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  1. JHawk


    NXT War Games was like this too. Apparently if you're on the cheaper version of Peacock you get regular commercials while the higher tier Peacock subscribers get vignettes that may or may not be related to the show. It makes even a good show drag.
  2. JHawk

    IWTV Guide

    IWTV Guide Episode 7: Squared Circle Project Amethyst Dreams This week your hosts JHawk (@PWCritique) and Charly Butters (@Charly_Butters) Review Squared Circle Project's "Amethyst Dreams" (easy for us to say) and discuss all the latest in IWTV News!
  3. JHawk

    IWTV Guide

    https://iwtvguide.podbean.com/e/week-6-chikara-action-arcade-episodes-1-2/ This week your hosts JHawk (@PWCritique) and Charly Butters (@Charly_Butters) Have a Special Guest! Justin Summers (@HeavyseT330) as they Discuss the first two episodes of the Chikara Action Arcade series plus all the latest in IWTV News!
  4. JHawk


    Charlotte ended up in seven out of the 16 segments on this show after main eventing Takeover last night. Then she won't actually put anybody over. This is approaching Triple H 2002/2003 levels of ridiculous
  5. JHawk

    IWTV Guide

    https://iwtvguide.podbean.com/e/week-4-black-label-pro-jar-of-flys/ This week your hosts JHawk (@PWCritique) and Charly Butters (@Charly_Butters) Discuss The Japanese promotion invasion of IWTV and review a Black Label Pro Show from 2018! https://iwtvguide.podbean.com/e/week-5-freedoms-freedom-vallentain-2019/ This week your hosts JHawk (@PWCritique) and Charly Butters (@Charly_Butters) Get into the Deathmatch Ghoul Spirit (or Not) as they Watch a Freedoms Show from 2019! plus all the latest in IWTV News
  6. JHawk

    IWTV Guide

    https://iwtvguide.podbean.com/e/week-3-sendai-girls-10th-anniversary-show/ This week your hosts JHawk (@PWCritique) and Charly Butters (@Charly_Butters) Review a recently added Sendai Girls show from July 2nd 2016 and discuss this weeks IWTV news. Charly tells you whats on IWTV this coming week! Plus JHawk is getting into the Fire pro twitch streaming game find out more on this weeks episode!
  7. JHawk

    IWTV Guide

    Episode is now up covering CZW Cage of Death 5: Suspended. https://iwtvguide.podbean.com/e/week-2-czw-cage-of-death-5/
  8. JHawk

    IWTV Guide

    After nearly three years of doing Not Ready for Prime Time Wrestling and changing the format multiple times, myself and Charly Butters have begun IWTV Guide: a podcast guiding through the countless hours of programming on independentwrestling.tv. The overall format will be to cover one show that is available on demand on indepedentwrestling.tv as well as give the schedule and breakdown for what will air on the live stream the following week. Most shows should drop on Sundays. Constructive criticism is always warranted. I am aware of a few issues with dead air, plus I tend to talk faster than I think and that leads to me stuttering, but other thoughts are welcome. This week your hosts JHawk (@PWCritique) and Charly Butters (@Charly_Butters) go back to a by gone era and discuss yet another Extravaganza of wrestling exhibitions by Olde Wrestling and Charly gives you the daily breakdown of whats on IWTV for the week of May 11th-May17th! Episode 1: Olde Wrestling's "Yet Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions"
  9. 2 for 2 on the main show. Seth got booed like crazy on his interview.
  10. JHawk

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    The buffering has gotten worse for me the longer the show has gone on.
  11. I admittedly marked out for the Madusa-DiBiase segment. Reigns-Joe was gold while it lasted. The rest of this show has given me a headache
  12. Somebody gave me the "why do you watch if it's so bad" schtick. There are still good wrestling matches on the show most weeks. I want to support the talent I like. Even if I personally don't like a particular direction, if it can be explained logically, I can live with it. When you have something like the main event, and the logic went out the window six weeks ago, it's hard to get invested in the rest of the product. Seriously, tell me if I've missed anything in the women's buildup. 1. Becky wins Rumble and challenges Ronda. 2. Becky is suspended until she gets medically cleared. 3. Becky gets medically cleared and is reinstated. 4. Vince suspends Becky for following the stipulations of her reinstatement and gives Charlotte her spot at WrestleMania. 5. Stephanie says she can't overrule Vince's suspension. 6. Becky ignores her suspension and shows up every week anyway. 7. Ronda vacates title. 8. Stephanie lifts the suspension she said she couldn't lift and announces Charlotte vs. becky for the vacant title. 9. Ronda says "I didn't actually want to vacate the title" and Steph just goes "OK". 10. Steph announces Becky has to beat Charlotte to reenter the match she was already contractually guaranteed to have at WrestleMania, with Charlotte not risking anything. 11. Ronda wants Becky, so she helps Becky win to lessen Ronda's odds of keeping the title. 12. Becky wins a beat the clock challenge to earn...nothing. 13. Charlotte, having not had a match on SmackDown since prior to the Rumble, somehow gets a shot at the SmackDown Women's Title and wins. 14. Despite both titles being represented in the match, it's announced only Ronda's is on the line. 15. All three are scheduled to team together on Raw because....um....um... 16. Hopefully Becky wins clean? We're not here yet And I'm sure we're still adding one or two things to that. Everything after Becky's initial reinstatement is overkill, and some of it flat out contradicts other portions of the story. How this story would have been better served. 1. Becky wins Rumble and challenges Ronda 2. They cut a bunch of promos on each other while remaining on their separate shows. 3. On the go-home Raw, they engage in a fairly brief pull apart. 4. Becky wins clean. If Charlotte HAS to be involved, have her goad Becky into a match at Fastlane that ends in some sort of schmozz. It really seems like they felt they had to add a million twists and turns when one (or none) would have made the match hotter.
  13. JHawk

    WWE TV 03/18 - 03/24: Sal Bellomo ate Bologna in a Balloon

    That's what happens when you have 400 people to put on the card and only 48 hours of PPV time
  14. JHawk

    All Elite Wrestling offically a thing

    So did Britt sign or didn't she since rovert never has actually answered that question? FWIW Britt retweeted the Double or Nothing logo on New Year's Day. Doesn't confirm she has signed, but you don't see most wrestlers tweeting logos for shows/companies they don't intend to work for
  15. JHawk

    2018 Wrestler of the Year

    I honestly haven't seen one WALTER match this year so I won't comment on his case for it, but on match quality alone Gargano would have my vote. If overall success is still the thing to look at then I'd also make a case for Cody Rhodes. Match quality is really above average at best, but he's been in a top spot or near the top spot in multiple promotions and won the NWA World Title at the biggest non-WWE card in North America.