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  1. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/the-best-of-memphis-wrestling-volume-5/ The Best of Memphis Wrasslin Vol. 5! - Big Stan Frazier returns to the area, drawing crowds and having dreadful matches. - Cheesy gimmicks run amuck as we get Beach bums facing some sort of cyberpunk, glam rock heels - JOE MOTHERF#*#**# LEDUC kills jobbers. I love this man!!!! - Tommy Rich is battered into a bloody mess. How many times did Memphis fans see that? It's still awesome. - The action is so wild, even the backstage office goons wind up busted open. - Jerry Lawler promises to commit a straight up homicide. - The mysterious identity of Mr. Liberty - Bam Bam Bigelow puts the MONSTER in monster heel. - This was an outstandingly fun hour of southern wrasslin' goodness!
  2. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/the-best-of-memphis-wrestling-volume-4/ The Best of Memphis Wrasslin Vol. 4 - Monster heels sing the music of their homeland. - Bill Dundee's ego shows through as he beats up multiple babyfaces by himself. - Jerry Lawler wins a squash in a most amusing manner. - Memphis becomes a hot territory as The Flame, The Torch, The Inferno and Fire all make appearances. - Tojo Yamamoto sets back race relations 50 years with his promos. - Promoter Eddie Marlin is busted up while trying to get involved in a battle between Jeff Jarrett, Pat Tanaka and Tojo's hired goons. - We close with a bonus six man match from JCP where the JYD partners with an ex-football player, and a notoriously awful worker to face off with a former world champ, a crippled manager and a resthold loving Oriental assassin! Can it be as bad as it sounds?
  3. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/wrasslin-back-in-the-day-cwfs-battle-of-the-belts/ CWF's Battle of the Belts 1!! - Wahoo McDaniel defies his age as he battles NWA champ Ric Flair in a 3 Fall fight for the gold. - The Road Warriors have a FIGHT on their hands as they match up with Stan Hansen and Harley Race! - AWA Champ Rick Martel fails to appear, leading to a poor replacement taking his spot against Nick Bockwinkel - Cocoa Samoa's crazy life outside of wrestling proves to be more entertaining than his match. - Rookie sensation Kendall Windham struggles with a jabroni. - Percy Pringle does his best to entertain us in lieu of the action in the ring. - A raw Rick Rude shows his potential as he grapples with Billy Jack Haynes.
  4. BruiserBrody

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    Interesting nugget in this week's Drive-Thru: WWE doesn't pay royalties on NWA footage to the guys for DVDs.
  5. AWA World tag team champions Hawk and Animal (The Road Warriors) vs. Harley Race and Stan Hansen This is an AWESOME match on paper. The heels come down to the Olympics theme. Race and Hansen jump the Warriors in the aisle and the FIGHT is on. Hansen drags Animal into the crowd. Race uses the bull rope to choke Hawk. Race and Hansen both claw Hawk in the eyes to start the action in the ring. Hawk no sells a head butt from Race. The match turns into a four way brawl once more. Hansen and Hawk fight into the stands as chairs fly. BEEF. MUSCLES. REAL MEN! WRASSLIN’! The heels take turns working over Hawk back in the ring. Hansen appears to have dead weighted Hawk on a slam. Hawk struggled to execute the move as if he was trying to pick up Andre the Giant. Animal tries to slow things down as he locks Hansen in an arm bar. Another four-way skirmish breaks out briefly. Hansen suplexes Hawk as the battle of alphas continues. Hawk grabs Race by the throat, picks him up and tosses him backwards. Race isn’t used to being ragdolled. Hansen gets back in and piledrives Hawk. Hawk doesn’t dare to no sell that! Race and Animal slow things down a bit as Animal again tries a bit of arm work. Race no sells some head butts from Hawk. This leads to another four-way brawl and everyone is counted out at the ten-minute mark. As the chaos continues, CWF decides to go to commercial. NOOOOOOO! When they come back, the Warriors are using chairs to try and subdue their opponents. Animal wraps Hansen’s bull rope around his neck as they fight in the aisle. We cut away from the fight for a promo from Ric Flair. This is perhaps the first time I have ever been disappointed to hear Flair speak. I loved seeing the Warriors in a situation where they were paired against men who were as crazed and tough as the Warriors themselves were. This was a fun, wild brawl!
  6. BruiserBrody

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    The Portland -cast or whatever it is called on F4W
  7. BruiserBrody

