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  1. I say yes. Telling someone to go back to where they came from is racist.
  2. We could try although I've heard him talk in the past about how he doesn't really remember a lot of the early ROH stuff. I'm sure he remembers the obvious matches that we all remember, but I can't imagine him having the time or interest to do any sort of rewatch.
  3. So Gabe Sapolsky praised our show on Twitter yesterday. That is...weird. And cool! It might be the biggest possible endorsement we could get for this particular podcast, so maybe it's time to shut it down? (You're supposed to do podcasts to get bigger and bigger endorsements, right?)
  4. Awesome! We love to hear that someone is diving in. Let us know what you think of the matches you watch.
  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate the compliments as well as any critiques anyone might have. It's honestly very helpful. It's an honor to have people listening and caring enough to comment, both positively and negatively.
  6. I get all of that - I really do. But an adult handles his business like a professional. A child goes on Twitter and throws a tantrum. I have absolutely no respect for the way Tonga went about it. Maybe it's just a sore spot with me, but I'm getting REALLY tired of unprofessional toddlers like Tama Tonga, Alberto El Patron, etc. constantly running their mouths like giant 6-year-olds. I realize it's just wrestling and almost everyone's in a perpetual state of arrested development, but it gets tiring. Would anyone else be able to act this way in their job/career? No. Have you followed the news in 2017? It's definitely not just wrestling. This is how the world is now, for better or for worse. (It's for worse, but you can't point the finger at wrestlers or wrestling).
  7. I've never even heard of this Collision Course show before. Interesting.
  8. We weren't planning on covering Frontiers of Honor, since it's not completely canon, but if people think it's important then we'll do it if Trevor has it or it's easy to get our hands on it. I've actually never seen it.
  9. Try this one: http://media.blubrry.com/joeversustheworld/www.thecubsfan.com/jvstw/ThROHTheYearsEpisode3-ANightofAppreciation.mp3>
  10. I always meant "casual fan" as someone who follows WWE to a point and knows who the wrestlers are but doesn't watch every week isn't totally up on the storylines. The people who watch weekly but don't go on message boards are just plain fans. And then people like us, who watch non-WWE wrestling and analyze/discuss it would be hardcore fans.
  11. I've started listening to the podcast and will try to follow along with the re-watch. I got into ROH in 2003 and wasted way too much of my time in high school watching the shows and going on the message board. It will be fun to look back at everything. I have to echo what soup23 is saying, in 2017 eyes the CSC angle at the beginning of the show is highly offensive, but at the time it wouldn't warrant any special attention since you were seeing it all over. CSC was doing the same gimmick all over the east coast and we are nearing the time frame when AJ Styles basically starts using the word "faggot" as a catchphrase. I think this is more of a sign of the times rather than ROH trying to be edgy. I was in jr. high in 2002, so I can't speak for the rest of the world, but homophobic slurs was something I heard daily in my environment. To defend ROH, CSC was a known gimmick used in the NYC area where they were running. If you were going to pick a gimmick to bring in to squash as a statement that you are about wrestling and not sports entertainment, then I think CSC is absolutely your perfect choice. I 100% believe that the intention of the angle was to establish that ROH wasn't about gimmicks. Unfortunately, the commentary is completely abhorrent and it pretty much turns this into a gay bashing segment. Without the commentary track, I think this segment would be much less offensive. To me, "we weren't the only ones" isn't a good excuse. Yes, junior high school kids can be homophobic, and probably have only recently gotten better about that. That also is not a good excuse for a promotion that sells tickets to its events and sells DVDs of them, and that is run by adults, to peddle that same sort of homophobia. Wrestling is a gross industry when it comes to portrayals of any sort of marginalized group. I know that, and I've known it for many years. In 2002, though, this sort of aggressive homophobia was not acceptable in the culture at large. Obviously society in general has come a long way in accepting lgbtq people since then, but at the time you wouldn't find another show on TV, or a movie, angrily mocking gays in the same way. Wrestling in general was behind the curve, not just ROH, but that doesn't make it okay. And, like you said, the commentary was so aggressively hostile that it puts this segment on another level from anything else I've seen. Thank you for listening. I really enjoy these conversations and I'm glad you're watching along with us.
  12. For some reason its not on the List'em and Learn feed on iTunes. I've refreshed it this morning. It should be up now.
  13. Thanks! There's no set schedule. It depends on how busy we are at any given time. At the moment, we're tentatively planning to record the next one in about two weeks.
  14. In the post-apocalyptic rubble of November 2016, List Em and Learn stumbles out from a heap of toxic waste. Thanks to Joe Gagne for reviving this ailing and depressed show, and its equally depressed host. And if anything can cheer up Matt and America, it’s WWE’s most exciting and popular gimmick match: the Survivor Series elimination match! Matt and Joe run down the top 10 Survivor Series elimination matches. How can they pick? They’re all so good! Seriously though, some of them are actually good. Really! And the show is also good, thanks to the always cheerful Joe pulling Matt through his blues with the help of some wrestling matches that feature a variety of bone-rattling slams and pinning combinations! http://www.thecubsfan.com/2016/11/16/list-em-and-learn-episode-16-who-will-survive-no-seriously-please-tell-me-who-will-survive-because-im-extremely-scared/
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    Probably around the same spot, since it's nearly impossible to be higher! Sorry, that was me being a smart ass but it is amazing that he was able to make such a strong historical case for himself during a time period where it was difficult to do so.