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  1. Isaacduke

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 3

    Yeah, we constantly have nephews over at our house, and they always want to grab a random wrestling DVD from my stash, but unless it's a WWE release it's a no-go. I wouldn't mind them watching ROH or PWG if the wrestlers didn't say "fuck" ten times per promo.
  2. Isaacduke

    DVDVR Registration

    Hey Phil, once someone is suspended from DVDVR but served their time, is it usually a "one strike and you're out" deal, or do you have to ask to be reinstated? Because I think my ban was up in...September? If it's cool, fix Isaacduke. If not, that's cool too.
  3. Isaacduke

    Comments that don't warrant a thread 2010-2011

    But think about it, how often do you talk about YOUR work in detail on Twitter? Sometimes you just want to shoot the shit about the latest Sandler flick, not Starcade Diggity2.
  4. Actually CM makes a good point. I take the trash out probably three to four times a week. I might look into the can once a month when throwing a bag in. And to put it another way: If you found a book in your garbage...who the hell digs it out and flips through it?
  5. Isaacduke

    Comments that don't warrant a thread 2010-2011

    I don't understand though, what are you going to threaten them with to keep their host services the same, you'll take your business elsewhere? I'm guessing here, but I'm assuming you are using their FREE hosting services, right? I know money is tight for everyone, but if it means that much to you, cut some stuff out of your budget and pay the $30 a month for premium service.
  6. Isaacduke

    Ridiculous quotes from WO.com columnists

    You emailed someone's boss? Seriously? You fucking loon.
  7. Isaacduke

    Ridiculous quotes from WO.com columnists

    Want to measure credit ratings, tough guy?!?
  8. Isaacduke

    Ridiculous quotes from WO.com columnists

    Rovert, you live in Dublin (or at least that's what is under your name). Clown lives...not in Dublin. Am I going out on a limb by cutting out a lot of bullshit and assuming that the drama that is in your muddled head is the result of not being properly diagnosed with (fill in the blank) Syndrome. Seriously, what did he do, burn you with a "yo mama..." joke one too many times? Goddamn, you act like the dude fucked your dog. Oh, and Coughlin sucks. Not in a, "Well, everyone has there opinion, one man's junk is another ones treasure" way either. He reads like he types that shit with his dick. Actually, all joking aside, he really reads like the equivalent of a college freshman that has just heard of, say, Stanley Kubrick for the first time. "How dare you say x is a good film! Why, I bet you have never even watched Dr. Goodlove, have you?!?" And yes, I know the title is wrong, I did it on purpose.
  9. Isaacduke

    Ridiculous quotes from WO.com columnists

    Nope Did he fuck your wife? Quit being a goddamn tease.
  10. Isaacduke

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    When Kamala was brought into WCW, they renamed him the Mambo Giant. The WWF couldn't have owned the Kamala name, as he had used it for years previous. Why the name change? And why job him right from the start?
  11. Isaacduke

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Does anyone remember the Abdullah the Butcher WCW face turn in detail? I just ran across a Youtube video showing him hanging out with Norman the Lunatic and "Captain" Mike Rotunda, and I have absolutely NO recollection of this.
  12. Isaacduke

    Jericho and Helms arrested in Kentucky

    Soma is a prescription drug, but it's not classified as a controlled substance. It would be like getting caught with Ibuprofen 600MG.
  13. Isaacduke

    20 Years Ago - WON 08/01/88

    Is that supposed to read, "has quit wrestling to WORK at the front counter for an airline"?
  14. I realize that everyone says this about every interview, but you guys should really check this out. There is some very surprising info here, especially about his DGUSA tenure. Here it is!
  15. Isaacduke

    2009 WON HOF thread

    How does the voting work again? 10 performer picks, or do the non-wrestlers get included in those 10 picks?