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Danny Bonaduce tries to out-crazy Hogan


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from yesterday's WO update:



--Danny Bonaduce, in building up Saturday's match with Eric Young which will air at 7:30 p.m. for free before Lockdown on the channel carrying Lockdown, said to the BWR radio show he thinks the lack of steroids in wrestling is hurting business because wrestlers are supposed to look like giants. He said he thinks usage of steroids should be mandatory for pro wrestlers and talked about his own use, saying the only problem is because your ass gets sore from shots it hurts more taking a bodyslam. Bonaduce kept talking about how if the fight was real, he'd beat Young easily, but has to stick to the script and that it doesn't make sense for Young to lose since he's a full-time pro wrestler.


So basically he wants everyone in wrestling to kill themselves to meet some kind of ideal image wrestlers are supposed to have.




Only TNA could end up having the guy who's supposed to be pimping their PPV go on a pro steroid rant and openly discuss match finishes.

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So I just watched Danny's match with Eric Young on the TNA Lockdown preshow and I'll be goddamned if he didn't look bad at all. Granted, that match was all of three or four minutes, but he bumped well, performed a not awful senton bomb of the top rope, was press slammed into the cage, and even took it serious enough to wear actual wrestling tights. He did well enough that if he was just some random indy worker, he would have fit right in on any indy show.


Plus, he attacked Young with freaking nunchucks after the match, only to get blasted with a Gore by Rhino.


A pretty entertaining five minutes of action.


Sort of off-topic, but for someone like me that doesn't even bother to watch TNA when my DVR records it, they've done a PHENOMENAL job of building up the show during the preshow. Really fantastic video packages...I mean, hell, I'm actually wanting to watch a Dudleys match for the first time in almost 10 years and I'm curious to see both the Lethal Lockdown and Foley vs. Sting matches. If I wasn't already watching a stream of it online, I would be tempted to actually order a wrestling PPV for the first time in a very long time.

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