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Chris Benoit v The Rock (Cage Match)


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Chris Benoit v The Rock (Cage Match) - WWF RAW 03/12/00


In a nice touch early on, Benoit sends the Radz backstage so he can fight the battle on his own. Sadly, that theme really isn't continued when HHH, Big Show and the McMahon children poke their rather large noses in things, but the idea was nice at first. Benoit's aggression rocks here, as he refuses to let up on Rock and takes it to him straight on in a slugfest at the beginning of the match. His running elbow looks great, and despite being an excellent all-around wrestler, he's right at home in this brawling atmosphere. Rock also seems more interested in letting him dictate in this match than HHH was in the previous match; Benoit has some good ideas to build suspense, and Rock follows his lead. The bumping here is nice from both, but especially from Benoit, as he is being thrown all around the cage, gets backdropped into it and even takes a powerbomb (!). The match is a little too even most of the time, as neither guy sustains any momentum either way, but it's a really fun all-out war, even if HHH had to make sure he played a part in the finish.

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