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  1. BruiserBrody

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Maybe I am too deep in my own hobbies weeds here but I have long thought Razor Ramon's theme was the inspiration for Steve Austin's iconic music: I assume Jim Johnston wrote both? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K5eqYUqgdA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPFqe8MwYJU The DUN DUN - da DUN DUN part especially feels like a sped up version of Razor's. But wait there's more! I am sort of convinced Razor's music was inspired by the Unsolved Mysteries Update music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nac1RQtHhiY All the way down to the squealing music add on... I am probably drinking too much of my own bathwater again...
  2. BruiserBrody

    WWE Wrestlemania 38 the Mania of Wrestling

    This felt more like Hogan vs Orton to me instead of Hogan/Shawn or Hogan/Rock. Not just due to star magnitude, but also in overall build. Austin doing one 2 min promo to build to a return match partially over Texas' honor didn't really build to any emotional release. They tried to book the comeuppance spot with Owens being hauled off by cowboy hat wearing lawmen, but that wasn't exactly the Linda McMahon standing up to kick Vince in the balls type of moment they were sort of building to. I had a fantasy booking laid out in my head for Austin/Owens that would revolve around a worked knee surgery for Austin in December, a custom made wood carved rattle snake cane, and Owens re-injuring Austin to play up the fact that (as Owens mentioned last night) Austin has bum knees, a bum neck and overall has no business IN THIS VERY RING. So Austin has to go all Rocky 6 and do the old man training to prepare to open that one last can of whoop ass.
  3. BruiserBrody

    My World : Jeff Jarrett's podcast

    IIRC they sort of blew the SuperClash/USWA forming pods by not releasing the SC 3 PPV episode a few weeks after covering how Memphis and Dallas merged under Daddy Jarrett and that helped lead to SC3. Connie also shit all over the PPV, which was at worst a fun event (based on me rewatching it on Mystery Titans Theater a few weeks ago.)
  4. BruiserBrody

    Holy Grails

    Aug 85: Dick Murdoch went on Mid-South TV and addressed his former partner in the WWF, Adrian Adonis. He spoke about how Adonis would not show up for scheduled matches, much like some on the WWF roster were still doing. Murdoch declared that Hulk Hogan was a "no good bar musician". He wrapped up by mentioning how Ric Flair had inflated himself to over 300 pounds thanks to steroids, but now he was clean, 70 pounds lighter and the best wrestler in the world.
  5. BruiserBrody

    AWA Thread

    - It melts my heart to see old ladies marking out watching the guys wrestle. - I'm torn on if having flabby Ray Stevens is the best look for the casual audience to see what AWA stars look like compared to the WWF steroid monsters of the same era. Stevens was a legend, so the casuals may have enjoyed it regardless, or dismissed it as an old man still flopping around. - Kelly and Kiniski had a good look and I'm always surprised the WWF or JCP didn't swoop them up to use in 1987/88. Both got WWF tryouts for sure. They were gone from the AWA by some point in mid 88 at least, and I'm not sure what either did until Kelly showed up as Nailz in 1992. - The crowd openly laughs at Kelly claiming to have played in the NFL for 2 years. They also laugh at Curt Hennig claiming he could have excelled at several pro sports. - The wrestling is fake topic is covered. The guys tried to keep kayfabe as well as possible. Right before that segment the show aired a clip of DJ Pederson having a hot sequence vs. Kelly on ESPN TV. Kelly sells a drop kick a little awkwardly and dives out of the ring in a moment that one could say shows theatrics. - The heels and faces wind up in a verbal confrontation that to me feels realistic as the Q and A becomes more heated. (The word poopy is not used. FUCK you modern WWE). - JT Southern doing a Halloween Store Michael Hayes gimmick makes me - Verne says Mad Dog Vachon has a cooking show on Montreal TV. Dear lord somebody upload ALL of that to youtube!!!!! - The fans and Madusa spar over Sherri Martel, current WWF World champion, about to appear on WWF PPV a few weeks from now. - I couldn't hear the fan, but I think someone said something lewd to Madusa off mic based on the host and her response. - Verne explains why babyfaces and heels don't wrestle other heels and faces. - A fan calls out the ref for sucking at his job when the heel cheats. - LOL now an old man in a LOUD suit smells blood and demands answers from the ref on their shitty job keeping the dang gum heels in line in tag matches. I love me some kayfabe. - Kiniski calls a teen girl asking questions fat. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Canceled! I'm offended. Safe spaces!! - Verne talks about Donald Trump being a wrasslin' fan. - Ernest Worrell commercial! Now I want a "Ernest goes to the AWA" movie. - Madusa gets a chance to cut a promo and is being a quality cunt. I'm enjoying this show way too much. - Verne uses the term "Independent contractors". - The host talks about how so many modern guys have good bodies and dumps on Wahoo and Ray Stevens being old and fat. - DJ Pederson is asked about this stuff being fake and has to bust out "Sports Entertainment" as Verne probably busts a vein 5 feet off camera.
  6. BruiserBrody

