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Dumbest things heard on radio shows


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I hate to bring my own show into a topic like this, but I had to share this.


On Smart Mark Radio tonight, Ric Lieb actually tried to convince me and the panel that the David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions, headlined by Kerry Von Erich winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship over Ric Flair in memory of recently deceased David Von Erich, only had the crowd it did (which he tried to claim was 80,000) because it was Flair defending the title.


I'm pretty sure that Kerry going for the title in David's memory was the actual draw, and it didn't matter if it was Flair, Harley Race, Terry Funk, or just about anybody else on the opposite side of the ring. The crowd would have been similar anyway because of the circumstance, not because of the opponent.


I don't listen to too many of these shows other than mine, but there have to be other instances of simply mind-numbingly stupid comments on these internet radio shows/podcasts.

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I've co-hosted a bunch of episodes of internet radio shows over the years, mostly covering the local indy scene. If you didn't hear some of this stuff, you wouldn't believe it. The greatest times are always whenever someone starts angrily airing personal dirty laundry on the air; one memorable time was when one ex-employee of a particular company started bitching about that fed's "senior referee" and how he got his spot because he provided both free car repairs and gay sex to the promoter. Of course, the guy who was doing the talking was also a money mark and a fucking moron and one of the worst goddamn "wrestlers" I've ever seen in my life... yeah, the Tennessee indy community is full to the brim with pieces of shit, and it often made for exciting radio.

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