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The ALL PURPOSE Gama Singh Thread


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  • 3 months later...

A tremendously entertaining pro wrestler. Gama was a bad guy in Calgary by virtue of his race, but I had the great pleasure of seeing him wrestle as a good guy against Matt Bourne at what I believe was the one and only show promoted by Pro Wrestling Canada. It was a tremendous match, with classic chain wrestling, outside the ring brawling, and over-the-top crowd heat.


As far as seeing how good he was on tape... like most of the guys who worked a lot in Stampede, it's tough to get footage of him at his best. Ed Whalen and Stu Hart used their TV show as a way to promote house show matches, so the best stuff was saved for live shows... and Whalen was notoriously sensitive to anything that might offend older viewers, so a lot of great stuff got clipped out.

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