    Dusty Rhodes

    As mentioned above, his widely viewed stuff is after he was 39-40. He made the most money when he was 44 doing a comedy gimmick where he needed others to bump for him to make things watchable. Dusty is Top 10 all time for overall package. Promo, commentary, angles, selling, booking, in ring charisma, etc
  7. BruiserBrody

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    In the JR/Conrad pod posted in the other thread JR says the stewardess' were being sexually outward with the wrestlers....something he obviously toned down on for his national TV version of events. /add to JR is scummy thread.
  8. BruiserBrody

    Shoots Review and Preview thread

    I listened to the Renee podcast with Flair. Flair says he was recently so hammered he wasn't allowed on a plane. He also paid to keep a bar open so Renee/Moxley and himself could keep drinking. The night ended with him falling in his hotel room in a drunken haze. Flair's wants to keep bumping and is annoyed WWE wouldn't let him do anything other than stand in the ring. Flair's doc cleared him to bump. He has a pacemaker but the doctor told him the longer he has it in that the more the muscle grows around it and keeps it locked in place. Flair's ex-wife Tiffany watched a show on the History channel and became convinced Flair had "the gene" that prevents him from getting AIDS and STDs. Flair has his own wine coming out in October. Ric does his usual spiel about not being able to tell all the 4 Horsemen sex stories because Arn is still married, as if Arn's wife wouldn't be able to read between the lines of a comment like that. Flair laughs at the "Plane Ride from Hell" and is ready to come back on the pod and clear his name. Tony Khan texted Flair and said he was going to "Naitch" it up for his birthday a few years ago. Khan blew 8 grand. So the next 3 years Tony sent Flair 8 grand to celebrate instead. --- Lawler did a pod on the Plane ride a few years ago too: Lawler's take starts around 28 min mark. - Lawler was sober as he doesn't touch alcohol. - He says JR was drunk early in the ride, so he lost control of the situation. - Jerry Brisco was also drunk and trying to kiss everyone as a happy drunk. - HHH and Finlay broke up the Brock/Hennig fight. - As expected Lawler laughs as he talks about Dustin's singing and spittin' stories and Flair's naked adventures ("Ric was just having a good time, jeez") - Lawler doesn't recall Linda being on the plane so he can't confirm that Hayes almost pissed on her. Lawler says Hayes was ready to fight Brisco as he thought Brisco had cut his pony tail.
  9. BruiserBrody

    The Thread Killer Talks Too Much: The Recaps

    Timely Bump!
  10. BruiserBrody

    Shoots Review and Preview thread

    My co-worker Frank Hill/Jules Strongbow/Chief Running Hill/Francis Huntington was interviewed today.
  11. Conrad implied (sort of) that he wants to talk to Dr Tom about an idea during last week's STW. Perhaps a SMW pod?
  12. BruiserBrody

    Grilling JR

    I finally got smart and realized downloading the youtube version of Conrad's pods almost works the same as "ad free". Anyway....I adore JR, but he had another moment this week where he got lost on the timeframe of a story and Conrad did not toss him a life preserver or correct him. Conrad asked about Robert Gibson leaving JCP over payoffs, leaving Ricky to team with....Nikita Koloff. JR jumps all over the place, mentioning the York Foundation and such, then says Nikita was "fresh". So fresh that he was about to leave the territory for 3 years.
  13. I would think WCCW never could be considered ahead of the AWA, as Verne was still drawing solid and sometimes very good houses in 1985, along with expanded syndication, toys and VHS releases. WCCW ran the Von Erichs vs. Dynamic Duo for a full year, booking it so often that the Apter mags openly mocked them for the stale booking. AWA was trying to expand, booking in New Jersey and elsewhere, even bringing in a separate mini roster of talent to serve as the Pro Wrestling USA crew that the AWA crew could mingle with on "joint" shows. (Tonga Kid, Kendo Nagasaki, Zulu, Youngbloods, Alaskans, etc). Fritz didn't want to leave Texas, so the shows mostly stayed in spot towns and Dallas. The AWA fell off a cliff in April of 86....but Kerry's accident is one month later. Before the end of 86, WCCW is using Black Bart as the "World Champ", while the AWA had drastically nearing retirement Bockwinkel. The UWF had cleaned out the WCCW roster. The AWA had a brief resurgence in early 87, while WCCW had more Von Erichs dying and ended the year with Fritz VE's heart attack. Both promotions were pretty much on life support by the end of 87.
  14. BruiserBrody

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Watching CHV and Nitros in the modern day made me realize that Babyface Savage pretty much did the same match from 1991-1997.
  15. BruiserBrody

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    https://obvious-plant.myshopify.com/products/mr-nipples Ummmmm....I have questions.....