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  1. C.S.

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I took your post literally too, so you were not nearly as clear as you may have thought you were.
  2. Are either of these easily accessible on U.S. streaming service or available on a U.S. or region-free DVD/Blu-ray with English subtitles?
  3. C.S.

    WWE TV 11/23 - 11/29 Lakers gonna three-peat

    He doesn't. It's run by two Persian Jewish brothers, the Magen Brothers.
  4. C.S.

    WWE TV 11/23 - 11/29 Lakers gonna three-peat

    Bob Ryder (of 1Wrestling, WCW, ECW, and TNA) also passed away. https://www.cagesideseats.com/impact-wrestling/2020/11/25/21719523/tna-founder-bob-ryder-dead If there's a separate thread posted here, I think it should be started by a fan of his. Edit: More info from Meltzer
  5. C.S.

    WWE TV 11/23 - 11/29 Lakers gonna three-peat

    Legitimately thought the nobody Q ref's first name was Drew, lol, and was wondering what happened between Bix and Drake Maverick... There goes what I thought were my amazing DrewAnon and QWuertz nicknames. I was wondering why no one else on PWO was praising my wit. I hadn't seen that Bix article though. Very enlightening stuff, and downright scary that someone in a position of power in a major company (talent relations for NXT) believes all that crap and will likely use it to influence who is hired.
  6. C.S.

    WWE TV 11/23 - 11/29 Lakers gonna three-peat

    What happened with Bix and Drake?
  7. C.S.

    WWE TV 11/23 - 11/29 Lakers gonna three-peat

    So, Adam Pearce is claiming "Drew McInfart" was an unintentional slip-up. Uh huh...
  8. C.S.

    WWE TV 11/23 - 11/29 Lakers gonna three-peat

    Well, I didn't think you were fanboying, but that is how the post sounded in general. If even one person gave a single shit about Drew Wuertz, this would be bad news for WWE. Fortunately for them, he's a total nobody. I realize he had a wrestling career, but not one single person had any feelings about him transitioning to a ref role when he got to NXT, so it's not like he was missed in a more prominent position. "He used to seem like such a cool guy on that indie rasslin' documentary" is about the best I've heard said about him.
  9. C.S.

    WWE TV 11/23 - 11/29 Lakers gonna three-peat

    AEW rasslin' darling can't possibly be a QAnon asshat - news at 11.
  10. C.S.

    WWE Hall of Fame 2020

    What a colossal waste if they held off or cancelled the 2020 HOF because of Covid and no fans. Sleazy, slimy, low class, Cheeto-fingered rasslin' fans are an absolute liability to the HOF. I don't mean just the Bret incident either. There have been so many other instances where the fans have hijacked what was supposed to be an "upscale" black tie affair and made it all about themselves. One that comes immediately to mind was when all the ham 'n eggers humiliated themselves by booing Maria Menounos, who was legitimately Bob Backlund's friend and therefore a perfectly appropriate choice to induct him - especially since, you know, he fucking chose her! WWE should've just rented a hotel, made it a private, low-key, classy affair - which is how it used to be done - and filmed it for the Network.
  11. C.S.

    WWE Network... It's Here

    It's definitely cool getting some of those blanks filled in on stories we've heard but may not necessarily know everything about. I think it's worth a watch.
  12. C.S.

    All Elite Wrestling

    That's true in my case. All I know of him is Solomon Crowe and various Impact/indie garbage match clips.
  13. C.S.

    All Elite Wrestling

    Sounds like a good idea for a once-off, but maybe not anything more than that - especially with his age I agree with most of this, but I'd still take a chance on Pillman Jr. He's still very young and can be molded into something, and he has all the goodwill in the world because his dad is so beloved. Sami Callihan is not someone I'd personally sign, but AEW might because his sleazy garbage match indy cred might make for good pairings in their mind against Moxley, Janela, Darby, etc. Then again, AEW signed the ice cold flip-flop guy Matt Sydal, who has less buzz than a dead bee, so someone like Sami with actual buzz would be a step up.
  14. C.S.

    Survivor Series 2020 Drew McIntyre is just the #2, biatch

    Twitter is ablaze that Vince said WWF instead of WWE. Did he? The only post I can find about Vince not being well (which is why I assumed Vince was trending in the first place) is from Bix, and he locked replies to only people he's following, which is very odd for a journalist to do IMO. But I wasn't planning on replying, so it doesn't matter to me.
  15. C.S.

    Survivor Series 2020 Drew McIntyre is just the #2, biatch

    Is it just me or was Vince's voice more gravelly than usual? I don't want to speculate what could that mean, but he looked and sounded like he's in rough shape.