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  1. Downend2005

    My New Year's Revolution: The Rewatchening

    I’ve been trying to find this match for years without success... pleased to hear it get a favourable review. This makes me all the more keen to track it down. Where did you find it please?
  2. Downend2005

    NXT TakeOver Portland

    Funny you mention that, as Ciampas wife has already had training as a cast member way back on Tough Enough 2 (she was the one who left due to a heart condition).
  3. Downend2005

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I was at this show (it was the day before Takeover London) but I can’t remember a thing about this match.
  4. Downend2005

    All Elite Wrestling

    For what it’s worth, El-P actually did ask you directly. And come on. Cody admitting that he has a terrible temper and having poor texting etiquette really isn’t indicative of a bullying culture within AEW. It’s a tenuous link at best.
  5. Downend2005

    All Elite Wrestling

    Maybe not from your position, but you are seemingly more informed on the matter. Now you’ve provided additional context, investigating ‘possible’ bullying would be an honest line of enquiry. But as we didn’t know the details that you do, of course we are going to ask questions when you state that systemic (ie widespread) bullying should be an automatic line of enquiry. If we had the same information that you have access too, you may well have had more people that agreed with you.
  6. Downend2005

    All Elite Wrestling

    Just for the record, now you are saying that ‘possible’ bullying is an ‘honest’ line of enquiry when previously you said that ‘systemic’ bullying should be an ‘automatic’ line of enquiry.
  7. Downend2005

    All Elite Wrestling

    For what it’s worth, I also read it as you either implying or questioning if there was a systemic bullying problem. I’d be amazed if anyone read your posts on the subject and thought differently. That’s a direct quote from you, no rephrasing or editing. You may think you are being cryptic, but it’s obvious what your are implying. Give it a few weeks/months, and the cycle will repeat itself again. You literally can’t help yourself. I asked you a direct question in another thread back in February, which went unanswered. The reason I bring it up here is because you said the people that know the most have a minimal online presence. I’ve linked my post below for context. However, you are quick to inform us all how much you know, you are seemingly highly connected, you drop hints about the circumstances of Kylie Rae’s departure, hinting at a bullying culture within AEW, and then you double back and deny you said or implied anything or outright ignore it when questioned further. Are you able to understand what I’m implying here?
  8. Downend2005

    [2019-05-25-AEW-Double or Nothing] Cody vs Dustin Rhodes

    I finally got round to watching this today and was blown away by how good it was, with a god tier performance from Dustin. It wasn’t absolutely perfect though. I thought that Cody’s entrance with the sledgehammer smashing the throne was lame and unnecessary, and the Brandi Rhodes interference and subsequent ejection was a little jarring, it felt rushed and unearned (killer spear though) and it didn’t really need to be included. That being said, from the blade job onwards this match was outstanding and the post match put it over the top. MOTYC for sure.
  9. Downend2005

    All Elite Wrestling

    That’s the one! It just goes to show that a simple, relatable story told right can be far more compelling than one that has several non sensical twists and turns for the sake of shock value or to throw its audience off.
  10. Downend2005

    All Elite Wrestling

    Cody vs Dustin Rhodes has been officially announced for Double or Nothing. There is a GREAT Dustin promo on YouTube for those who care to seek it out.
  11. To me at least it’s because the names remind me of how WWF would name the members of their tag division in 1995. It just seems a little bit corny. Billy and Bart Gunn Mo and Mabel Jacob and Eli Blu Jared and Jason Grimm Travis and Troy from Tekno Team 2000 Ivar and Erik...
  12. Downend2005

    Wrestlemania 35: The KawadaSmile tribute thread

    I think they missed a trick with the main event finish. I’m reading elsewhere that the crucifix was the planned finish, but it came out of nowhere and even the crowd were caught out. If they wanted Becky to catch one on Ronda, I’d have personally preferred Charlotte having Ronda in the figure eight and Becky runs in and steals a pin whilst Ronda is trapped. That way you play up Charlotte possibly winning, but Ronda doesn’t tap out and Becky wins by outsmarting them both. The match was good, but the finish hurt it. Kofi/Bryan felt more like the main event.
  13. Downend2005

    Wrestlemania 35: The KawadaSmile tribute thread

    Great match, but an even better moment. Woods and Big E were awesome at ringside, Bryan is an absolute pro, and Kofi gets his moment. I was planning on going to bed, but I’m wide awake after that
  14. Downend2005

    Wrestlemania 35: The KawadaSmile tribute thread

    I’m starting to flag a bit too, but I’m staying up for this one. Amazed that this goes on before HHH and Big Dave. Maybe Hunter needs more time to recover after running around throwing glow sticks earlier.
  15. Downend2005

    Wrestlemania 35: The KawadaSmile tribute thread

    First heel to win tonight as well (well apart from Seth Rollins according to PWO)