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[1995-01-14-USWA-TV] Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert vs PG-13


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Clip of Rich & Gilbert winning the USWA tag titles at Mid South Coliseum after Rich decks JC Ice with a chain. Scott Bowden really, really doesn't want this footage shown. PG-13 wants them to come back out and they finally do. And PG-13 immediately regain the belts a brief second match. Amazing after all those years that people can still sneak chains in the ring in Memphis.

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Rich tries to hold one of PG-13 for Bowden to hit, but he slips away and Rich gets nailed instead. Every time this spot happens and it leads to tension or a split, the guy who nails his partner is always portrayed as the one being in the wrong, which I never understood. Isn't it the holder's responsibility not to lose his grip, with any negative consequences being his own fault?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-01-14-USWA-TV] Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert vs PG-13

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