to be flown out of Japan.


The Vader story involved him getting multiple stab wounds to the legs, arms and stomach. Dunno if it's true.


Apparently, Mike Awesome and Sabu were beaten up by yakuza guys at an FMW show. Onita had to intervene.

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