    Shoots Review and Preview thread

    http://www.kayfabecommentaries.com/ KC is going all digital. 5 dollar DVD fire sale ongoing to eliminate stock.
  8. BruiserBrody

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    The AEW review ends with the Bucks match because Jim was tired. He didn't bother watching Jericho/Page. Mind you he DVR'd the show and was watching it Sunday. Highlight #2 was Brian and Jim doing an ad for NFL betting without having a clue about how it works or who would be a good bet to make. Glorious trainwreck radio. Minor highlight #3 was Jim's exasperation about his TV not having an HDMI port and what he would need one for.
  9. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/wrasslin-back-in-the-day-wwf-maple-leaf-gardens-9-23-85/ The WWF at Maple Leaf Garden Sept. 1985 - A multi time champion from the Florida territory wallows in the prelims upon his debut - Dino Bravo cosplays as 1991 Jacques Rougeau - King Kong Bundy tangles with someone less mobile than he is. - The Killer Bee's had theme music?!?!?! - Ricky Steamboat shows great fire as he tears into Don Muraco in a Lumberjack match. - Haku continues to be a poor babyface. - Uncle Elmer proves to be the worst worker on the show. - Lanny Poffo showcases his abilities as he grapples with "Cowboy" Bob Orton - Jesse Ventura proves to be popular with the fans, even though he is challenging IC champ "Chico" Santana.
  10. BruiserBrody

    All Elite Wrestling

    I tried to watch the TNT teaser show with an open mind as perhaps a first time viewer. I am torn on the use of Moxley, Cody and Jericho. I can see people getting a TNA-lite feel from them as former WWE talent are pushed to the top. The same thing goes for million year old JR, and Schiavone. Plus we got cameos from Billy Gunn and Dustin. Hangman Page and Kenny Omega are visually similar. One or the other might want to alter their look a bit to help a new fan differentiate. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/MrnNea1zfvg/maxresdefault.jpg The Young Bucks continue to look like geeks. The muscle poses (with no bodies) and awkward promos, combined with a Hardy Boyz vibe just doesn't work for me. I think one issue for me is I grew up during an era of bulky fighters, where as a younger fan has come up in a world where MMA has shown us even the small guys are tough and talented. It is a disconnect I have yet to recover from. Shawn Spears and Tully owned this show. Realistic promos building to a match with an effective background and build. Cody learned from his Dad to write the show to build up his angle as much as possible as Cody/Spears had multiple segments split up throughout. They built Jericho up strong. Page almost has to win the title now based on the build. I don't think Jericho should be saying he has almost 29 years in the business. He keeps his look fresh, so he doesn't feel stale. Exposing his patina doesn't really aid his cause.
  11. BruiserBrody

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    Winson is always worth a download!
  12. BruiserBrody

    Grilling JR

    I made it 20 mins or so in the Punk ep. I wasn't gripped to hear more, even as a Punk fan.
  13. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/wrasslin-back-in-the-day-wwf-boston-garden-9-7-1985/ WWF at the Boston Garden 9/7/85 - Lanny Poffo offers new tricks on wrestling physics - Cpl. Kirschner defends America against the evil forces of the Swamp People. - King Kong Bundy cosplays as Dracula. - Gorilla Monsoon finally finds a wrestler who can apply a proper abdominal stretch! - Monsoon always offers up why women are inferior athletes - Haku makes an uninspired debut - A rather terrible card if your looking for competitive bouts as Hogan defending against Bundy is far and away the most notable encounter - Greg Valentine has to try and do the wrestling for 5 other guys in the co-main event as he is saddled with old guys and Beefcake.
  14. BruiserBrody

    The Jim Cornette Experience

  15. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/from-the-wwe-network-smackem-whackem/ SMACK'EM WHACK'EM - Lord Al hosts with the Bushwackers. This ends in his Lordship's untimely death. Uh, Spoiler alert. - The Hitman and HBK have an excellent ladder match - Bret Hart facing Ric Flair proves to be a letdown as two of the best ever cannot gel in the ring. - KAMALA works a much different, but somehow better match with Hart. Yeah, probably not a popular opinion. - We spend 10 minutes watching Yokozuna eat. That is not a metaphor. - Crush and the Berzerker fulfil our daily requirement of HOSS. - Earthquake and the Repo Man have a pointless, terrible little match. - The Undertaker does his best zombie monster act as he battle Razor Ramon in a rare encounter between the two stars.