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  1. Tetsujin

    WrestleMania 36

    The Fun House match is a masterpiece. Comedy gold, yet still deep and meaningful. Credit to Bray for creating all this, and so much respect for Cena because no other ace in WWE's history would have exposed his whole career like this for the sake of entertaining and putting another guy over.
  2. Tetsujin

    Best In The World 2025?

    Shota Umino, Takuya Nomura, Bianca Bellair, Darby Allin, Utami Hayashishita...
  3. Tetsujin

    [2020-01-26-WWE-Royal Rumble] Daniel Bryan vs The Fiend

    I love Bryan and this is a great performance by him, but I gotta give credit to Wyatt for portraying his character perfectly. Extremely dangerous, but not invincible. Hurts a lot, but even he can be hurt. Taking away the stupid four corners gimmick saved this match, and these two gave as a semi-PG dog collar fight very memorable.
  4. I fucking cried. I've only cried with one match before and that's Misawa/Kobashi from 2003. So yeah, one of the greatest moments of my wrestling fandom life.
  5. Tetsujin

    2019 Match of the Year

    My favourite match this year is Juice Robinson vs Job Moxley for the US Title. It was a hell of a rebirth for Moxley's ringwork, and one of the best brawls in modern puro (specially in NJPW). Both guys were on fire at every moment.
  6. Yeah, it's a shame the finish was so anticlimatic with Brock not giving a single fuck about the 2 on 1 handicap that almost cost him the title a couple of seconds ago, but hey. Very fun stuff.
  7. I really liked this, it was worked in a different way from previous wargames and the crowd was really hot for everything. Kai's turn and Baszler being the cockiest person ever for it was clearly the peak of the match, but I really wanted the 4 on 2 handicap to play a bigger role in the match. It would have been awesome if an injured Nox came back and distract Team Shayna creating an opening for Candice and Rhea or whatever. Loved the ending spot too.
  8. Tetsujin

    AEW Dynamite Week 7 - 13th November 2019

    This was the most well paced, balanced, consistent Dynamite show yet. Everything was at least fun, Luchasaurus return was great, and the Moxley/Allin, Jericho-MJF-Cody and Bucks-PnP segments were so well done. Also, Scorpion Sky being the first one to pin Y2J in AEW felt huge, as it should be. Oh, my favourite thing was the third Page vs PAC match. This series is really making me a Hangman fan, and feeling that "building slowly but correctly a new top star" process is amazing. This rivalry rocks.
  9. I can't believe this didn't had a topic. An amazing shoot style with big moves hybrid match, with super stiff action and great selling. Ikeda being a dick and Otsuka making him pay for his excess of confidence was a great story. Loved the transitions here: Otsuka being able to block one of Ikeda's very dangerous kicks and giving him a dragonscrew, the desperate russian leg sweep, the lariat countered into a Fujiwara armbar... Everything was put together in a very smart way.
  10. Tetsujin

    [2019-11-03-NJPW-Power Struggle] Will Ospreay vs BUSHI

    BUSHI with an awesome performance, outsmarting Ospreay almost everytime. Will did pretty well as well (try to say that as quick as posible), using his incredible athleticism to overcome his foe when it was needed, and not just spamming flips. The bad, bad Osaka crowd actually were huge for the MX nearfall (and so was I, VERY good false finish). I'm so glad BUSHI proved why he deserves to be one of the top stars of the Jr division, I hope so. The post match with Hiromu's comeback might be the greatest return of the year and one of the greatest moments of modern NJPW. Hiromu is a complete superstar at this point.
  11. Tetsujin

    NWA Powerrr

    Just watched the first two shows. This is awesome.
  12. Tetsujin

    AEW Dynamite Week 3 - 16 October 2019

    To me, this was the worst of the three Dynamite shows yet. I only cared about the last tag match, which was worked wonderfully, and the last minutes of the main event because Darby is such a great underdog. But AEW has two big problems they have to work on: 1) Too much matches for a weekly tv show. They need more promos, segments and characters exhibitions in general, otherwise the fans will eventualy be burned out in the middle of the show. Last week they made a really good show, and the highlight was the Inner Circle promo. Do more stuff like that, or have Schiavone interview more people after matches, whatever. 2) The womens division. Idk if this is unpopular opinion or what, but Riho is so, so bad. Like, first Eva Marie run levels of bad. People are with her now because they're excited about everything AEW, the new big thing, has to offer, but if she doesn't learn how to wrestle is a matter of time fans turn on her. Also, Baker, Priestley, Rose... They have potential but they're not ready yet. Imo AEW needs for their womens division somebody they can rely on while building new stars slowly (like Jericho os doing with Page and Darby). But seriously though, go watch Omega/Page vs Mox/PAC. Great tv match with great action, character moments, stories moving forward, and Hangman starting to look like the star they are building.
  13. Tetsujin

    Current New Japan

    Yeah pretty happy with an Archer title run. Although I dunno what are they gonna do with Mox and Juice, because clearly they have that one match left at WK, but it being a non-title bout? Not sure about it. Maybe a triple threat with Archer? Also, #NaitoTwoBelts seems closer than ever. Okada just said he will defend the world title both nights, and both Ibushi and White want to be double champions. Naito just needs to beat Taichi at PS and then challenging White at WK. Oh, and Liger will have two retirement matches. That's something.
  14. Tetsujin

    Current New Japan

    Moxley didn't make it to Japan because of the Typhoon, so he vacated the US title and Juice is gonna fight Archer for it today. That sucks.
  15. Man this stupid company sucks so much. Kofi was world champion a week ago and now he doesn't even care about it. Draft picks in the fucking same order they posted before. No world title for the Fiend when he's over. Charlotte with another meaningless title run. The new videogame sucks. NXT has become an Ode to HHH and Meltzer. The Saudi stuff. SHORTY Gable. Destroying the UK indie scene. Nothing new, but that doesn't change how bullshit it all is. There could be good stuff, but nothing that makes me feel like I should be a "WWE fan". I HATE their product.