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  1. I get that people hate Seth's singles work, character, catchphrases (BURN...IT...DOWN...!!! Seth Freakin' Rollins! King Slayer! Beast Slayer because Seth couldn't consult his thesaurus to come up with a different word!), etc. Yet, when Seth is in trios matches with The Shield (like the one a couple of months back at Elimination Chamber or FastLane, whichever b-level PPV it was), everything about him seems special again and I'm reminded why we all fell in love with him in the first place. Where's the disconnect?
  2. Because she hasn't been treated like a main eventer since WM. Her segments have all been in the middle of the show, and against a "rookie" in Evans (who I agree is doing a fantastic job, but still). Would Stone Cold's first feud post-WM14 have been against Gangrel (or insert your favorite non-main eventer) with segments slotted in the middle of the card?
  3. The more I think about it, the more I really like Bray Wyatt's batshit insane gimmick change. It's the first time since his debut that I've been genuinely interested in him. And for once, he wasn't spouting meaningless gibberish. This version of Bray is actually coherent. Could it still flop hard? Sure. WWE Creative is incompetent at best. But I assume Bray has been given some freedom with this. Then again, it's possible he had freedom last time too, and we all know how that turned out.
  4. Disappointing result. Let's push the bland geek who puts people to sleep instead of the dynamic, exciting, buzzed about young star that WWE sure as hell wouldn't have gotten even a year later in the age of AEW.
  5. I like the name change, but not everyone can rock a 'stache like that - and Roode sure can't.
  6. That Uso promo was gibberish with their catchphrases forced in.
  7. Not that I wanted Cesaro to lose, but what's the point of debuting Alexander on Raw with a loss? So, exactly like Kassius Ohno... I agree.
  8. Breaking news: Joseph Ryan signed by WWE to become Robert Roode's partner. They will be known as #TeamStache. (Okay, I made that up!)
  9. I actually prefer the name Robert Roode and wonder why he didn't stick with it. Not sure what the Rickstache is about though.
  10. Another name change. Agreed. The writing is utterly dreadful and has been for years now. Wow, did AJ just mention the match out of the blue before anyone could actually set it up, or did I just zone out at how fucking boring this dogshit has been?
  11. A bunch of boring, lazy #1 contender matches... Great! The likely outcome is Seth vs. Drew, which is fine, I guess. But I'd love Rey vs. Seth or even Miz vs. Seth. Miz belongs in the main event mix and has been overlooked at that level for far too long.
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  13. Mike Sanders' mic work seemed great at the time, but it has aged like moldy cheese.