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    Current Lucha Talk

    Yikes! (Wasn't sure where to put this, so I hope this thread is okay.)
  2. C.S.

    All Elite Wrestling

    Found this on Reddit: Am I the only one shocked by this? I think they're awesome, but I would never have expected Corny to think so too. BTW, there are some good responses about the terrible Dark Order gimmick in that thread. Guess PWO isn't the only one who thinks they come across as jobbers.
  3. Glad The Usos weren't part of the town hall at least. They would've shit up further by forcing their obnoxious characters and shitty "WELCOME TO THE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSOOOOOO PENI-TEN-TIARY!!!" catchphrase. Black vs. Cesaro means nothing to me. "Good rasslin'" never does when there's no point to it. Either Black wins again, giving Cesaro two straight losses, or Cesaro wins, cutting Black off at the knees with dreaded 50-50 booking. Both lose either way. This company sucks.
  4. A 24-minute elimination match by itself isn't the issue - if it was instead four singles matches, they'd be six minutes apiece - not exactly outrageous. The problem was, the match wasn't structured in a very compelling way.
  5. Not sure about PWO, but the rest of the internet was certainly on board with that sentiment.
  6. Random thought: I'd love if Maria was cheating with EC3 and he's reintroduced that way as an asshole heel character to feud with Mike. Another random thought: I'm surprised they haven't stripped Mike of his last name to further henpeck him (and also to take a shot at Cody, because they're petty like that!)
  7. I miss EC3 and the red cup though. Drake quickly overshadowed his best bud.
  8. I think you're really reaching with this. Seconds before the Goldberg comment, Miz mentioned Ziggler losing to KO in 17 seconds. What other meaning is there to extrapolate from the Goldberg remark?
  9. I was hoping Maverick's wife brought the ref in.
  10. HOW many times are they going to replay this fucking Bray footage? I'm already sick of Bray.
  11. It wasn't a shot. He obviously meant Goldberg squashing opponents in seconds, just like KO did to him.
  12. Maybe DZ wants to end his run by putting one of his best friends over? Or maybe Miz wants to put one of his best friends over? Either way, as stale and cold as the pairing is, they will deliver in the ring.