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  1. BruiserBrody

    What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

    This week's Clash ep is worth it for around the 55 min mark where Conrad tells of how he and Bruce had recently been to a Colorado show where their ride was a former indy geek who was a "dick dancer". The driver got drunk later on and proceeded to tell them about how he sexual dominated an old man after the dude offered him enough money. /Wrasslin!
  2. BruiserBrody

    What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

    I have a log jam of these on the backburner, this lead to an amusing little moment recently. In the Starrcade 92 ep, Tony complains that he doesn't have sponsors like Bish and Brother Love. FFWD to a ep from a the Fall of 2018 and Conrad has him do a Blue Chew plug. Tony won't play along with Conrad and tell a sex story like the one's Eric makes up. The next episode...no Blue Chew ad....
  3. BruiserBrody

    Pork Chop Cash

    When I was a young lad, I read about Cash being picked out of the crowd for a match with John Tolos, earning an upset victory and the title in his "debut". It blew my mind and the image from that PWI history piece is burned into my head. I suppose the only frame of reference I would have had was Quake's debut.
  4. BruiserBrody

    Greetings From Allentown podcast

    At the risk of being crass, congrats to Peter for having his wife come on to admit she has a strong gag reflex. Giggity.
  5. BruiserBrody

    Shoots Review and Preview thread

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/kayfabe-lies-and-alibis-kamala-shoot-interview-review/ Kamala discusses his early career before discovering his Ugandan heritage, working with Lawler, dealing with the Von Erichs, Andre the giant racist, pay scales for the many places he worked at, injures from working barefoot, refusing to do jobs for most of the industries biggest promoters, his recent severe medical issues and more!!
  6. BruiserBrody

    Is TNA the worst wrestling promotion in history?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAmbK135FVw TNA uploaded their first ever PPV. Worth it alone just to watch them open with 3 of their biggest stars (Jarrett, Hall and Shamrock) all come out 1 by 1 and bury the main event battle royal for the NWA World title as a stupid way to crown a champ. - NASCAR drivers get a big pop as the scary black heel confronts them. - Toby Keith sings about putting boots in terrorist asses a year after 9/11 as the crowd goes nuts - AJ Styled jobs to Jimmy Wang Yang dressed as Elvis - Midget hardcore wrestling - Ed Ferrara grew out a full long dreadlocks!?! - Mickie James in the underwear battle royal - The Infamous Wrestling Penises
  7. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/from-the-wwe-network-hacksaw-jim-duggan/ HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! -Ol 'Hacksaw battles Communism as Vince McMahon promotes a MAGA agenda on national TV in 1988. -The origins of Duggan's feud with Harley Race is shown, followed by their epic brawl at the Slammys and a darn good match between the two men from MSG! - Andre the Giant and Hacksaw have a bloody confrontation on TV, leading to a house show match being shown between the big lugs. - We close up show with Dino Bravo stinking up the place while facing Jim in a battle of rest holds. - TOUGH GUY!!
  8. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/from-the-wwe-network-hulk-hogan-real-american/ Coliseum Home Video takes a look at the Hulkster in this 1989 release. - Hogan battles Andre the Giant inside of a steel cage in front of a packed stadium in what was just about Andre's last stand as a top monster. Will the Frenchman destroy an American hero? - Hulk defends America's pride against Nikolai Volkoff in the waning days of the cold war. - A Monarchy is threatened as King Haku's aristocratic values are defaced by Hulkamania. - We close with the Hulk's takedown of an oligarchy as The Million Dollar Man and a Giant confront Hogan in the wild west backdrop of Houston.
  9. BruiserBrody

    R.I.P. Dynamite Kid

    I loved the Bulldogs as a kid. I always had beagles around the house, so when Matilda was dognapped I was one horrified 5 and 1/2 year old. Now my most prominent memory is the unintentional humor of Capt Lou and Ozzy Osbourne running around the ring with the tag titles at WM 2 as Dynamite crawled on the mat and tried to put himself together again after taking a flat back bump off the turnbuckles and to the cement floor - which the cameras mostly missed.
  10. BruiserBrody

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    Three hours on Christian?!!?! Who could care that much? WWE refused to push him for much of his run. Oye.
  11. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/from-the-wwe-network-macho-madness/ Released at the height of Macho Man's reign on top of the WWF, this VHS highlights his many battles with Ted Dibiase, Andre the Giant, and the Honky Tonk Man. We also see the formation of the Mega Powers and highlights of Savage's long night of battle at Wrestlemania 4!!
  12. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/wrasslin-back-in-the-day-great-american-bash-1985/ The Great American Bash 1985 is an underrated gem of a show that should be uploaded to the WWE Network pronto: - Ric Flair battles Commies in a fierce main event that sees the fans nearly riot! - Dusty Rhodes clashes with Tully Blanchard inside a cage with money, titles, women, and fame all on the line - The Boogie Woogie Man is remarkably over as he and Paul Jones continue their endless series of battles. - AWA tag team champions Hawk and Animal come to the NWA to challenge the communist champions from Russia. - Magnum TA faces a foe from outside of JCP's realm as Kamala brings his special brand of chaos to the ring - plus other action with the Andersons, Manny Fernandez, Abdullah the Butcher, Billy Graham, Buzz Sawyer and others!
  13. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/wrasslin-back-in-the-day-june-1985-part-3/ The last round of news and notes from June 1985 includes: - Ann Gunkel's return as a behind the scenes manipulator - Jerry Lawler teams with one of his all-time greatest rivals - Mid-South ran another loaded Superdome show with Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter and Muhammad Ali - A nasty injury spawns a famous moment in wrestling lore - Two muscle men get into a locker room shoot - A legend breaks his leg, leaving his career in doubt - Jim Crockett takes control of the NWA World title - JCP shuffles around headliners for a pair of big shows - A future World champion is born - Plus more news, results and historical highlights!
  14. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/from-the-wwe-network-the-lost-awa-team-challenge-series-pilot/ I attempted to watch the hot mess that was the AWA Team Challenge Series pilot and add some humorous commentary to the whole debacle! - Who knew DX could claim to be partially to blame for this!?! - I debate if Paul Diamond or his doppelganger in the music world have fallen further since this taping. - Sgt. Slaughter's physical fitness may not stop his ambitions to sell out a stadium - Botched promos, bad production values, Verne's dog, Bischoff's coif...so much to digest! - Casual racism from the music department - Diamond foreshadows his space man gimmick years before he used it - 3 future world champs were involved in this mess!
  15. BruiserBrody

    Wrasslin' Back in the Day

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/from-the-wwe-network-brutus-the-barber-beefcake/ WOOF!! Brutus Beefcake is highlighted in a stinker of a tape as we see Beefcake in epic matches with Dino Bravo, Jimmy Jack Funk, Johnny Valiant, Danny Davis and the Honky Tonk Man. Ted Dibiase and Greg Valentine try to drag something watchable out of Brother Bruti. The surprise gem on the tape turns out to be Beefcake battling Hulk Hogan, not due to their catch as catch can classic grappling, but because of an insanely electric crowd!