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  1. Petey

    Grilling JR

    I think it's one of those where he feels like it just didn't age well. IIRC, Conrad said he first got into wrestling after watching the WrestleMania 4 tape and watched both WWF and NWA/WCW but ultimately was a huge Hulkamaniac as a kid. I'm a little younger than Conrad and didn't have any real exposure to Crockett until Classics on Demand. I loved watching the TBS show from that era but different strokes for different folks, I guess.
  2. Petey

    Grilling JR

    Nothing stands out in particular but anything non-NWA/WCW is usually pretty good because Tony's particularly engaged and Conrad can't fall back on "LOLWCW so stupid!" or "mid-80's Crockett ain't for me".
  3. Petey

    Grilling JR

    The Barely Legal watch-along was one of my favorite things ever. Tony's first exposure to ECW and him trying to name the wrestlers got me every time. For the most part they're whatever and of all the podcasts I listen to, WHW is the least priority but sometimes I enjoy it as a change of pace. Conrad's at his most insufferable but there are worse things.
  4. Petey

    Grilling JR

    Yea it was one of the many example of JR's "old man yells at cloud" character. A couple of days after that ep, I was listening to one of the WHW with Tony Schiavone podcast's from over the summer and Tony was talking about how he frequently includes emojis in his texts. I'll always like JR but good grief his constant rants against "push" and "war" and anytime someone directs a negative tweet at him can make his podcast insufferable. The other issue is that a lot of the WWF content has already been covered with Bruce so there's often not a lot that JR can add to those topics. That said, I do think the Crockett/WCW stuff tends to be better since JR seems to have a decent memory of that era and it hasn't been covered to death. I wish they'd focus more on that time period but my guess is that it'll never get the download numbers that WWF/E content generates.
  5. Petey

    Grilling JR

    I enjoyed it enough, if only because I felt like we had been starting to slip into Grumpy Old Man/Preachy JR and he had a different tone for this show. However, I totally agree on the jump cuts being rough. At least tease them/discuss them.
  6. Petey

    All Elite Wrestling

    I think the biggest thing was that Lois never really enjoyed living in CT and wanted to move back closer to home. At this stage of both of their lives, I can't imagine them uprooting and moving back north but I could see a situation where Tony just does random Network stuff or whatever like someone else suggested which allows Tony and Lois to stay in Georgia while still being under contract to WWE.
  7. Petey

    Grilling JR

    This podcast is tremendous and I've enjoyed each episode. It's continuing to get better as Ross and Conrad develop better chemistry. Really good stuff and I'm just sad that they didn't connect earlier.
  8. Petey

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    I had no idea either. Didn't Cornette appear at one of Bruce and Conrad's live shows not that long ago?
  9. I was arguing with my girlfriend (who is not really a wrestling fan) about Ric Flair's attractiveness. I was showing her pictures of mid-80's Flair and she didn't find him attractive at all which I found to be preposterous. Women, AMIRITE?
  10. Agree that I really liked the Sid episode. It helped that due to the nature of Sid's runs, the episode wasn't bogged down with Conrad just reading through TV and house show results. And yeah, it was quite refreshing to hear Bruce agree with Dave's takes and not just instantly crap on them.
  11. Petey

    83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

    I listened to the Souled Out 97 show last week and had the same takeaway as what's already been mentioned regarding Conrad's attitude. It was really bizarre. Yelling Conrad is my least favorite version and in that episode, he seemed to be going out of his way to be a prick. I couldn't understand why Conrad was acting that way but glad he wasn't nearly as moody in the Souled Out 98 episode.
  12. Petey

    What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

    I think you nailed it right there. The biggest problem with Conrad is his extremely limited knowledge of pro wrestling unless it's WWF/WCW/ECW and as someone who listens to all 3 of his podcasts as well as the Jim Cornette podcasts, the knowledge difference between Conrad and Brian Last is really glaring.
  13. 2018 Tony Schiavone the ECW Mark is one of my favorite things. Those eps are definitely a lot of fun, with Barely Legal in particular being great. Tony's name for John Kronus legit made me laugh out loud.
  14. Petey

    Wrestlemania 34

    I watched the show at a Buffalo Wild Wings-ish sports bar (but a better version, if possible) with a buddy of mine who was a casual fan during the 80's and 90's boom periods. There were a decent amount of people at the bar for WrestleMania, including one guy in a Daniel Bryan YES YES YES shirt who was pretty much straight out of an r/SquaredCircle casting call. I'm not sure I'd choose a bar venue again because although I enjoyed the relatively inexpensive beer and wings, I feel like that type of setting doesn't really lend itself to being able to appreciate a lot of the matches. I liked Charlotte/Asuka. Thought it was decent. Was surprised Asuka lost. I was even more surprised to see how many folks on my Twitter timeline were gushing over it. I think it's one of those matches that suffered because of where I watched it. I'll admit that I don't watch Smackdown Live, so I was super shocked Jinder won. I thought he was done. I loved the mixed tag and it got a great reception at the bar and with my friend. Initially, I hated Ronda's entrance with her as the smiling babyface. I thought they should have had her replicate her UFC entrance because if anything, Big Steph looked like the bad ass until the match started. Really great stuff from all four participants. I liked the Cena/Undertaker bit except for the match itself. All that buildup for a nothing match. I really liked Bryan and Shane vs. Owens and Sami. Bryan looked great and after the slow start, the match had a hot finish. My friend, who was pretty much totally unfamiliar with Bryan, was initially not behind him because the aforementioned r/SquaredCircle fan was pretty obnoxious, but once Bryan got in, he won my friend over. Shane should probably never wrestle again though. Nia/Alexa was good. Told the story. Another match my friend was very into, probably because the story was easy to follow, made sense, and he had a crush on Alexa. I was letdown by AJ/Nak although the turn was really strong. Braun and Nicholas vs. The Bar was fine. I was letdown that the mystery partner wasn't someone returning/debuting, but the graphic announcing Braun and Nicholas as new tag champs got a chuckle. Brock/Roman was whatever. It obviously wasn't anywhere near their match from a few years ago, and that's no fault of Roman's. When Roman kept kicking out of all the F5's, it started to make me think that Brock was going to retain because it had just gotten ridiculous. Granted, I was still surprised when Brock won but I thought it was telegraphed a bit. The blood drew a big reaction in the bar which makes sense since it's such a rarity nowadays. I'm not sure what this means for Brock or Roman. Overall, I thought the show was fine. Definitely too long. My friend's takeaway was that he felt there weren't enough compelling/big time characters, particularly on the male side. He felt that the people who came across as the biggest stars were the women.
  15. Petey

    20 Years Ago - ECW Barely Legal

    Two things here: 1) there's a 6-hour Eliminators comp tape? and 2) you chose to watch it??