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Was Crush ever considered for Nailz?


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Was reading the Steel Cage site, and when they did a brief bit on the Boss Man/Nailz feud, they mentioned that Brian Adams did the original voiceovers for the Nailz promos before we saw Kevin Wacholz on screen. (I'd like to see if any of these promos can be found anywhere so I may compare)


Even as a youngun back in the day, I knew the voice at least sounded like Crush (whom one of the Apter or etc. mags said was coming back at the time) so I was convinced he would play the convict character somehow. Then they began running the "Kona" Crush promos at the same time. But was it ever considered to make Adams into the Boss Man's new rival? Or did they always have Wacholz in mind?


(Oddly enough, 4 years later Crush WOULD be reintroduced as an ex-convict character)

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I fondly recall the 1992 Survivor Series when Nailz slobbered all over Sean Hannity during his pre-match promo. Hannity warned us that the match could get ugly and advised viewer discretion. I was pumped for some all-out violence--especially after the l-o-n-g beating Bossman took on Superstars--and instead got four minutes with about two or three nightstick "blows."

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