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  1. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-29-WCW-Nitro] Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan

    Notice how they find a way for Hogan to lose but not cleanly. Sure Flair is dirty and willing to do whatever it takes to win, however I do not see Hogan taking anyone's best move and laying down for the 1-2-3.
  2. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-29-WWF-Raw] Mankind vignette

    Kronos my sound is lower on these raw shows too, but on the computer it works out ok. This was a tease (even though ECW broke the news already) that Cactus Jack was coming to the WWF. Were fans disappointed that it wasn't exactly Cactus Jack who came on the scene but rather Mankind?
  3. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-29-WWF-Raw] Billionaire Ted Skit

    The lawsuit seems to be the catalyst to the Billionaire Ted skits really jumping off the deep end. The lines Loss mentioned are quite good, and in some cases what fans were actually thinking. Eric did state his intent of Nitro was to put the WWF out of business.
  4. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-27-WCW-Saturday Night] Steven Regal vs Dusty Wolfe

    I love Tony and Bobby answering a question from a Finley who couldn't hear them through the camera. This once again represents something you don't see today. I suspect overproduction being an issue today.
  5. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-27-USWA-TV] J.C. Ice vs Tracy Smothers

    Good little TV match, which seems to be commonplace in the USWA. They have that small crowd that they keep rabid and they echo around the studio. These two do some short but good mat wrestling. Smothers the major heel wins with a flag pole to the prone knee of Mr Ice.
  6. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-27-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler and Doug Gilbert

    Yeah this could have easily taken place in a bar after Gilbert crawled out of the trailer park.
  7. Don't know much about Albright, but he throws a mean suplex. The crowd knows when Hansen throws the Lariat that its a death blow. Hope to see more Hansen as we go along. I like Kronos's comment about AJPW, and unleashing Hell...awesome!
  8. Liz has noticeably grown in a certain area....doubt she has been hitting the gym. Hogan slamming the Giant is not as impressive as the Andre the Giant slam. Paul was so slim back then, and just a tall dude. This match wasn't anything special but Flair did pin the world champ. The Zodiac's tights still look like recycled Booty Man tights.
  9. As a match there was not much interesting, save for the brief mid-match flurry. The Heenan freak out is interesting but without it this match would not be on the set. As mentioned 20 minutes with these two could be very very good.
  10. I usually don't think of the Road Warriors when I think of great promos but this was pretty damn good. Plus the Luger/Sting wedge keeps pushing them apart more and more. Sting is the biggest ignorant babyface in all of wrestling. Luger is the thoughtful heel knowing that beating the Road Warriors maybe one of the toughest tasks in tag team wrestling, he tries to weasel his way around signing the match. Also nice to hear that Tony is running the Play-by-play tonight.
  11. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-23-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction

    This is the perfect way to build your characters when you only have one hour a week. These are quick and move things along. The pieces that aren't the major plot points entertain and break up the serious interviews while adding a bit of depth to the characters. In one line Raven puts over his winning streak over Dreamer, and the reason he hates Dreamer to begin with. Perfect!
  12. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-22-WCW-Nitro] Sting & Lex Luger vs Harlem Heat

    Luger isn't the most fluid on the finish, but Sting is slowly coming around to what Luger is all about. The Luger jumping celebration with the Sting not as happy celebration beside one another is a nice contrast.
  13. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-22-WCW-Nitro] Ric Flair vs Randy Savage

    This change seems odd to me. Maybe it is to further tensions between Savage and Hogan. Maybe it was to gain a "man we better not miss Nitro, the World Title changed hands. The match didn't come across as a big match, but rather a regular Nitro matchup with a big pop for a title change at the end. Crazy as it isn't even the main event match on the show. It wasn't until watching this match I realize that Savage/Flair, Savage/Hogan both were past Wrestlemania main events in the WWF, and are alluded to in the Billionaire Ted skits.
  14. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-22-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels and Jim Cornette

    I am on the fence about this Billionaire Ted skit. On one hand there are a lot of personal shots at Ted Turner, yet the Mean Gene line and WCW operating policy lines were good. They did mention that WCW never comes up with any of their own ideas, which I find funny as it wasn't long until WCW actually did come up with their own idea, and almost put WWF out of business with it. I do find Michaels interview a bit annoying and unlikeable. I thought corny was fine here. Also would rate Mean Gene better at the mic than Vince.
  15. Jack_Briscoe_Is_My_Hero

    [1996-01-22-WWF-Raw] Vader vs Savio Vega

    This is one of the strongest debuts I can remember during this time frame. Vader is an awesome bully. He got to beat up a couple of refs and a retired wrestler that is loved by the fanbase is as good as it gets.