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  1. In other news, Triple H is rumored to have had another cardiac event after reading this...
  2. The Nash-Funk feud had no reason to exist, and the wrong person went over (Nash) - not that the match should have ever happened in the first place. Nash taking liberties with Funk in a promo, if true, makes him sound like a complete dick.
  3. C.S.

    All Elite Wrestling

    Don't blame the board. It's been all me, bay bay! (At least as far as his work and character go. I never really concerned myself too much with his "travel issues.")
  4. Bob Backlund came back after a decade, didn't immediately go after the World Title, and actually lost quite a bit at first. Apples to oranges with Punk? Nah. The only people who would make that argument are those who weren't actually around for Backlund's first run in the late-'70s and early-'80s (which includes me, to be fair). Otherwise, they are pretty similar situations. As for the Eliminator tournament itself, I can understand the general criticisms - some of the entrants, both this year and last, seem completely random.
  5. Danielson vs. Dustin is gonna be an absolute banger.
  6. Hook Everyone knows fishes fear hooks.
  7. Great promo by Hangman Adam Page. He's ready!
  8. My fault for 1. having the show on mute 2. wondering why the belts looked so strange. AAA Titles make much more sense.
  9. Perhaps, but this whole thing feels super weird and off, and the random title change feels even weirder after Lucha Bros just finally won the belts. Really feels like Rush and Dragon Lee fell through and Tony Khan booked a title change to make up for it.
  10. WTF is this shit??? Edit: LOL, it's FTR. Wasn't everyone led to believe we'd be getting Rush and Dragon Lee? Did Daniel and David break into Seth's house as revenge and steal these awful outfits from him?
  11. C.S.

    Current New Japan

    Wish I could say this is surprising, but it's not. New Japan has never, ever known what it was doing in the West and honestly should not expand any further into America because it will be a massive failure and money loser, simply because they don't understand the market and have shown no inclination to learn even after all these years. This is just one example of that. Another example - and I keep beating the drum on this - is that NJPW World is still not available on PS4/5, Roku, etc. - only Fire Stick and Android devices. Do they even have a working English website for NJPW World yet? All in all, this company continues to confound me with its blatant incompetence outside its own shores.
  12. C.S.

    AEW Rampage (and The Buy In) - October 15 2021

    Fun match. I didn't love it, but I liked it. Damn, Suzuki has a great character and does all of the little things right. And we already know Bryan is the GOAT.
  13. C.S.

    AEW Rampage (and The Buy In) - October 15 2021

    What's wrong with it?
  14. C.S.

    AEW Rampage (and The Buy In) - October 15 2021

    Prediction: Bryan does the honors for Suzuki
  15. Heel Crush turning on Savage and aligning with Fuji was the best Crush.