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Road Warriors at Fall Brawl 93


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So leading up to the War Games match, Hawk was announced as a partner. Something happened where he was taken out of the match, and replaced by THE SHOCKMASTER! Animal was at ringside for this match, and Hawk didn't appear anywhere else on the card. Can someone tell me what happened to Hawk? I'm working on an article for Ring Psych, and have clicked on the first three pages of Google links while trying to search for the answer and am coming up with nada. Thanks!

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Guest Rob Naylor

It was the opposite: Animal was "permanently disabled" so Hawk formed the Hellraisers w/ Sasaki.


On that note, I always thought the HellRaisers were fucking awesome. I saw in the WWE's Road Warrior documentary, that everyone shit all over the Hell Raisers, but I thought they were waaay better than they ever got credit for. I remember Meltzer hating them for squashing Choshu/Hase in one of their first matches. And the Ozzy song they used for their theme was fucking badass too and harkened back to the days of Roadies using Sabbath's "Iron Man" as their theme.


Did Crush and Animal ever have an official match as WWF's "NEW Road Warriors" in Fall 92? If so, I guess Adams could claim he was part of both the Demos and Roadies...

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