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    Undertaker and Sting to work Summerslam

    Well as a huge WCW fan, i had a serious problem with the way they (meaning Trips, Vince & Stephy) booked Sting to look weak and second-class to HHH at WM. If they do it again against Taker at the next WM, then he really looks like shit. I'm questioning why Sting even bothered to make appearances at WWE now, if all they are going to have him do is job/lose matches to old WWF Attitude era guys...its lame. I agree with your above point that they should be using Brock to get over the current generation guys more, they absolutely HAVE to do that because as it stands now, this business is dying slowly but surely and 5 years from now it will be much worse, without new megastars to carry the brand. Rollins looks like a big pussy now as champ (against Brock) and Reigns was killed by the "Universe" morons at Royal Rumble so not sure where that leaves things moving forward...
  2. PWI500

    Sasha Banks on the main roster

    While I somewhat agree with that, there simply is no better girl on the roster (or in wrestling period that I can think of) than Sasha or Charlotte. You have to give them time, but they both are already better workers than any other diva. And Sasha is oh so hot
  3. Was this the last match of Tenta as Avalanche? I thought it was right around this time Vince threatened lawsuit again and he had to switch to The Shark, which was an idiotic gimmick. Agreed that Tenta is superb in this WCW run, too bad he was buried under the Hulk Hogan Show featuring WCW...
  4. PWI500

    WWE Battleground... Tonight

    Exactly. Once again WWE writers don't know their head from their asses. Either that or Vince is so geriatric and delusional now that he overwrites everything they do and/or changes his mind on a whim. Personally after watching that stinker of a PPV i need another 3 month break from current WWE programming, I cannot bear to watch Raw tonight. Just awful
  5. PWI500

    Undertaker and Sting to work Summerslam

    I just can't see modern day Sting vs. Undertaker being a watchable match at next year's WM, so i hope it doesn't happen. I would like to remember the Attitude Era versions of both guys and not of seeing one of them break a hip in the ring. I prefer Taker as a heel too, although the crowd will never turn on him. A Taker/Brock rematch does not need to happen and both will be faces regardless. So I really don't know (sans Stone Cold) who they could send Undertaker off into the sunset with really, def not Super Cena!
  6. PWI500

    WWE Battleground... Tonight

    It'll probably be good, but the fact that WWE no longer seems to understand the importance of long term booking is a bad omen for this company for the next few years. Totally agree, the booking now is completely illogical and short-sighted. Maybe Vince can bring in Kevin Sullivan to replace his current team of 38 writers? Many issues are plaguing the current product... amongst which the fact no one on the current roster knows how to "sell" moves properly anymore, very few "A" players (Cena is the most recognizable--not good)and that you have the worst 3-man announce team in the history of professional wrestling, things are looking bleak for ole' Vince. Lawler, in particular, was truly awful last night. Especially hated the part where he was basically begging the WWE fans to start being nice to Cena, cuz he's a "nice" guy. Fuck you Jerry, you scumbag! Go back no further than to the 1994 Lawler vs. Brett Hart's family to see how nice of a guy Lawler was. What happened to that King? Now we have this spineless old man who kisses ass full-time...lame. And don't even get me started on Cole...that d-bag has ruined WWE PPV's for the last 15 years. If we could replace these 3 with Tom, Byron and Renee I would be forever grateful. As far as Taker goes, I agree he has seen better days (by about 10 years) but i do love his ability to counter Brock Lesnar's OP beast-mode and I admit I did mark out a bit when he showed up last night. I like that they have the strap on Rollins cuz at least he is good on the mic and he plays the heel card very well right now.