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  1. C.S.

    WWE TV 05/16 - 05/22 I have jinxed the Phoenix Suns

    Are you really expecting me to argue French with a native French speaker! You win this one!
  2. C.S.

    WWE TV 05/16 - 05/22 I have jinxed the Phoenix Suns

    Yikes! At least he can still do the Eeeeeeeee-Li, Elllllll-A Night thing with Max Duuuuuuuuu Pri.
  3. C.S.

    AEW TV 5/18-5/23

    I agree, but I wonder if that was by design. We all know Regal is one of the best mic workers ever. He's also old-school. As a manager, he would not want to overshadow a current worker (Jericho) or his current allies (Mox and Eddie). What he said was was a cute introduction, and then he set up his boys to do the heavy lifting, which they should since they're the ones in the match.
  4. C.S.

    AEW TV 5/18-5/23

    Here's the promo for anyone who didn't see it: She's not a natural on the mic by any means, but she spit straight fire.
  5. C.S.

    AEW TV 5/18-5/23

    What was wrong with the Deeb segment, Bubba? She's hardly a natural on the mic, but the content was good.
  6. C.S.

    AEW TV 5/18-5/23

    Maki Ito is definitely an underwhelming surprise, but it makes sense to save the big guns for matches they'd win. Joe wasn't losing here and neither will Britt.
  7. C.S.

    AEW TV 5/18-5/23

    Whatever happened, it was a clunky mismatch from the start. Slow Mo Joe vs. Johnny "Should've Been Called Dynamite" Elite was a clash of styles, to say the least.
  8. C.S.

    AEW TV - May 11/13 2022

    Where is @MoS with the new thread? I'd start it but that seems like his thing.
  9. C.S.

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    But Goldberg didn't back him.
  10. C.S.

    WWE TV 05/16 - 05/22 I have jinxed the Phoenix Suns

    It was an exaggerated response to your silly post minimizing Sasha's role in Mandalorian because she had "2-3 lines." That alone still makes more famous and relevant than even the top WWE names, period. Star Wars is a worldwide phenomenon. WWE is a niche with a cult following that depletes more and more every year.
  11. C.S.

    WWE TV 05/16 - 05/22 I have jinxed the Phoenix Suns

    The Mandalorian and the Star Wars universe are a million times bigger than WWE is or ever will be, so even if she was a background extra with no lines, that would still make her instantly more famous and culturally relevant than any top WWE wrestler.
  12. C.S.

    WWE TV 05/16 - 05/22 I have jinxed the Phoenix Suns

    I'm late to the party with Raw tonight, but can't wait to finally sit down and watch my two favorite wrestlers in the whole world - Sasha Banks and Naomi - put on a banger in the main event!
  13. C.S.

    AEW TV - May 11/13 2022

    I feel the same way. Unless something ramps up quickly, it will be an easy miss for me. Will AEW still deliver a banger of a PPV? I'm sure. But I'm also sure I can save my $50 and feel fine about it.
  14. C.S.

    WWE TV 5/9-5/15 The Backlash to the Backlash

    Cody Rhodes proving once again why he's the best wrestler in the world with a banger against Theory - until Rollins (predictably) ruined the party.
  15. Tessa Blanchard... ...but I really hope he's smarter than that. Everyone thinks they're going to be the one to rein in Teddy Hart/Austin Aries/Low-Ki/Tessa Blanchard/fill-in-the-blank, but it always backfires.